5 Approaches to Driving You Can Learn from a Race Car Driver

5 Approaches to Driving You Can Learn from a Race Car Driver

Are you a die-hard Formula 1 fan? Have you ever been obsessed with race cars? I mean who doesn’t know or want to own a bright red and fiery Ferrari! Race cars and Race Car drivers are quite popular in today’s world, it is very rare that you would find anyone who does not anything about either one of the two.

Do you know one of the best benefits you could get for being interested in race car drivers? You could actually learn from the techniques they use from their driving to further improve your own. Here are a few approaches to driving race car drivers use and what you can learn from them:

1.     Use the Natural Camera

No, I’m not referring to holding a Nikon camera while driving. Have you noticed how the race car drivers scan their surroundings much like a camera? They capture different areas using their eyes and focus on what is far ahead or the location they wish to go to. They are not focused on what is immediately in front of view. This is a good skill for you to develop and can help you avoid accidents by focusing on what could be wrong ahead of you.

2.     Left Foot = Break

Many race car drivers prefer to use their left foot to hold down the break rather than their right foot. Breaking with the left foot decreases the time taken to slow down considerably. This is highly important at certain times whilst driving. This is also because your left foot is primarily closer to the break compared to your right foot. You can cause the car to desist much faster and avoid major damage on the road by using this method in your driving.

3.     One at a Time

Being able to carry out multiple activities at once while driving does not make a person a skilled driver. This is a misconception. The ability to consistently steer, accelerate and shift gears does not make you an above-average driver. You will notice that in-car racers, the racer has usually put his focus on turning the wheel. This assists in curtailing the loss of control. Focus on one move at a time. Moreover, it is vital to ensure that the car is in excellent condition to control it. To maintain it for optimum performance, only use the best car care products Australia has to offer.

4.     Increase Dexterity

This basically means when using the wheel grip, it and pull it. Many race car drivers have developed this habit to improve the level of control they have on the steering. For instance, the driver will pull down with the left hand to turn left and push down with the right if they want to steer right. This promotes more dexterity which allows for more control. The normal everyday driver can find this skill helpful when navigating their way through potholes and traffic.

5.     Driving Through the Rain

Racecar drivers have to keep driving regardless of what is happening in their surroundings. Rain automatically makes the surface wet and slippery. This makes it more of a risk and the race car driver has to keep the car balanced well enough to avoid spinning. In certain vehicle-related events such as motorsports, a racing line is provided to guide the participants through the race track. You, the regular driver can imitate this technique and stay safe by focusing on the amber light rather than speed, maintaining distance with other vehicles, and remaining on high alert for slick patches which could cause major skidding.

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