Construction Marketing 101: 10 Strategies for Construction Companies

Construction Marketing 101: 10 Strategies for Construction Companies

The construction industry is worth a considerable $1.4 trillion in the US alone. This value continues to grow year on year as the industry becomes increasingly competitive. Competition in the industry is also exceptionally steep due to the sales cycle’s high learning curve and extended average backlogs. 

These huge potential profits and competition clearly highlight the need for effective construction marketing. 

Strategic marketing for construction companies enables brands to stand out from their competitors, win more contracts, and establish authority within their respective niches. 

Read on as we break down construction marketing best practices to boost your construction sales.

Understanding Construction Marketing

Every construction business is faced with the challenge of improving its sales through a solid construction marketing plan. Obstacles are common across different types of construction business ideas, as are concerns about sales, building a backlog, getting the work done, and getting paid on time.

Aside from marketing, one of the most effective ways to boost construction sales is to build skills in each step of the business cycle. 

Your first step should be to build a backlog and expand your list of signed projects. It’s an ongoing process that helps to ensure that you never run out of a steady stream of work. The construction marketing and sales processes never truly stop, either. Every member of your business and team has the potential to support your brand recognition. Plus, they can improve your company’s relationships with customers by providing a high level of service and professionalism to every job they do.

Marketing may be one of the last considerations many construction companies make. But it is absolutely critical to their success. Whether you operate a small construction business or a large multinational operation, you should have a dedicated construction marketing team in place to keep your company competitive and keep the backlog rolling in. 

10 Construction Marketing Strategies to Consider

  1. Make Your Contact Details Accessible 

Construction is one of the many industries where phone call availability is essential. Potential customers will almost always phone your company directly to describe their planned projects, ask questions about your services and pricing, and organize tasks with you. Unfortunately, if your business is difficult to contact, your construction leads might not be able to get in touch with you at all.

The key to successful construction marketing is ensuring that your business phone numbers and other contact details are as visible and accessible on as many platforms as possible. Your phone numbers should be directly tied to your company name, displayed in Google ads, clearly visible on your website and social media channels, and easy to find on fliers, posters, and other promotional media. When people search for construction businesses in their area, your number and email address should be the first to appear to encourage leads to contact you immediately.

  1. Set Up Local Service Ads with Google

Google’s Search and Display ads are highly effective for marketing construction companies. But Google’s local services ads add an extra layer to your construction marketing plan. This form of advertising is made specifically for your industry. It will display your service ad, a Google Guaranteed badge, and a direct link to your phone number when people search for construction companies online.

This form of advertising is also cost-effective, as you pay for leads rather than for clicks. It also has the potential to win you a top spot on search engine results pages, which makes your brand and contact information highly visible to the right target audiences.

  1. Optimize Your Website

Data suggests that 63% of customers use a contracting company’s official website to discover them and contact them. And, a further 30% of customers will not consider a business that doesn’t have a website.

It means that having a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate website will help attract leads to your construction business and serve as a valuable construction marketing tool. Your website should give your construction leads all the information they are looking for without overwhelming them. Ideally, your site should offer a simple home page, a menu with convenient tabs, and all the information people need to decide whether or not to contact you directly. 

Remember to add your contact information prominently in one of the top corners of your website.

  1. Create an Authoritative and Informative Blog

Construction companies stand to benefit from a blog as much as any other business. Blog posts are an intelligent and compelling way to build authority in your niche, foster trust between your brand and your audiences, and attract more customers as well.

People do vast amounts of research when it comes to construction, as they are looking for the best deal and the most reputable companies to work with. If you can provide reliable help and guidance to people through your blog posts, they will be more eager to work specifically with you. Blogging on construction topics will help you build credibility as an industry expert, strengthen your website’s quality and SEO ranking, and attract more organic traffic.

  1. Engage Your Target Audiences on Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for construction marketing in the age of technology. More than 75% of construction companies now use social media to promote their businesses. Social platforms offer plenty of opportunities to promote your business, as long as you use the right marketing strategies to stand out from your competitors.

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook offer unique algorithms that allow you to target niche audiences according to location, interest, and other vital metrics. Start marketing on social media by considering your target audience and factors such as their income levels, behaviors, and needs. Use this information to create specific campaigns that align your social content with your target niches and engage with them directly online.

As always, your contact information should be clearly visible on your social media content and your official business pages.

  1. Share Compelling Branded Video Content

Video media leads to a 157% increase in organic SERP traffic for businesses across industries. Video is a great marketing tool that is especially useful for a visual industry like construction. It gives you the chance to show off your construction project results while attracting commercial construction leads simultaneously.

You can use video content to build a personality for your brand, which will help you to engage your target audiences for longer. Posting videos showing off your project results, time-lapses of your processes, or fun videos displaying your company culture and team dynamic could all help you make your business more personable and more attractive to your key audiences.

  1. Retarget Past Clients

Retargeting is another crucial element of a robust construction marketing plan. A considerable part of building a loyal customer base is retaining the customers you already have and encouraging them to return. Suppose your past customers have had positive experiences (regardless of the size and scope of the projects you completed for them). In that case, it’s worth finding out if they have any upcoming projects that they need your assistance in addressing.

You should follow up with your existing customers a few months after you have completed their projects. Check in to ask for feedback and see if you can assist them with anything else. Most customers will be impressed by your level of service, and if they don’t have any upcoming projects themselves, this strategy could lead to word-of-mouth referrals and improved construction sales. 

  1. Show Off Your Team

One of the best ways to improve your construction marketing prowess and build connections with leads is to show the human side of your business. Showing off your team can help you gain the trust of your leads and convert them into paying customers. 

Featuring your staff in your marketing campaigns and on your official website gives people a chance to see the enthusiastic human personalities that fuel your business. They will feel as though they are getting to know your team personally and will be more likely to put their trust in you in the future.

  1. Prioritize Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are the bread and butter of any construction company, and they can significantly boost your construction sales. Include positive customer reviews and testimonials on your website, enable Google reviews, and encourage satisfied customers to review your services on major platforms. 

Share customer testimonials across your social channels in the form of text posts and videos. You can also incentivize customers to leave reviews for your business by offering rewards, discounts, or competition entries.

  1. Qualify Your Prospects

Once your construction marketing plan has won you a range of different leads, you will need to discern between them to use your resources wisely. Your business should only pursue the most valuable leads, which is why you should qualify your prospects before signing on new contracts.

Qualifying prospects is the process of evaluating the quality of your leads and deciding whether or not they are worth pursuing. Ask these questions to find the best possible leads to pursue:

  • Is your firm qualified for the project? Do you have enough staff available, and will your backlog and schedule allow for the new project?
  • Is the project pre-sold or funded, and is there good profit potential? Is it wired for another construction company? Will you require easements or right of way?
  • Does the client pay on time? Do you have an existing relationship with them? Which other construction companies have worked with them in the past, and how did these projects go? Are they litigious?

Construction Marketing Boosts Your Success Rate

Obtaining leads is essential for your construction sales, and effective marketing can help you attract the leads you need. 

Creating a holistic construction marketing plan facilitates sustainable business growth. Regardless of whether you are a new construction startup or have years of experience in your niche!

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