Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets Made Easy: A Professional’s Guide

Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets Made Easy: A Professional’s Guide

Kitchen cleaning can be a hard chore, especially if you’re unsure what kind of cleaner to use for particular materials. For instance, cockroach gel UAE to prevent pests, rubbing alcohol to clean metal cabinets, and vinegar to disinfect countertops. Here are the steps you need to follow to professionally clean your kitchen.

What causes kitchen stains to be so hard to remove?

We often get too tired after the cooking process to properly clean the kitchen counter, stove, and cabinets. Especially, the beautiful cabinets of your highly maintained kitchen gets affected. Every time we fry or saute something, the oil evaporates and gets stuck to our cabinets. A sticky residue on kitchen furniture attracts dirt, dust, and other waste, which eventually hardens into a grease-like substance. Therefore, if we fail to clean our kitchen at the end of the day, it becomes extremely difficult to clean it.

Types of Cabinets and Cleaning Agents

Laminated Cabinets:

Laminated cabinets are so common in use owing to their cost-effective property. These cabinets are made of cheap material but to increase their durability they are laminated on the outer surface. Laminates are either thin films of plastic tightly bonded or shiny sheets of wood. Consequently, you should clean all grease and moisture from cabinets if you want them to last long.

Is it possible to clean laminate cabinets without damaging the lamination?

Yes, it is possible to clean laminate cabinets without damaging them, if you prefer using mild detergents and soft sponges. If your cabinets are not too greased and clean, then you can daily wipe the outer surface with mild soap and water. Furthermore, there are three ways to remove stubborn grease.

  1. Dilute white vinegar in warm water and spray it on cabinets. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then wipe it off with a soft sponge.
  2. Take lime juice and vinegar. Dilute it with warm water. Spray and wipe
  3. Mix baking soda with lemon juice oe white vinegar to clean stains that leave behind color.

Metal-made Cabinets:

Metal cabinets are expensive and require extra care. These can be made of steel, aluminum, brass, or stainless steel. Except for stainless steel, other materials are prone to excessive damage and rust. Usually, the fabrication process creates a fine enamel finish on metal cabinets. Therefore, it’s important to clean them carefully without damaging the finish.

The best way to clean metal cabinets without rusting them:

The best way to clean metal cabinets is using rubbing alcohol instead of only water and soap. Since moisture can build up rust on the metal layer, it’s wise to mix alcohol, water, and soap for gentle cleansing. Always remember to properly dry the surface to prevent corrosion. You can also apply a waxy layer to your metal cabinets to make them shiny, hydrophobic, and waterproof.

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Glass Cabinets:

Glass cabinets are an essential component of modernly designed kitchens. Glass cabinets look so chic and stylish if only they are stain-free and smudge-free.

What is the cheapest way to disinfect glass cabinets?

We all have white vinegar in our homes that are quite cheap. Dilute vinegar in water in an equal ratio and spray it on glass. Then gently wipe off with a soft sponge or scratch-proof cloth.

Cleaning Guidelines to Prevent Pests

You must also take precautions to prevent pests after thorough cleaning of the kitchen. It is because pests like nocturnal cockroaches are so common in homes, kitchen cabinets, and drawers. They not only putrid your immaculate kitchen by their droppings and food crumbles they collect but also spread various diseases. Cockroach gel baits are very popular to kill and prevent roach infestation.

There are many kinds of cockroach gel UAE that contain various chemical principles. These active ingredients are very specific in targeting particular roach species. Therefore, it’s important for you to identify the type of cockroaches present in your home before buying a cockroach gel. To avoid this challenge, you can try Advion cockroach gel since it contains indoxacarb that is effective against all types of roaches.

Do not worry about applying this advion gel in the kitchen, it is quite safe for humans and is pet-friendly. You can apply the best Advion cockroach gel from Pest Control Shop to the sides of your drawers, cabinets, and wall corners. See the magic of this cockroach gel UAE in just 3 weeks!

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