An overall guide for making custom popcorn boxes fruitful

Start with a little understanding of custom popcorn boxes

If you are not still aware of the magic of customization about the packaging, then you are really at a loss. Whether you go for retail popcorn selling or freshly made popped kernels at the kiosks and counters, you need customized packaging solutions. The representation of the brand in the appealing outlook is concerned by the customers. However, this look becomes more imminent in the case of the retail market presence, but the kiosks and counters also need to create brand awareness. Using the traditional as well as digital advertising methods not only costs too high but also the customers ignore them easily. 

So, the custom popcorn boxes are assumed a good device to market the popcorn brand in front of the customers. The reason is only one of these packaging solutions is crafted as per the desire of the client. So, you are, as a client, totally free to choose the dimensions of the custom popcorn packaging, and in this way, you can incorporate the brand image into the packaging design. 

Reason for choosing custom packaging in contrast to premade

It is already detailed in the understanding section that the custom packaging allows the popcorn makers to inaugurate their brand-related information into the popcorn packaging. In this way, the customers come to know about the brand more easily. And if the brand is selling popcorn in the retail market, then these packaging solutions help the brand is getting popular. The packaging that is equipped with brand-related information helps the sellers to create their brand name and image viral. On the other hand, the boxes that are blank and contain no information are not capable of competing for the packaging that is colorful and detailed. That’s the reason nowadays all the retail brands pay complete attention to the presentation of the popcorn on the retail shelves. It is the key to sales escalation, and the use of ordinary packaging solutions reduces the quality of the product as well. 

An overall guide for making custom popcorn boxes fruitful

A complete guide on the process of creating customized popcorn boxes is here for you. 

Selection of the right material from various materials options

The foremost decision at the time of producing the packaging for the products is the selection of the material. There is a number of packaging materials available in the market for various purposes. Here are few common packaging materials that are widely used for custom popcorn packaging

Cardboard popcorn packaging material

The cardboard material is used for creating foldable cartons and cases. This material is very flexible, lightweight, and easy to print. Mostly the retail products are packed in colorful boxes, so this material is widely used for creating custom printed popcorn boxes for retail packaging purposes. However, this material is not so costly and easily available in the market. 

Corrugated popcorn packaging material

If you are selling popcorn at an e-commerce store, then it is necessary for you to ship the popcorn safe and sound to the customers. And for that purpose, a high-quality and robust packaging material is required that would secure the chewy and sensitive popcorns. For this purpose, the packaging engineers use corrugated material based on different size flutes. The strength of the corrugated material depends on the size of the flutes. The custom options allow the customers to choose the size of the flute as per their needs. It means for the personalized popcorn boxes and mailers; you can select the corrugated material. 

Kraft popcorn packaging material

In the current times, green packaging solutions are considered better not only from the seller’s point of view but also for the customers. It is now a well-known fact that the use of other no compostable materials is an emerging challenge for the ecology, environment, and marine life. So, going green would enhance customer trust in a brand and its products.  Eco-friendly popcorn boxes are made from Kraft material as this is one of the most popular biodegradable materials. 

Go for creating the artwork

Now you are done with the selection of the material for your custom popcorn box, and it is time to create the artwork for the boxes and packaging. Designing a perfect artwork for the packaging is required to make it attractive, and here are few tips to make printed popcorn boxes more alluring.

Get the assistance of expert designers

First of all, if you are new and have started designing your packaging for the first time, then it is advised to take suggestions from expert packaging designers. The reason is only one they are informed about the market trends, and they also understand what designing tricks go parallel to your niche. 

Make the mockups before printing the job

When you are done with your popcorn packaging design, then it is time to make it in the designing software like Adobe and others. In this way, your packaging design is ready to print in a soft form. At this time, your imagined design is in front of your eyes. It is time to alter the design if anything does not look correct on the boxes. After all the corrections, you have the final and custom design for popcorn packaging boxes

An overall guide for making custom popcorn boxes fruitful

Get ideas from competitors

If you do not have an idea about the design and also do not have th4e sufficient budget for the expert designers, then you need to observe what your competitors are doing in terms of their product packaging. This would provide you an idea about the market trend of popcorn packaging. Also, you would be able to design your packaging more perfectly after doing some research on your competitors. 

Use theme-based designs and combinations

Coloring is the most fun part of packaging design; after selecting the design of the popcorn boxes, it is time to choose the color combination. If you have a brand logo and other details to print on the popcorn boxes, then it requires you to choose the theme-based colors that would intensify the beauty of the packaging. Here are few tips that would make your box coloring more vivid and noticeable for the audience. 

Follow a specific theme of color pallets

You have to decide few colors that relate your brand with the product outlook. Colors play a vital role in making any design beautiful. That’s the reason this part of designing custom popcorn boxes is very important. There are unlimited color combinations, but you have to select those which look alluring with your design and brand details. 

Add the colors relevant to your brand

Yes, if you are a brand and have your logo and theme of colors, then you are advised to use the same color patterns for the packaging. This would create strong relevancy of the packaging with the brand. And when the customer sees that specific colors, they remember your brand and products.  Like if you are following the simple red and white summer strip design for the popcorn boxes, then you have to follow the same theme with different designs for all of your product lines. 

The design of the box must support the color theme

While choosing the colors and themes for the popcorn packaging, you have to be careful. Make sure that your packaging design and colors complement each other. Otherwise, the design does not look so impressive. For this purpose, you are only required to apply colors and view them in soft form before printing them on the boxes. 

Choose the style and shaping dimensions

Now you are done with the colors design and other essential packaging elements. It is time to add the style to the packaging to make a perfect combination of the final design. There is a number of shapes and dimensions available for the popcorn packaging. However, if you are selling food items, then the sizes of the boxes are vital. If you choose a box that is a little bit large, then you have to add more popcorns to it. It means the shape and size of the popcorn boxes need to be as it is as you require. 

Choose the shapes of the box as per your need

There is a number of packaging vendors who introduce unique and creative shapes for the popcorn boxes, like the round shape boxes, scallop boxes, popcorn buckets, and many more. Adding the unique shape to the packaging would enhance the overall look of the popcorn cases. 

An overall guide for making custom popcorn boxes fruitful

The shape of the box must suit the serving size

The shape of the box is also selected according to the serving size of the popcorns. Like you cannot select the square shape small box for serving the family size popcorns. So, each dimension has its own specialty. Just check the shapes according to your requirement. 

Also, use different shape boxes for small and large serving size

It is already discussed in the above detail that the shaping dimensions are attached with the serving size of the boxes. So, you can select the mini popcorn boxes for the small size serving and large buckets for the family size serving. 

That’s all about the reasons for choosing customized popcorn boxes.

All the things that can boost the impression of your popcorn packaging boxes are discussed in the above article. However, by using the techniques of customization, you would be able to create the mesmerizing look of the popcorns covering. In order to get these boxes with discount offers, you are required to go for the wholesale popcorn boxes. So, it is the right time for you to get these boxes and allow the customers to buy your popcorn products without considering other brands. 

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