Best Jura Espresso Machines: Invest Your Money Smartly

Best Refurbished Jura Coffee makers

While buying a coffee machine, there are a lot of thoughts that usually come to mind, irrespective of whether you are going to buy it for personal or commercial use. But if we sum up all of this plethora of thoughts. The first thing that everyone expects in a coffee machine is quality. Of course, no one wants to compromise with their cup of coffee, not even if you are someone who is going to buy it for you or even if you are going to sell it. Quality is a must in every scenario.

The second thing is the price. With the first thought of buying a coffee machine, you must have set a budget, no doubt about it. Actually, the budget thing is something we all do, with no denial. But, the question is how much you are willing to spend on a coffee machine. That is totally dependent on you.

And the third and the last is which company you should choose. Well, we can help you here.

You can trust Jura. Jura has been producing coffee machines for home and workplace purposes. Jura produced a wide range of coffee machines to make brewers coffee, cappuccino, flat white, espresso, latte macchiato, etc.

 Jura’s machines are super fast to operate. In addition, they can grind, brew, and self-clean in the time of less than a minute. Also, you have the choice of Refurbished Jura Coffee makers, which are great money-savers and a quality choice for a coffee lover.

Here is a quick brief of different Jura Espresso machines that you can choose for your home or workplace.

Jura Impressa C60 Espresso Machine-

When it comes to luxury coffee machines, Jura Impressa C60 Espresso has no match. The machine is the choice for every coffee lover because it comes with an intelligent pre-brew aroma system. In addition, it offers two brew temperatures to suit the preference of every coffee, and the high-pressure pump adds a fine milk foam and flavor to your coffee.

Other specifications of the Jura Impressa C60 Espresso Machine-

  • It allows coffee instead of beans with its automatic grinder bypass that accommodates pre-ground coffee systems so that you and your customer can enjoy the pure coffee.
  • Also, the blue filter carriage removes all the impurities from your delightful cup of coffee.
  • It has 64 oz. removable water tank and 7 oz. bean tank with aroma preservation cover.
  • A stainless steel thermoblock heating system allows the flash to heat water and much more.

Jura E8 White

Jura E8 white is the perfect combination of versatility and luxury. The machine is specially designed for comparative purposes. However, if it comes under your budget, you can also use it for your home to enjoy the coffee with literally no flaws at all. The machine has even won the reddot award of 2021 to prove its success. The machine has a professional aroma grinder to deliver you the best grinding result. Its special brewing process allows the coffee aroma to fully develop and provides you with a coffee mug with a full airy and feather-like milk foam finish. Also, it offers you 17 different specialties in coffee, from an aromatic espresso to Caffe Barista with the help of its new fluid system. Those who prefer more intense coffee can prepare their cappuccino in no time with the extra shot function of Jura E8 white. Along with its other features, it is super easy to operate.


It includes all the standard Jura function such as-

  • Pulse Extraction Process- To provide you with the perfect espresso quality.
  • One-Touch Lungo Function and One-Touch function.
  • Powder Chute for ground coffee.
  • Aroma Preservation cover.
  • The intelligent water system for automatic filter detection.
  • One-Touch Milk cleaning system.

Jura E8 also has features like Jura Hygiene and TUV certifier features. Needless to say that Jura E8 has all the features that you can expect from a Reddot winner device.

Jura Giga 5 Silver Commercial Espresso Machine

Jura Giga 5 Silver is an espresso machine specially dedicated to commercial users. The ones who want to offer the best coffee to their customers must know that Jura Giga 5 Silver is the choice. This coffee beast is the one to fit all your commercial specifications. It is a fully automatic coffee machine with two powerful grinders to define something new with its versatility.

The machine has a solid front made of 3mm-thick aluminum, and it also has an aroma preservation cover made of chrome-plated, die-cast zinc. So, without a say, if you have been looking for something solid and perpetual benefits, this is the choice for you.

Jura Giga 5 is literally a masterpiece of Swiss engineering proved by its touchscreen display, Blue crystal Rotary Switch, and 18 different specialties. So, you can think of investing your money in the Jura Giga. And then get all these benefits to serve your customers the best coffee experience.


  • Pulse Extraction Process- Helps you in providing the perfect espresso quality.
  • One-Touch Lungo Function
  • One-Touch Function
  • Powder Chute for ground coffee.
  • Aroma Preservation cover.
  • Intelligent water system.
  • Integrated rinsing, cleaning, and descaling programs.
  • Monitored drip tray, Jura Hygiene, and TUV certified.
  • Alu Frame design with 3mm shield.
  • Last but not least, it also has the whisper technology to make the noise minimal.

If you want to spend less money on the same quality, you can also choose the Refurbished Jura Giga 5 Silver Commercial Espresso Machine.

Jura Impressa F50 Classic Commercial Coffee Machine-

Jura Impressa F50 is another classic diamond in the range of Jura espresso machines. This machine is easy to set on functions of your liking.

It has different touch functions, such as a one-touch function to make a mild cup of coffee and three touches to make a strong cup of coffee. Also, it comes with the 11 programming and look-up and Aroma functions to provide you with the different flavors in your coffee. This commercial machine could be your choice if you are looking for something with total ease of use. If you find difficulty locating this machine in your budget, check out its refurbished version to have the same qualities over a lower price.


If we talk about the function of the machine, it has all that you need in a commercial machine. Some of them are-

  • Automatic cleaning.
  • 64 oz. removable water tank.
  • Eight oz. bean container.
  • Two settings for hot water temperature.
  • Blue water care system.
  • Thermoblock heating system.

Jura E6 Platinum Espresso Machine-

What makes this machine unique is its simple operations and outstanding coffee result. With its modern color display, you will have no difficulty finding the options you want.

The machine is second to none when it comes to its Aroma Grinder for the ideal grinding results. If we say that Jura E6 is an affordable version of the E8 it will be the perfect description. This Jura E6 coffee machine has all the qualities of the E8 machine. It offers you the seven minimal coffee specifications. So, in case you want to buy a coffee machine for your home, you can consider buying this machine. Not only is it easy to operate, but it is easy to maintain and manage also.


  • Pulse Extraction System.
  • Aroma G3 grinder helps preserve the natural aroma of the coffee and maintain its natural goodness and taste.
Final Words

So, for having all these benefits, you can invest your big bucks of money on the Jura machines. No doubt, these machines provide you with quality and are durable for all of your home and commercial specifications. However, if you don’t want to buy a new machine, you can check for the refurbished Jura Coffee machines. Refurbished machines can suit your budget and provide you with the same functionality.

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