Essential Soccer Gear for Kids

Essential Soccer Gear for Kids

Soccer is a fun sport that could be played by people of all ages. Since it is an active sport, it serves as a good form of exercise as well to keep the body active. Just like other sports, you’ll need some equipment and gear in order to play the game safely and efficiently. For parents out there, you might be wondering what equipment your child needs before playing this sport. Is it the same for adults or a lot different? To help you out, here’s a simple guide on the essential soccer gear for kids.

Soccer Cleats

Soccer cleats are also called soccer boots in some places. This is one of the most important gear when playing soccer since the child will be using his feet to kick the ball around during the game. When choosing soccer boots for kids, choose one that is comfortable and durable as well. Never compromise quality over price when shopping for soccer cleats. Aside from that, be sure that you pick the right shoe size for your child since the fit of the shoe greatly affects their comfort and performance during the game.

Soccer Socks

Soccer socks are a lot longer and thicker compared to regular socks. It is also designed to hold the shin guards in place during the game. Your child needs this type of socks when playing soccer to protect his feet from blisters.

Shin Guards

Since soccer is a contact sport, your child needs protective gear every time he plays the game. Shin guards are worn to protect your child’s legs from injuries and cuts while playing soccer. It is worn on the shin and should fit securely inside the socks so it stays in place even with intense action on the playing field.


If your child is a goalie, he or she needs a goalkeeper’s gloves to protect the hands when catching the ball. The movement of the ball in soccer is usually intense and could cause cuts or injuries when caught or hit by bare hands. The goalkeeper’s gloves are an essential safety gear for goalies. Aside from safety, it also helps give a better grip to the ball, making it easier to hold even when it’s wet or slippery.


Although you don’t really need to bring a soccer ball to every game since it is already provided there, your child would really benefit a lot when he has his own soccer ball at home. He could practice a lot of his moves, improving the skills needed for the game. There are 5 official ball sizes for different age groups. Be sure to choose the right size of ball appropriate for your child’s age to make it more efficient and easier for them to use.

If your child is joining a league, be sure to ask the coach first what equipment is needed so you could get the right ones for your child. With those soccer essentials, your child would be able to play the game safely and more comfortably.

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