Facts About 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry You Should Know

The association of the word ‘sterling’ to a silver coin from the old fresh term “Estelline” clearly justifies its literal meaning. Moreover, random conjectures and several anecdotes connect the origin of sterling silver to the four birds engraved on pennies issued during the reign of Edward I.

There has been a lot of emergence in the popularity of sterling silver jewelry in the past few years. Women of this present age prefer to wear 925 silver jewelry to be the cynosure of all eyes. However, the best part about sterling silver is that jewelers can carve any design of this type of silver, which has excited the demand for new jewelry to a whole new level.

Now that wholesale handmade sterling silver fashion jewelry has been rising many manifolds, let’s quickly uncover ten obscure and fascinating facts about sterling silver jewelry that you might not know.

Allergic to Chemicals

It is crucial to keep in mind that while storing silver jewelry, toxic chemicals and moisture are at bay in the area where you are storing your valuable jewelry. Therefore, one should acquire adequate precautions while cleaning their fashion jewelry to prevent its contact with bleaching chemicals, salt, or chlorine. Moreover, jewelers advise you to keep certain sprays away from your precious new jewelry collection, such as hair sprays and perfumes. Also, exposure to direct sunlight adversely affects the shine and luster of fashion jewelry.

Variable Values

Sterling silver is not one of those precious metals. Nevertheless, customers should always expect price swings based on market trends. Mainly the price variations depend upon the price of pure silver. So, jewelers advise customers to check the silver trends in the market before they step out of their houses to purchase sterling silver or 925 silver.

Stronger Than Its Mother

Yes, you read it right. Sterling silver is more substantial than its mother pure silver. That’s the reason why sterling silver jewelry does not get dull, damaged, or tarnished easily by simple wear and tear. Sterling silver is a material of frequent use. The wear and tear capacity of sterling silver is impressive, owing to its mixed-up nature. Thus, jewelers can cast sterling silver of 925 silver into several shapes scoring to their customer preferences.

Hallmarked for Its Authenticity

Every piece of sterling silver fashion jewelry has a mark carved inside the piece of jewelry. The engraving of the mark ‘.925’ depicts the authenticity of the silver. The engraving on the jewelry piece also describes the country of origin which encountered the manufacturing process.

It’s an Alloy

Many of you reading this content might not know that sterling silver fashion jewelry is an alloy, justifying that it is not pure silver. Sterling silver includes 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of other metals or a blend of metals. Copper is the most widely used metal that jewelers use during the manufacturing process of sterling silver.

An Absolute All-Rounder

As the previous point justifies that sterling silver contains a ratio of other metals as well. That involvement of other metals (especially copper) makes it an all-rounder and gives it versatile looks. The blend and shine of 925 silver jewelry pieces undoubtedly play a pivotal role in providing a wholesome feeling of flaunting dainty pieces with elegance, grace, and sophistication.

Low Maintenance

If the frequent maintenance required for other things in your closet is already bothering you, donning a piece of sterling silver jewelry is the best option of all. Sterling silver is becoming a go-to option for large and little jewelry sellers because its easy maintenance facilitates both sellers and customers.

Surprisingly Affordable

Just imagine. You lose your favorite piece of delicate jewelry, and that is costing you an arm a leg! Goosebumps, right? Indeed, that heartache is unbeatable. But you don’t have to suffer from depression if you lose a sterling silver piece of jewelry because of its affordability. So here’s good news for you. A Pakistan-based online jewelry store, click provides the best affordable custom silver jewelry that you should check out today!

Tailor It As You Wish

Here’s one more fact about sterling silver fashion jewelry that casts an instant impression on every sort of jewelry maniac. Sterling silver is one of those variants of jewelry that jewelers can customize according to the customer’s preferences. The advent of silver jewelry these days is because jewelers can structure several intricate designs with sterling silver. As a result, each custom piece is different from others in terms of purpose and design. Hence, impeccable designs make sterling silver the most alluring jewelry type.

A Cut Above The Rest

There would be no wrong to proclaim that sterling silver jewelry is the type of jewelry that is here to stay for eternity and will not go anywhere anytime soon. Every jewelry lover desires to have such pieces in their jewelry collection that are long-lasting, sturdy, and attractive. Sterling silver is the reservoir of all these elements. Therefore, any wear and tear cannot adversely impact or take the best out of this jewelry category. Instead, a little bit of maintenance from time to time helps to keep the appearance of your favorite jewelry pieces new and deluxe.


Sterling silver fashion jewelry stepped into this world as a jewelry revolution. This type of jewelry is popular because of its versatility, affordability, and immediate impression on the viewer. Hence, there would be no mistake in saying that sterling silver jewelry is the choice of every generation.

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