Help is Round the Corner If You Are Not getting New Mail In Gmail Account

Help is Round the Corner If You Are Not getting New Mail In Gmail Account

Gmail is the most popular mail service

It will be difficult to find a person who has not heard about Gmail or Google. Anyone who is using the internet will definitely know about Google, and Gmail, their most popular mailing service. Nowadays, almost all work is done with the help of computers. Every office has multiple kinds of requirements that are done by using the internet. Most organizations have a pan India network and maintain regional and branch offices in state capitals.

They need to be in continuous touch with their office because on an average day a lot of information gets shared and transferred between different branches and departments of a company. If it is a manufacturing company, all branches need to send their daily requirements to the head office, and the expected availability of a particular item. The factories also need to interact with different branches to plan their manufacturing schedules.

Most branch offices also send their details of expected orders for the month. The Accounts department needs information about expected payment and the cash flow. The Human resource department of a company does a lot of communication with existing as well as prospective employees. They need to organize interviews for recruitment. In short, a lot of communication takes place in a normal office.

There could be any reason for not receiving mails

Ideally, the entire correspondence takes place on the internet through e-mails. It is not only companies and big organizations that send and receive mail. Even an individual does a lot of communication through emails with his employer, friends, or professional contacts. In present times, irrespective of the nature of one’s job, a lot of routine work needs to be done through Gmail.

However, with Gmail being so important in our lives, what happens if for any reason you stop receiving mail? It will be catastrophic considering that the majority of the global population are active on Gmail. Hence, if you are not able to receive emails on Gmail, there is no need to panic because we have got the solution.

In this article, we are going to discuss the various reasons that may cause this problem. It can happen because of different reasons, but most importantly it can be taken care of.

There is no one common reason why people stop receiving mail on Gmail. For example, it could be a technical one. Therefore, to begin with, the first thing one needs to do is to find out the actual reason, and then try to rectify it. Here, we will give you some important tips that may help to eliminate the problem of not receiving emails.

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Clear Google storage space

On average, a lot of mails, attachments and documents are sent through the mail. Moreover, over a period of time, a lot of spam, junk, and useless mail gets collected in the storage. Now, every single mail and file goes into the storage and crams it up leaving no further space for new mails. Now, when you receive fresh mails, there is no space on your Gmail to accommodate that particular mail.

That is the reason why you are not able to receive new emails. Therefore, it is advisable that from time to time, you should delete the old emails from the storage space. This will free space on the storage, and that will allow you to receive new emails. And if you do not wish to delete your old files, you have the option to upgrade your storage plan. This way, you will create extra space in storage and will keep your old files too.

Make Sure your email isn’t in another folder

Usually, different types of emails get stored in different folders of your Gmail. It may be possible that your genuine emails are being categorized as spam, and are placed in a separate folder while you are expecting them in your Gmail folder. If that is the case, you should also check the spam folder of Gmail and if you find that mail in that particular folder, select it and transfer it to the inbox.

Actually, we keep receiving a lot of unnecessary emails that Gmail identifies as spam and accordingly puts them in a separate folder. When you receive emails from your contacts, Gmail will naturally put them in your Inbox. It is an automatic process that is made for your benefit because if you start receiving every email in your Inbox, your mailbox will simply overflow.

There are many promotional and marketing emails that are sent randomly. Sometimes, job portals also send you emails for your requirement of a professional match. Normally, such mails are rejected by the inbuilt security system of your computer, and if in some cases it bypasses the security system, it will be sent to the spam folder.

Check your internet connection

Without having an active internet connection, you cannot receive new emails. Many times, because of low internet speed, new mails do not come. If you ever face such a situation, check the internet connection. In case, there is no connection or low speed, wait for some time or talk to your internet provider.

You are not receiving new mails because IMAP is turned off

IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol that is a standard internet protocol needed to get hold of your messages from a server through IP or TCP connection. IMAP enables you to get mail from whichever device you are using. So, when you read your mail through IMAP, you actually do not download or store it on your system, you read it through the email service.

There are occasions when you are not able to receive mail because your IMAP may be switched off. Therefore, if you are not receiving mail, besides doing other things, also visit your web browser and check the IMAP connectivity. In case it is turned off, try the following methods to switch it on.

Go to your Gmail, and reach settings by clicking on the gear icon. Once you are there, select the POP/IMAP tab. Now the IMAP option is available that you can access by scrolling down.  Enable it, and now you will start receiving mail.

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