Indian grocery near me has something for everyone

Indian grocery near me

The United States of America which has been home to people of several nations, races, cultures, and communities has a vibrant diaspora of Indians, whose population in the country has only increased over the years. There is a sizeable number of Sri Lankans, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, and Nepalis too in the country who share common culture and habits as Indians. Thus, when there is a search for “Indian grocery near me”, it is not necessarily an Indian looking for an Indian grocery store.

What comprises of Indian grocery?

As mystical as it may sound, Indian grocery mostly comprised spices, pulses, grains, and vegetables. As a large number of Indians are vegetarians, dairy and plant-based food products are essential grocery purchases. However, there are many options for purchasing meat too, many imported from India that will tickle the taste buds of the person from any nationality. After all, India is the nation that gave us the all-time favorite chicken tikka masala!

There are some Indian brands that everyone has special memories attached to like Maggi noodles. It is a Nestle product, but they have adapted the product to the tastes of Indians with the special masala to which every student who arrives at an American University has a special memory attached. Then there are brands like Haldiram, Bikaner, and MTR that specialize in various Indian snacks, sweets, and ready-to-eat food. These are universally loved not only by Indians but other Asians too who have a taste for such snacks.

There are some vegetables that are native to India or commonly used in Indian cuisines such as okra, radish, coriander, red and green chilies, bitter gourd, etc. Then there are the seasonal fruits such as Alphonso mangoes, gooseberries, litchis, coconuts, etc. that everyone covets. When we speak of Dairy products, every Indian household needs its paneer and dahi in different measures but must have it nevertheless.

The Seasonal Indian Specials

Indian seasonal specialties are not only about the consumables like food, but it also includes articles for festivals, weddings, and other traditions. So, you can buy colorful rangolis, aggarbattis, diyas, flowers, beetel leaves, plantain leaves, traditional clothes, idols and images of Gods, water from the river Ganga for festivals, weddings and other special occasions. You can also shop for traditional beauty, hygiene, and household articles like henna, ubtans, Indian brands of soaps, shampoos and hair oils. There are some must-haves for the Indian kitchen like the wet grinder for making batter, chakla and belan for making chapatis and naans, coconut scraper and other kitchen tools. There are many things that are very regional in nature. For instance, every South Indian household needs its supply of curry leaves while the Bengalis are partial towards their fish. To make things more specific there are many people of Islamic faith from India who need halal meats. The “Indian shop near me” is equipped to fulfil all these needs.

Shopping from “Indian grocery near me”

Today, one can search Google for “Indian grocery near me” and get premium Indian products form any store, but they must know specifically what they want and what the product they wish to buy is called in English or any other Indian language. For instance, toor dal will be stored under the name of yellow lentils and okra will not be kept under the name of bhindi, and these are Hindi names. There are many other names for these commodities in different Indian languages. The sales person at an “Indian shop near me” is better equipped to resolve such queries of what products are available and how to find them quickly. In the current scenario, one needn’t even search for an “Indian shop near meto buy their groceries. There are many online stores that have easy browsing, navigation and order placement and payment options. One can place their order and have the products home delivered. There is also the store pick up option so once the order has been placed, one can collect their grocery on their way without having to enter the store armed with a shopping list.

It is easier today to shop from Indian groceries in the United States as there is easy trade routes which ensures only fresh products are stocked.

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