Is Portugal Golden Visa Something That You Must Consider Applying For?

Is Portugal Golden Visa Something That You Must Consider Applying For?

If you are planning your escape to Portugal, you just can’t make visa-free arrangements to get started. Being a part of the Schengen area, Portugal requires a visa to travel as a citizen of India. Working out on your visa application process is something that you should take into consideration carefully. From the length of the trip to the purposes of traveling, everything is equally important. This is why one should never overlook any aspect of visa requirements while applying for one in India.

Whether it is about a short stay or setting up a venture, you have different options available for a Portugal visa in India. Heading out to the Schengen area is not at all complicated, as you can quickly seek assistance from immigration experts.

Have You Heard of Portugal Golden Visa?

But, have you ever come across the term Portugal Golden Visa? What is it and how it can benefit you? If you are looking to chase an opportunity for immigration to Portugal, then Portugal Golden Visa is just for you. According to the golden visa program, one can attain a residence permit by investing in Europe. The Portugal golden visa is not just ideal for those, who are seeking residency but also meant for those, who want to embrace the wealth of business, personal benefits, investment, and opportunities. Moreover, Golden Visa will help you travel with no restrictions at all throughout the Schengen zone. It is your gateway to world-class healthcare and quality education opportunities.

Launched in October 2012, a golden visa has become up as a legal process of inviting foreign investors from non-European countries. This program allows applicants to obtain valid residence permits if they invest in real estate in the country. With the Portugal Golden Visa program, one can avail of the permit and get the rights to live, travel, work, and study in Europe.

Why Portugal Golden Visa is An Ideal Choice?

The straightforward and efficient process, the Portugal Golden Visa program helps you attain residency in your region. The only requirement that applicants need to fulfill is to be at least 18 years of age with no criminal record. One should have a confirmed source of investment along with good health. The best thing about this Golden Visa is that one can apply for it as an individual or as a family. You can obtain endless benefits and you will also be able to apply for Portuguese citizenship after 5 years of accomplishing all the requirements of the residency program requirement.

High Quality of Life and Low Cost of Living

The most prominent reason why people often head out to Portugal is to obtain the benefits of high living standards that come with world-class convenience and comfort at reasonable prices. You would spend 30% less on the cost of living in Portugal than in any other part of European regions. On comparing to nations like Germany, Netherland, and France, Portugal’s cost of living is quite low and in exchange for it, one can embrace the benefits of high quality of life. It is not wrong to say that applying for Portugal Golden Visa is more like choosing to reside in paradise on earth.

Freedom of Wandering within Schengen Zone

Being a resident of Portugal, you are allowed to move across the Schengen zone without any restrictions. Portuguese residents have the right to enter the Schengen zone and travel anywhere freely with no restrictions throughout the region. How amazing it would be that you are now free to visit all 28 EU states. Here you can plan your visit with no hassles at all and this is indeed the most lucrative perk of having a Portugal golden visa. Then, why not apply for one and roam anywhere you want freely?

Health and Safety

Your decision of relocating to Portugal is indeed perfect when better health and safety are assured in the country. You will obviously embrace peace of mind as you are going to relocate to the safest nation in Europe. To be specific, Portugal is the third safest country. Apart from this, the healthcare system of Portugal makes it an ideal choice for those, who are planning to relocate to European countries for a better lifestyle. With a stable economy, Portugal is an ideal choice for those, who are looking for a peaceful society to live in.

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Portugal Golden Visa- Your Gateway to Citizenship

Permanent residence is not at all tough to acquire in Portugal. Thanks to the easy availability of Portugal Golden visa. This visa program enlightens your way to get citizenship in Portugal legally. Your investment in real estate is indeed the most convenient solution to get your Portugal golden visa approved. Once you meet all the legal requirements of the golden visa program, you will be able to qualify for Portuguese citizenship with relative ease. Portugal visa in India is not at all complicated to qualify for. If Portugal’s golden visa is granted, you can travel visa-free anywhere in the Schengen region.

Hurry! Book A Consultation Now!

Portugal visa or Portugal golden visa- which is the best for you? Well, both are different and both of them have their own importance. No matter what your travel needs may be, you can apply for a Portugal visa in India through visa consultants. Since the process requires a lot of formalities, you should book a consultation with experts right away. Make sure to connect with a reliable visa consultant and get approval on your visa request right away. The agents will happily help you with the right move in your endeavors.

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