Maximizing Global Payments with International Payment Gateways Services

Maximizing Global Payments with International Payment Gateways Services

Now day businesses are shifting their focus on how they can enhance cross-border payments for their merchandise. Cross-border payments are essential for the business to take a heap of global payments from international customers. National Payment Institutions and authorities are collaborating with a vision of a global market presence for small and medium scale businesses. Likewise in the UK, the National Payment Authority has tied up with their counterpart in other European countries so that merchant in the UK can expand their business all across the European countries.

International payments have a huge influence on businesses. Online sellers have experienced higher business growth and achieved remarkable profit margins. Most small to medium scale businesses have accepted that almost 16% of the business comes from a foreign customer making payment for their product or services.

The fact that most of the big brands and companies that are located in the US and Europe have more sales from international customers all around the world. Global payment services allow the merchant to evolve as a global marketer and compete with others in a global standardized market. International sellers become globalized brands and adopt world-class marketing strategies to promote their products to customers from different countries.   

Moreover, with reliable payment services and multiple currencies option the customer with different currencies have better adaptability to your business. Unprecedented demands of customers from all over the world have made cross-border payments a huge success.

It has indeed been a dream for low volume merchants to enter into the standardized global market. A globalized channel is required to partner with some of the leading multi-national brands. With EskayPay services at your hand, it is like your dream come true. Our merchants are taking huge benefits from us with our major association with some of the leading acquiring banks in the UK.

Our Online International 2D Payment Gateway services have provided the merchant with ease of payments from foreign customers. They have emerged out as the bigger brands and are recognized as international brands in many countries. It is our great deal of services  

Need of cross-border payments

Let’s check out some of the facts about why cross-border transactions are important.

Merchandise Transactions

Goods are sold and bought between two countries. The country selling the goods is called an exporter and the country receiving the goods is known as the importer.

Merchandise transaction takes place when the country has lacks of goods, lack of advanced technology for manufacturing, lack of resources, etc. Every country produces goods that can be manufactured easily with the available resources.

Service Transactions

International business arises because of the scarcity of available services in the country. Getting services in the field of education, science, medical and technology is common.


International payments are also made because of royalty. Big brands registered their trademark.

Different Expenses

International payments are also made for different expenses such as embassy expenses, educational expenses, expenses for the sports team.

How can we help you with your international business? 

Here are some of the problems with global payments and their respective solution with us.

  • Accepting global payments can be challenging for merchants since every country has a currency of its own which is accepted in that country only. The international purchaser wants to pay in its currency and the seller wants to be paid in his currency. 
  • With our multiple currency options, the merchant can easily receive payment from customers worldwide. It doesn’t matter what currency the buyer uses for making a payment, you will receive the payment in your currency.
  • A banking system is required to deal with International business and payments. Banks also charge a high fee for making these payments. 
  • We have an association with some of the major banks worldwide so that merchants can easily receive payment in different countries. We also provide competitive and flexible transaction rates for payments.
  • International businesses are associated with risk. There is always a risk of payment reaching the wrong hand. Businesses must have safe and secure payment transactions. 
  • We endure rules and procedures set according to the PCI DSS standards and ensure that every transaction for the merchant business is safe and secure.
  • Moreover, our merchant account services also include advanced technological tools for fraud prevention and chargeback mitigation, API-based solutions, and various other features to assist your business needs.

Modern technology has hugely impacted the way how payments are made for online businesses. Payments are significant to any business so that they can start accepting payments from the customers. Payment Gateway provides the courtesy to the online sellers for accepting payment in an easy way.  

 A payment Gateway UK is the payment channel that takes data from the credit card holder and sends it across to the acquiring bank. An acquirer or acquiring bank takes responsibility for the consumer data and processes the information for authentication and authorization from the card-issuing bank.

 E-commerce merchants looking for multiple payment options, painless check-out processes, multiple currency options, and trouble-free transactions prefer an efficient payment method. Online selling merchants don’t want to miss out on any prospect of getting their potential customers to make payment for their product or services. Hence, they rely on payment processor service providers for providing seamless payments.  

 “A few months ago, my son who is an addict to mobile phone purchased an online game through my credit card. It was painful for me to see unexpected extra charges on my credit card. I figured it out that he accidentally agreed to a subscription while playing the game. He was surprised and shocked at how he had spent so much of the money on my credit card. It was a lesson well learned by him”

 How online payment can be a win-win game for everyone? Every payment that is made online should be a conscious choice. A consumer inclination is to control their online spending, retain their data privacy and shop with trust. EskayPay is the answer to all these needs, we provide a secure Online Payment Gateway UK to merchants to mitigate data security risks and at the same time, we empower the consumer through social media platforms for conscious online spending.

 The United Kingdom has a highly sustainable e-commerce market. Cross-border payments and hassle-free global payments are the main concerns for merchants in the UK. The merchant has high flexibility with the taxation cost and benefits of a prosperous economy. High-risk merchants can take huge benefits by allowing international payment for your business. Getting international payments in the UK have become easy, just approach the best high-risk merchant account service provider and ask them for international currencies option for business.

We have understood how international payment influences your business and why these payments are necessary. Get in touch with the top merchant account service provider in the UK to avail of the best offer for our business. EskayPay is one such brand that can help you with global payments solutions.

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