The Things You Need to Buy for Your Horse

If you are considering buying or leasing a horse, you have to know the fact of taking care of a horse. Like any companion animal out there, a horse needs care. In fact, it needs more care than a cat or dog. You have to understand that it can be expensive to take care of a horse. It involves serious commitment, too.

At least, you need 1.5 hectares of fenced land to keep your horse safe from harm. Some of the safe fencing ideas you can consider are mesh, plastic, or wooden. It needs to have access to clean and fresh water, hay grass, salt, and shelter. It needs to have companionship, too, such as goat or another horse. If you are keen on having your own horse, here are the things you need to buy for it.


Build a clean and safe shelter for your horse. It requires daily maintenance, though. However, it is important to keep your horse clean, dry, and free from parasites and worms. Generally, it will take 20 minutes of your time to clean your horse’s shelter using the right cleaning tools. There is a need to do a deep cleaning on an occasional basis, too.

Brush and Curry Comb

Some of the grooming essentials that your horse need are brush and comb. They are needed to keep a good coat. Use the curry comb to eliminate dirt, loose hair, and mud. You can use the brush for the same purpose, too.


A bit is a part of the bridle that is implanted into the mouth of the horse. It gives pressure in and around the mouth of the horse which prompts it to change its direction and speed like clockwork. When shopping for a bit, consider your ability as well as your riding style. If you need one, have a look at the horses bit that is useful for any type of riding you do.


The bridle you like to buy will be based highly on your personal choice. But it is a great idea to buy one that fits the head type of your choice.


One of the most expensive equipments you need to buy for your horse is a saddle. A leather saddle can cost over $500. If you can’t afford it, go for synthetic leather that can do the same job as the former.

Stirrup Leather

In terms of stirrup leather, be sure to buy high-quality stirrup leather that has the perfect length for you. Get the correct measurement from your armpits to your fingers’ tips. Double the measurement and add a few inches for the jumpers.

Protective Boots

Some horses may not need protective boots but if you are competing, you need to buy one for your horse. They can help in supporting the ligaments and tendons. Also, they can protect your horse’s legs from getting bumps against obstacles. Choose from bell boots, shin boots, or splint boots, to name a few.

You need girth and neck strap for your horse, too.

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