Top 10 Hidden Business Opportunities In Nigeria With High Profits

Top 10 Hidden Business Opportunities In Nigeria With High Profits

Are you planning to start a business in Nigeria? If yes! There are a lot of hidden business opportunities in Nigeria you may look into that are very profitable and cost very little capital to set up not only that most of these businesses have little to no risk.

Nigeria has a good business environment that any business can easily survive, but most individuals usually run because of competition in their business lane.

The truth remains that there are some businesses that are untapped with little to no competition that anyone can easily survive even with small capital.

This business idea that is going to list out here is basically for individuals with little capital but aiming to earn high income in return, without wasting your time let quickly list it out.

List of Hidden business opportunities in Nigeria

  1. Agriculture business
  2. Phone charging
  3. Cyber cafe
  4. Selling cooking gas
  5. Barbing salon business
  6. Painting business
  7. Scrab business
  8. Car wash business
  9. Okrika business
  10. Charcoal business

Let quickly look at these businesses one after another, so we can know how they works.

  1. Agriculture business

The agriculture business is the first in our list, such as, pig farming, poultry farming, goat farming these are some agricultural businesses that are booming currently in Nigeria, anybody can invest into any of this farming system even with little money and still make profits.

Because of the high demand for pork meat, goat meat, and chickens, this business has been moving fast but, there are few suppliers while the consumers are high. That is why there is enough chance for anyone who wishes to start any of that business in Nigeria.

2. Phone charging

Because of the lack of constant supply of electricity in the country, This business has been booming for those that are into it. When there is power failure people will always like to charge their electronic gadgets, this is where they will always need someone offering the service of phone charging to help them to charge their gadgets for a fee.

To start this business is very simple all you just need is a board of sockets and chargers with a generator, and start advertising your business to people around you.

3. Cyber café

This is another profitable businesses opportunity in Nigeria that is very good to set up in the campus environment. Students visit cyber café to check their results, register for their courses, and type their assignments. Even teachers still need their services.

Starting this business is very simple all you just need is a generator, laptop, printer, and photocopy machine with those tools you are good to go.

4. Cooking gas

Another untapped business opportunity in Nigeria is the selling of cooking gas, people have developed an interest in the use of gas due to how fast it always make food done fast when cooking.

You can start purchasing the gas using big cylinders and start refilling to people at a moderate price and make your gain.

If you want to start this business look for an area where the gas station is far away from so that you can be able to attract many customers most especially those within the area.

5. Barbing salon business

This is a hot business idea that you need to look into, there is a lot of existing barbing salon but your business strategy will make you different from others and you will attract many customers which also means money.

This business required that you have a bathing skill to enable you to have a better chance of making it in the industry.

6. Painting business

The painting business is another lucrative business opportunity that you may start, if you know how to paint you will earn a lot of cash from this business because people are always in need go someone to paint their house for them.

There are many individuals that built houses and are still looking for someone that can offer them better service, if they see the hard work they will be motivated to call you.

Top 10 Hidden Business Opportunities In Nigeria With High Profits
Top 10 Hidden Business Opportunities In Nigeria With High Profits

7. Scrab business

This is a hidden business opportunity that is currently booming now in Nigeria, this business involves buying and selling waste metals.

You will be going street by street or rent a shop and be buying old or fairly used iron and be reselling it to companies that will be using them to manufacture other items.

8. Car wash business

You can open a place where you will be helping people to wash their vehicle for a fee, most people usually like to wash their car before or after work, you can take up the service by helping them wash the car while you get paid.

To start this business look for urban areas where there is a high population of car owners because those are people that will always need your service rental shop and start making your cool cash.

  1. Okrika business

This business involves selling fairly used clothes or since many people have believed that fairly used items usually last and are cheap, starting this business will be a good idea.

You can be buying from Lagos or Aba and be reselling to people in rural or semi-urban areas.

  1. Charcoal business

The last business opportunity in our last is the charcoal business, because of the high price of gas in Nigeria many individuals that can’t afford gas have moved to use the charcoal stove to cook.

You can start selling the charcoal to people that are in need of it and be earning your income.


I have been able to list out some profitable business opportunities in Nigeria that anyone can easily start even with little capital and be expecting high profits in return, with low or no risk.

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