Which web hosting is best for small businesses?

Which web hosting is best for small businesses?

The Internet has become an essential part of human life today. Especially when we talk about the small businesses that need to work much harder to set their brand awareness.

There is a lot of hard work involved to get a small business to reach its heights. A more authentic way for a small business to reach its business heights is to own a website.

A website represents a business identity to the visitors. Moreover, it is one of the most reliable ways to increase your business’s growth opportunities.

An essential element like web hosting will be required to own your online presence. If you are looking for the best-hosting provider at the best affordable price then you may visit Hostnetindia.

Although there is a number of options available in the market today for web hosting you should firstly choose a reliable web hosting firm having years of experience in the same field.

In this blog, we will be discussing the best web hosting provider for small businesses that will save you a huge amount of cost on buying that too with a lot of features.  Let’s get started:-


With more than 15 years of working in the IT industry most specifically in the web hosting industry. Hostnetindia is serving more than 4,500 satisfied customers all over the world.

This company is the best option if you are looking for the best hosting plans and services at the most affordable prices available in the market.

They are currently having 2250+ data centers that are embedded with high-quality hardware and security. They are available for their customers 24*7 and provide professional quality support services within a limited period of time.

They also advise suggestions of up-gradation plans whenever you are willing to scale your businesses. The plus point is you will find attractive deals and offers on festive seasons.


The reason behind why hostnetindia is gaining famous day by day is their high commitment and loyalty to their customers.

The affordable price ranges and security is also great factor why hostnetindia is the most chosen web hosting provider among people.

The team of experts will personally cater to all your needs and will advise you to get the best in the market.


Hostnetindia believes in providing the best at most reasonable prices the starting plan of hostnetindia is just Rs. 39 per month and its highest plan is also very affordable costing Rs. 499.

The features of shared hosting include 1 GB Disk Space, Host 1 Website, Unlimited Transfer, Sub Domains, Email Accounts, and more.  

Network Uptime

A business can lose a lot of business growth opportunities when its website goes on a vacation. Moreover, if a website faces a huge amount of downtime i.e. it becomes inaccessible by any means to its visitor can be very harmful. 

Hence, you should only select a web hosting provider who can guarantee you high uptime. Hostnetindia provides you an uptime of 99.5% making sure that your website remains up and running 24*7.

Why to choose Hostnetindia

We all know how important it is to choose the correct web hosting plan for your website. Hostnetindia provides you best high-performing hosting and servers at the most reasonable prices. Here are the top reasons why you should choose Hostnetindia.

Pocket Friendly

If we talk about small business owners who are looking for the most affordable web hosting solution at low prices Hostnetindia is the best place to trust upon.

When it comes to small businesses or startups they mostly prefer shared hosting. The price of shared hosting at hostnetindia starts with Rs. 39 per month is cheap when compared to other web hosting providers.   

SSL Security

Hostnetindia never compromises on security. They provide free SSL security making sure that you never compromise with security.

With all cost-effective plans your get security of end-to-end encryption by SSL for free. This creates authenticity to your website and provides creditability to it.

Server Maintenance

A team of professionals is required to take care of all your service requirements. Hostnetindia has an expert team of professionals that are available for their clients 24*7.

The team provides you with expert-level suggestions and takes care of your server requirements so that you can mainly focus on business operations.

Control Panel

With the control panel, you got to manage and maintain all your website files. This can help you to maintain all your website data. You can easily create, remove or even alter the files according to your needs and requirements.


Hostnetindia helps you to scale your website to the best of its level so that you never miss any business opportunity.

The team of professionals helps you to figure out all the up-gradation plans as soon as your website expands. They customize their plans according to their customer’s needs.


In conclusion, owning a website is highly important in today’s world. Web hosting is required to make your website accessible on the World Wide Web. Moreover, it plays a curial role in the performance of a website.

 Hence, you should only look for the best and reliable web hosting company who has high-quality experience in the particular industry.

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