How To Index Backlinks Faster – Free Grey Hat Backlink indexing Service

How To Index Backlinks Faster – Free Grey Hat Backlink indexing Service

Hi there. In today’s article, I want to talk about how to index backlinks faster and how you can index some of your backlinks using free services. It’s a Grey Hat technique of some sort.

In this article, I will lay out indexing backlinks. I will show you some a method that I have used to index backlinks involving a blogger site. If you’re not familiar with blogger, blogger is a platform that you can use to host a website of sorts. It can also be used for indexing backlinks. So I want to go ahead and show you how you too can use blogger to index backlinks.

How To Index Backlinks Faster

I’ll give you a how-to, and then at the very end, I will give you three resources that I have known from some popular guy I know. Just as a small disclaimer, I am not affiliated with the services I will give you. It’s not a recommendation. I am simply going to show you three sites that I’ve seen being used in the past. Suppose their service has changed since I have seen it that has nothing to do with me. It’s not a recommendation. I’m just going to show you three services that I’ve seen used by popular guys in the past. So that’s going to be at the end of the article.

How To Index Backlinks

I wanted to go ahead and just point out one simple thing. Not every single backlink will be indexed. Google recognizes not all backlinks. With that being said, you may acquire indexation of your backlinks, but the problem happens when keeping your links indexed. So I run into this question, in this problem a lot. People have a thousand links that they need to get indexed. First and foremost, I hope they are not sending a thousand links to their money site or indexation service site. A thousand links are completely overboard, and if you’re using this many links, I hope it is for a tier two property,  at tier three property, to power up a guest post or something along those lines.

Index Backlinks

Remember getting links indexed is not the issue. Getting the links to stay indexed is the problem. So I wanted just to throw this out there that not all of your backlinks are going to get indexed, but more so, not all of your links are going to stay indexed. So I wanted to just touch on this. Let’s keep the link-building going.

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Free Grey Hat Backlink indexing Service

how you can use blogger to index backlinks
how you can use blogger to index backlinks

First and foremost, let me show you how to use blogger to index backlinks (Free Grey Hat Backlink indexing service). I have a blogger. Now, this particular blogger I use just to put videos, make CDNs, or link building tasks. I’m not using this particular blogger to index backlinks. I just wanted to show that anyway because I would not want to leave and show my footprint, especially publicly.

Free Grey Hat Backlink indexing

Here’s what I will do. I will go ahead and do this. Here is how it is done. Here is how to obtain free grey hat backlink indexing.

What you’ll want to do is head over to, and if you have a blogger, make sure it’s completely separate from your website, okay? Make sure that you have a blogger separate from your website because this involves a search console.

Now you can use blogger as a primary website. It’s also great for maybe inside the G stack to send links through, but we’re not going to get into that today. This is simply how to index backlinks, grey hat indexing backlinks.

free grey hat backlink indexing service
free grey hat backlink indexing service

So you’ll head over to blogger and layout. This is the first thing that you’ll want to do now. Inside the layout, there’s a button. Here you can add a gadget. Inside of adding this gadget, a box will show up, and these are numerous different features, and they call them gadgets that you can add.

Grey Hat Backlink indexing

Free Grey Hat Backlink indexing
Free Grey Hat Backlink indexing

If you were to scroll down, there’s something here called the “link list”; the link list will display a collection of your favorite sites, blogs, or web pages to your visitors. Now, this is where you will want to insert your links.

It is very crucial to the process. So you need to add this gadget to your blogger. Then you can submit your list inside of there. Once that process is done, and remembers this is a free method.

In the end, I will show you three resources I’m not affiliated with. I’m not giving a recommendation. Rather, I am simply showing you three resources.

Backlink indexing

You’re going to add a link list to blogger, okay? So once again. This blogger and your working Blogspot must be completely separate. You’ll add the link list, and you could create your pages and do whatever. I’m just showing you the process of getting links indexed.

Now blogger gets crawled quite frequently. So once this linked list is established, you’ve added your links in, the very next step is you will want to go over to your settings. Inside of your settings, if you scroll down, there is a section that says Google search console. You’ll hit the edit button, and it will take you over to the webmaster tools, and you will set that up. You will request indexing.

Index Backlinks Faster

Once again, let us go over again. You’ve to create some pages ad posts, and you’ve to add your link list, you’ve to fill out your description, add your photos. I mean everything, just like a normal site.

Then once you get inside of the search console, you’ll ask for indexation just like any other site. Your links will be crawled. This is one method for getting links indexed that is completely free for you to use, which I have successfully used.


Let’s move into three resources that I have been talking about nonstop. You can try them for yourself. You can just brush them off. It’s completely up to you.

Let’s go ahead and get into these resources. So three sources that I’ve seen people using in the past; among them is a site called speed links. They have numerous plans; they have numerous features, things that you can use. I’m not affiliated, though.

The very next resource is a service, a tool called G indexer. It looks like they have updated recently. You can take a look here. This is another wonderful resource that I want to mention.

Now moving on, this is a free platform, the last resource. It is called drop my link. Now it was featured on the quick sprout, pro blogger, and niche hacks. So you can take a look at this and how this is built is it will give you a resource. I’m not going to get into everything that it does but sign up, it’s completely free, and you can have a look for yourself.

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