How to Make Unique Custom Box Packaging for Gifts

One of the most important parts of giving a gift is how you package it. If you’re looking for an easy way to differentiate your packaging from everyone else’s, try custom box packaging. Custom boxes are often used when shipping products as well, but for gifts, they have more of a decorative role than a functional one. They work best when customized with pictures or drawings that reflect the personality and interests of the person receiving them.

How to Make Unique Custom Box Packaging for Gifts
How to Make Unique Custom Box Packaging for Gifts

Custom box packaging is great because it can be personalized so easily! It’s also very affordable; all that you need to do is buy some craft paper (preferably cardstock), scissors, glue sticks, and double-sided tape – and then start designing away.

The first step is to decide whether you want your box to be square or rectangular. The next decision is what shape do you want the top of it to be? Will it have a point, an angled corner, or no corners (a circle)? You can get as creative here as you like. Once upon a time, a girl called Annabelle loved cats and cheese, so she decided that her custom box would have cat ears on one side.

Of course, if someone else wanted their gift receiver’s face featured instead, they could always glue cutouts onto the front of their boxes – which are easy to make by printing out pictures onto cardstock paper then cutting them out with scissors. Another for those looking for something simpler to make is to use salt dough – mix flour and water until it’s firm enough to hold its shape. Then mold a container out of the mixture before baking for about an hour (or longer if you want them extra sturdy.) It’ll then be ready to paint whatever color your heart desires.

Amazing Ways to Pack Luxury Gifts

There are so many different ways to make unique packaging for gifts by online print services. For example, if a person is crafty and has the time, they could draw out their own custom box art or use construction paper with images of whatever they want. Another way would be to get creative by using glue, ribbon, and other decorative items such as string-like pictures from magazines which can then be laminated so that they’ll last longer. Make sure you’re always thinking outside the box (no pun intended) when giving your friends and family who mean the most in order to give them something memorable.

Also, another way might be to do something simple such as using brown paper bags and decorating them with markers or fabric paint.

Also, if you have children/young adults, then this is a great craft for kids. If not, it’s still fun. Make sure the box isn’t too big that they can get lost in there!

Decorate it with alluring things such as ribbons, yarn, buttons, or anything else that you can find in your craft room.

Again, always think outside the box. That is a great way to make something for someone special without breaking the bank and wasting money on an overpriced gift. You’ll even save time from running around town trying to look for gifts that are perfect.

It’s also a fun way of recycling things around the house. I hope this blog post has helped give ideas about how to create unique packaging boxes, so keep it creative and don’t hold back when giving out presents, whether it’s Christmas or not.

Ideas that help your brand to pack goods exceptionally.

Make them stand out from the rest of its competitors are endless. So, it’s always good to try and think ‘out-of-the-box every now and again.

It is also a great way to recycle things that you have around your house or even decorate something new! I hope this blog post has helped give ideas on how to create unique packaging boxes, so keep being creative with gifts in order not to hold back when giving presents, whether it’s Christmas or not. 

There are many ways brands can help pack goods exceptionally and make them stand out among their contemporaries. It is therefore beneficial for marketers at all times to be thinking “outside-of-the-box.”

That is wonderful. There will never be another product that comes out in the market that looks exactly like yours.

The first thing that I would recommend doing when creating a great gift package design, it finding inspiration from other designs, websites, or images (Pinterest). If there’s nothing around you, then create something new yourself using your creativity! Creating creative boxes can change how customers feel about receiving a product, whether it is meant as a personal gift or just general use such as storage of items. When we receive any boxed item, it has an effect on our emotional side, so it is always important to make sure that the design you have for your product makes them feel special.

The next thing I would recommend doing when creating a great gift box package design is making the packaging itself unique and different from all other boxes out there. The way in which a company can do this successfully, by using their branding colours or theme throughout the entire exterior of the box. Another good idea could be adding some interesting textures like glitter foil printing onto any custom boxes. That will create an element that we haven’t seen before within boxed products, thus changing how customers view receiving something new and exciting (as opposed to boring). If possible, try to give practicality a go as well, even if it is just a small element of the box, like a pocket or an envelope.


Custom boxes are a great way to make your product more special than all others on store shelves or presented at trade shows. You can add textures, colors that match the brand color scheme, interesting design elements, or even practicality (like pockets), which is always nice, especially when receiving something new. Try making your own custom box today and see how much of an impact it has on customers. If you need any assistance feel free to contact experts via online form. They’re always happy to hear from customers and help them create the best possible product.

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