Some Valuable Tips on Wifi Router

Tips on Wifi Router

You can use any wifi router as an amplifier. Most routers have a separate mode for working as an amplifier or WDS wireless bridge mode. We have many instructions on how to set up routers from different manufacturers as a repeater. You can find them by searching the site. Or ask in the comments, I will tell you. But a separate device will be more compact and easier to configure because it is designed for this task.

A wireless WiFi network (with fast roaming) can only be built from a router and repeater with Mesh technology. Manufacturers are starting to produce a line of such devices actively. I think in 2021, there will be a much larger selection of these devices.

One WiFi network. When we set up a signal booster, in most cases, it copies the wireless network settings (name, password) from the router. In this case, after setting up the devices, see one network (in the settings of the repeater, there is an option to change the network name to another). But in fact, there are two WiFi networks: from the router and the amplifier. And the devices always switch between the router and the amplifier when you move around the house, apartment, and office. 

Almost everyone wants to have a high-speed Internet connection at home nowadays. Anyone who uses more than one Internet-ready device undoubtedly uses a wireless router to handle their connectivity needs. A Wireless (or Wi-Fi) router is a unique device used to provide access to the global network via any Wi-Fi-enabled device of your liking, be it a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. The connection can be established either using wires or wirelessly, which makes it convenient to use them in offices and at home for different purposes, including adding the ability to transfer standard files with photos, music, and video with multiple devices. 

Additionally, with giving you a secure and reliable Internet connection, wireless routers can also act as a modem, saving you from the need to buy any other appliances. So, before buying make sure which wireless router you are selecting, offering you all of the features you need, and get down to browsing the web with comfort and security. You can set up your wireless router by Myrepeater online address.

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Will the connection speed increase or decrease?

A delicate question that is very difficult to answer. But I’ll try. Through the repeater, speed drops by about 50% compared to the speed through the router. But this is if we measure next to the repeater, in the area of stable signal from the router. If we measure in a room without a repeater, the signal is very bad (and the speed, respectively, also), then with a repeater, the speed will be higher because it amplifies the signal. The speed with a better signal through the repeater will be higher than a bad signal directly from the router.

Fast and seamless switching of devices between the router and the repeater. Here it is very simple: fast and seamless switching of devices happens only in a seamless WiFi network, created from a router + Mesh-enabled repeater. If you use a regular repeater, in most cases, the devices are not very stable. For example, to the last hold the connection to the router, even with low signal strength. When in that place, the coverage from the repeater is more stable, and the speed is higher.

It is not necessary to buy an amplifier of the same manufacturer as the router. For example, TP-Link amplifiers easily work with ASUS routers. However, devices that support WiFi Mesh technology may be an exception. You also can consider RangeXTD to boost your wifi signals.

It is possible to use several WiFi amplifiers at the same time. Here is an article on the subject: how to connect multiple amplifiers to one router. But I wouldn’t recommend doing that (unless it’s a WiFi Mesh-enabled device).

If you are just choosing equipment to create a WiFi network in a large apartment or a private home, I recommend paying attention to WiFi Mesh systems. You install such a system, and you do not need any amplifiers. Also, check out this article for tips on choosing a router.

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