Challenges of Online Learning

Challenges of Online Learning

Today Online learning is the most popular and the newest form of distance education. Online learning is education on the Internet. All over online learning is a type of “distance learning”. Nowadays we are facing some Challenges of online learning.

Learning is the best way to gain knowledge. We are all trying to learn new topics all the time, And we are very much interested in learning new things. So we have to learn and we have to do something new.

We are all passing from a pandemic situation (COVID 19). So the whole world is now in danger. Most of the sectors are suffering badly. Such as Education, Business etc. But now we can try to solve our Education problem. This is the reason we all are moving to Online Classes.  So, the students Can solve their Education problem and they can join their class staying at home.

When mankind is almost under house arrest for the pandemic situation of the (COVID 19). This time online classes are most important for conducting educational activities.Time goes on, technology is rapidly increasing. This is mostly being in the education sector – the more technology advances, the more it will support students in every part of education. At this moment, technology and the internet have made the world so small. That’s the reason everything is possible with just one click. Education goes on the long way since the digital age and now we all are discovering and implementing new ways with the help of technology.

In a survey of more than 400 college students whose schools recently switched over to online education – conducted in March by Barnes & Noble College Insights.

Ref. Barnes & Noble College.

Here are some common challenges that most of the students are currently facing this on doing online classes and also here are some specific tips: 

  • Technical issues.
  • Lack of in-person interaction.
  • Adapting to unfamiliar technology.
  • Staying motivated.
  • Time management  and Distractions.
  • Uncertain future.

Technical Issues:

Unfortunately, The experts say that, online environment is bound to happen in technical issues. Ashford research says that while she attended her online class of videoconferencing live, suddenly her computer shut down and she thought she needed to restart the device. At this moment her Wi-Fi has also ceased connection. This is totally one kind of Challenge for Online Learning.

The solution: 

First of all, experts say that you should stay in touch with your professors and inform them about what’s happening  part by part. Hopefully they will understand and about the situation they will be flexible. Perhaps as a backup the class sessions will be recorded.

Dawn Coder says that, “Technology issues will be there but I think that it’s very important that every student understands that they aren’t alone so that they can be patient on the problem”.  

Lack of in-person interaction:

Particularly challenging could be classmates and the lack of in person interaction with both. Although students could be in contact with other students. Still, lack of in person interaction also can be challenging for them. Particularly difficult  can be adjustment  for students. The face-to-face format is better suited for taking classes, like some of those lab components of science.

The solution: 

Students should take advantage of education technology tools at their disposal, Experts say. Although that’s not ideal for all students. Actually, Zoom, Skype or FaceTime are the best alternatives to actual face-to-face interaction, maybe video conferencing programs. Can also be an option like talking on the phone with a professor or  classmates.

The modern day edtech tool now is Online Whiteboard for Education | Dojoit 

Adapting to unfamiliar technology:

Teachers and students are adapting now to some digital tools given the transition to online classes. As a student, I think to use technology we had to learn. Some of us have never heard of it. Some of us used just a little bit of. Most of the technology is new to me.

The solution: 

Students should look up answers to their technology questions online so that they can save themselves time watching a video tutorial to their technology questions online.

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Staying motivated:

To change most people’s lives at least one thing needs to change. However, finding motivation to make a start. It helps to understand the meaning of motivation. So that you can find a way to be motivated. Experts say that if students have not attended their class timely, however finding motivation to start coursework can be tough for them.

The solution: 

Finding a productive workspace and to create a daily schedule can simply focus on the ultimate goal. At the passing of the day, look back on that day and check and mark all of the time that you have completed. Follow that, I think it will motivate you also.

Time management  and Distractions:

Students can be more distracted than usual While studying from home or other. Especially can be more distractions with family or younger siblings. Time management becomes more challenging to possibly have additional responsibilities as a result of these distractions. 

The solution: 

You have to think about making a schedule so when you find out what to do, find out and you share it with your family members. students should take care of their physical and mental health. If their life is too busy, they should take care.

Challenges of Online Learning
Challenges of Online Learning

Uncertain future:

Most of the students are more worried about thinking about their Uncertain future. They think about how they can overcome this situation. And although they will be cut out of this situation then how do they grow up their education life. so for this reason they are too worried about this subject.

The solution: 

Focus on how your educators ask that you mark and submit records, and hold fast to those necessities. Remember these section best practices for web-based learning.


Online learning is the education of the future. It could be discovered through your work and abroad option of perfect study. Contribute mindfully and genuinely—just add remarks or pose inquiries that are important. Low transfer speed and powerless web can influence how rapidly you can interface and take part in the class. Adaptable planning is incredible for online understudies, however, they frequently need this on the grounds that they have liabilities outside of school, like work and family. This can make shuffling school, work, and individual obligations a test. Extraordinary time usage abilities are pivotal to success.

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