How to Balance Out Between Subjects for Preparing NEET?


In India, everyone is well aware of this exam; NEET, also called the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, is conducted by NTA, a National testing agency every year for admissions into all India Medical and Dental colleges. The importance of this exam, especially when we are already dealing with a health crisis, is something that needs no mention. Every student who wishes to become a doctor has to pass and secure good marks to get the seat in the college which they have always desired for admissions.

NEET is an examination that, in a real sense, is considered one of the toughest exams in India because of various factors. One factor behind it is the competition; every year, significant competition associated with this profession increases, but because of the limited resources and seats, only a few of the total applicants get their chance to clear the exam and get admissions.

The competition is so high that every year, around 16-18Lakh students apply for the same. So, is it impossible for an average student to clear this examination?

Absolutely Not

To achieve excellence academically is another thing, but to pass out an entrance exam where you are competing with students from all over the country, you need proper strategy and planning. It is all necessary to plan things to come out victoriously in the exams.

There are three subjects for NEET, on which a medical aspirant has to aim and prepare: biology, physics, and Chemistry. Out of these three, Biology carries the maximum percentage of questions and marks for scoring in the exams. It is a misunderstanding of aspirants due to not getting proper guidance that studying Biology alone will help them reach their aim. Giving equal importance to all three subjects is necessary because biology is undoubtedly a dominant subject between the three. Still, it is these two which are going to decide your future more, as they are responsible for the rank which you will be securing eventually.

What Should be the Goal of the Aspirant?

The importance of all three subjects makes it all more interesting and essential for the aspirants to develop and focus on Concept-based learning. Here below, we will help the medical aspirant who is reading this by highlighting some of the points that should be there in the minds of the aspirants for the NEET exam while they are doing all the planning and preparation for the exam.

  • The Syllabus

The syllabus, as per the exam is concerned, is vast, and thus a student needs to buck up and do all the planning early. The most important resource that an aspirant should all rely on is the NCERT books.

  • High Quality of Resources

After going through NCERT’s wholly and carefully, these aspirants go for other classroom notes and other alternative heavy and lengthy books. Do not jump on anything before having clarity at your base.

  • Proper time distribution to PCB

It is the most critical aspect of clearing this exam; give each of the subjects according to your own need if you feel that your Biology is strong and Physics is not good. Try giving some more time to Physics but do not leave your vital subject at total bay; you should, along with practicing the weaker sections, should revise the other sections of your strong subject.

These days digital platforms operating under the LMS portals offer various education apps specially designed for conducting NEET mocks. One exciting thing about these education apps is that they instantly give results and have software for analyzing which portions are your weak ones. It will help students prepare efficiently, but it will also make them more aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Practice and stay motivated

After all the reading and studying, one needs to try and give all more mocks as one can, especially to get themselves trained effectively. How well will they manage their time while the exam is going on, especially for the three different sections of the paper?

According to your strength and weakness, try managing your time effectively and effortlessly for the coming entrance. Staying motivated is all more important; you must read motivation quotes for students on the internet, which will further help and energize you for learning more effectively.

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