Miro Vs Dojoit

Miro Vs Dojoit – Which One is Best For You?

Miro Vs Dojoit – Which One is Best For You? Let us know together. This article will assist you in choosing your best pick between Miro Vs Dojoit.

The most accurate comparison among The Best Online Whiteboard Tools out there. The last one is really The Best Online Whiteboard – Dojoit, Easiest Online Whiteboard for Education.

What is the best online whiteboard – Miro Vs Dojoit? Let’s talk about Miro.

Miro is a rich app. Let’s see a comparison between Miro Vs Dojoit step by step. Don’t miss it!

What is the best online whiteboard Let's talk about Miro
What is the best online whiteboard Let’s talk about Miro

Key Features of Miro

Key features include an open workspace similar to Limnu. Here you can zoom in and out of a pretty big canvas.

It’s got

  1. a wide array of pre-made templates,
  2. a text tool,
  3. sticky notes,
  4. shapes,
  5. connecting lines which is pretty cool, and
  6. of course, some writing tools.

You can share with others to collaborate on the same board. Typically they would need their own Miro account to be able to edit it. But with their free education account, students can get onto the shared board and edit it without an account.

If things do end up getting deleted, there is a board history. So you can easily restore previous versions of the board.

Miro also has an app version.

restore deleted board feature in miro
restore deleted board feature in miro

Cons of Miro. Its Downsides.

The downsides are that collaborators can delete each other’s work, but that isn’t as big of an issue with revision history.

Cost of Miro – The Pricing.

The cost of Miro: Typically, the free account will limit you to three boards. There is an educator plan that you can get unlimited boards with. That plan is free, but you have to apply for it and use your school email in the application process.

Who should use an online whiteboard like Miro?

Miro is best for mind mapping and brainstorming. It seems to be optimized for that, particularly if you look through their pre-made templates.

While you can draw on it like a traditional whiteboard, it’s going to be more of a text-based tool.

Best online whiteboard tool among Miro Vs Dojoit: Dojoit.Com – The Fastest Online Whiteboard for Education

Dojoit.com is easy and fast for anyone to express ideas and collaborate with others in real-time.

It is the fastest online whiteboard collaboration tool out there. Still, let’s know about the comparison between Miro Vs Dojoit in a step-by-step manner. You will love Dojoit, I guarantee it!

Best online whiteboard tool – Dojoit.Com – Fastest Online Whiteboard for Education
Best online whiteboard tool – Dojoit.Com – Fastest Online Whiteboard for Education

Key Features of Dojoit.

You need to create a board from the dashboard. Next, you can add a collaborator to your board. They’ll instantly get a notification to join. A contributorship or role of a viewer can be assigned to any collaborator. You may see everyone’s pointers in real-time and even mute them if you want to.

You can also send the unique URL of the board to anyone, and they can request access to illustrations as well.

How easy is that!

It is super easy to use Dojoit. Let’s see a simple mind map and some fan-made illustrations around different subjects.

Adding text is super easy. All you need to do is place the mouse cursor at any location on the board and just start typing. You can draw some shapes from the tool palette. Select any shape and draw it even faster is using auto shape.

Start by selecting the pen tool, then draw, and the auto shape automatically creates perfect lines and shapes for you with a natural hand-drawn style. You’ll never have to switch tools using auto shape. Seamlessly type and draw together without friction.

You can quickly add images to the board. You may drag and drop or paste in an image or PDF/PPT file. Once the image is placed, move and resize it as you need.

What if you want to duplicate objects on the board? Dojoit.com has made that super-fast, too easy. Select one or more objects and click the arrows next to the object to duplicate in the direction of the arrow.

Dojoit provides add-ons that help you converse even faster. Examples include

  1. Icons
  2. Stickers
  3. Wireframe
  4. Elements
  5. Templates.

Drag an icon to illustrate an idea quickly. You may add a sticker to the board to give kudos to your team. You can pan left, right/top/bottom to give yourself more room on this infinite canvas.

Sticky notes are very easy to use on Dojoit.com. You can add a sticky note. Open the tool palette and select the sticky note icon. Click to insert anywhere on the board.

You have the ability to lock any object on the board to make sure you don’t accidentally move it or delete it. To lock an object, click the lock icon on the left side of the object.

You also have the ability to add files and documents to the board, extract them so that you can collaborate around them. You may start by dragging a file to the board. Then click the gear icon on the right side, and click render all pages. The contents of the document will appear on the board. This works for most common file formats, including PowerPoint, Excel, and Word or PDF documents.

Should you wish to share a snapshot of your board with anyone without requiring them to log in to the fastest online whiteboard available right now, Dojoit, use the publish feature. Dojoit generates a unique public URL that you can send to anyone or share on social media with a single click.

It’s the easiest way to create a simple web page or App UI wireframe for well anything. The best part is that no coding is required to get started with Dojoit.com, the easiest online whiteboard software out there.

Discover how simple it is to capture ideas, discuss them in real-time with others, and publish your work for all to see.

Dojoit is my new best friend. Since I get to use it, I have skipped using all other digital whiteboards found on the internet. Dojoit.com is the

Among all others, Dojoit has the least amount of learning curve to get started. Even not technical people and students from all grades can use it well just with a single day of learning, maybe almost instantly you’ll fall in love with its simplicity. The #edtech world has been awaiting such a tool for quite some time now. It is no exaggeration. Try it yourself.

Dojoit – Love to Live it.

Dojoit Use Cases

Let us see some of the arts designed by day-to-day Dojoit users.


Let me know in the comments which digital whiteboard is your favorite online whiteboard, among Miro Vs Dojoit, and why? Thank you so much for reading till the end, and I’ll talk to you on the next topic.

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