Speaking in short English sentences? It’s normal!

Speaking in short English sentences? It’s normal!

A corporate English training Institute has reported Many individuals who are quite well-spoken in the language English often feel upset when they cannot Converse in full sentences. Learners are even getting frozen in the middle of a dialogue. Just because the day wants to complete a sentence, but for some unknown reason, they cannot do so.

The best English teacher on YouTube in India has stated that this is a very common issue, and it is very typical. They have even observed that native speakers of the English language sometimes face trouble in completing their sentences while speaking.

When we are writing, we take all the time in our hands to plan out the placements of words in a particular sentence. We can cancel out some words we have written. Then to make it sound a bit better, we rewrite it.

When we are writing, we can put together our opinions precisely according to our preferences. We can take a little more time to select the most appropriate words. We can turn complete sentences into understandable notes, which is the essential part of composing a sentence.

It is a slightly different thing when we are talking. Unless the individual is very well spoken in the English language. The dialogue of the individual will be pretty identical to the written version of it.

According to the Spoken English classes, online the most acceptable way to write a piece is to Converse about it. Discussing the given subject out loud out only then to put the whole thing on paper.

But then also when you speak quite frequently your mind can drift away. Individuals cannot put out their thoughts precisely as they want to.

The task will feel way more difficult, especially when you talk about a topic you are unfamiliar with.

If this matter is becoming a real problem in your interactive English for the workplace, it needs to be addressed. But no matter how bad the situation individuals find themselves in, it is always helpful to be alert of one fact.

It is in everyday life that people who communicate in English shorten their speech very often. Even some parts can feel broken or unfinished sentences.

Business English speaking courses have reported talking under stressful situations will most likely end up in less fluent and incomplete sentences. Individuals are more likely to make an error here and there. These errors can confuse the listeners, or they can misunderstand one term with another.

The awful condition is, however, when a speaker entirely freezes and loses their ability to convey their opinions. It is not that they don’t know what they want to say, but the words draught does not roll out of their mouths. Some nonnative speakers of the English language will find themselves in a state of frustration when their brains feel completely stuffed with racing ideas and thoughts, which makes it almost impossible to think ahead and come back to the relaxed speech again.

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What should be done in this situation

  • Stop speaking
  • Pause and calm down
  • Make a mindful effort to ease the speech
  • Do not force yourself to pronounce words perfectly


Sometimes the speaker can feel nervous or intermediate in some situations. In those tense moments, the anxious state of mind of the speaker has the potential to hamper their fluency. The best way to speak clearly is surely to speak firstly, a little slow and secondly speak shorter sentences. There are many who can communicate, but there are very few individuals who can communicate very clearly.

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