Best Online Whiteboard Tools. The Last One Is My New Best Friend!

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Best Online Whiteboard Tools. The Last One Is My New Best Friend!

The most accurate comparison among The Best Online Whiteboard Tools out there. The last one is really The Best Online Whiteboard.

Best Online Whiteboard Tool.

A digital whiteboard is not necessary every time you need a whiteboard. There are some instances where it is a huge upgrade from a physical whiteboard. You can

  • save digital whiteboards to view later,
  • invite or share digital whiteboards with students,
  • zoom into a digital whiteboard to bring clarity to something,
  • type out text on a whiteboard,
  • draw when you need it.

How many times are you like writing a sentence on a physical whiteboard as fast as you possibly can, because, you know, every second that you are continuing to write that sentence, you are losing more and more kids?

Pros of Using An Online Whiteboard.

You may record your lesson over a digital whiteboard for an asynchronous lesson. You can set your digital whiteboard up beforehand. You never get marker ink on your fingers or your shirt. I always got it on my shirt, and my hands are full of graffiti after I finish writing on a physical whiteboard! Weird and disgusting!

Howdy folks. I’m Md. Istiqur Rahman from SEOistiqur.XYZ, a Free Guest Posting Site. In this article today, I will be sharing what I consider the best digital whiteboards – Best Online Whiteboard Tools – and what context each of them is optimized for.

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Best Online Whiteboard Tools – Google Jamboard.

First on the list is Google Jamboard.

Best Online Whiteboard Tools – Google Jamboard
Best Online Whiteboard Tools – Google Jamboard

Google Jamboard Key Features.

One of the key features of Google Jamboard is that it’s got a nice clean, simple interface. It is pretty easy to get started. You’ve got a

  1. drawing tool,
  2. text tool,
  3. sticky notes,
  4. images, and
  5. shapes.

You can add a fixed background. It is nice because before they added this feature, you could have a background there, but if you were sharing with students, someone would happen to move it all around accidentally or maybe not accidentally, but now you can have one that doesn’t move at all.

Since it is a Google app, you can push it out to Google classroom as a template and copy each student. It’s got an app for your tablet. It is nice.

Cons of Google Jamboard – The Downside.

The downside of Jamboard is that you can’t tell who is writing or doing something on the board. That sucks.

If you’ve got a handful of kids all on the same board, and someone wants to keep drawing circles all over the board, as there isn’t much admin control on the Jamboard, students can either be viewers or editors. But you cannot customize how much they can edit.

You can’t say students are not allowed to delete stuff if they’re editors. They have full access to create and delete as they wish.

You cannot add any clickable hyperlinks or embed any videos. If you try, they end up coming up as text.

It is small, but when you click on the top to see all the rest of the boards, it covers up part of the board. I would love it if you could see all of the boards across the top and see the entire current board underneath it.

Cons of Google Jamboard – The Downside
Cons of Google Jamboard – The Downside

Google Jamboard Pricing.

Google Jamboard is free.

If you want your students to create their own, they will have to have a Google account. Then they can create it in Google Drive.

Who is Google Jamboard Best for?

So who is jam board best for?

Jamboard’s great if you are Google apps for school users. It’s already in that Google ecosystem.

If you’re doing any direct math instruction, it’s great for that. Particularly if you’ve got a tablet, it’s great for really quick, simple whole group collaboration. You can drag a sticky note with your name on it and how you’re feeling that day type of activity.

It’s great for small group collaboration and awesome for digital notebooks as well.

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Best Online Whiteboard Tool – Limnu.

Next on the list is Limnu.

Best Online Whiteboard Tool – Limnu
Best Online Whiteboard Tool – Limnu

It is almost as fun to say the name as it is to draw on this whiteboard. Not to insert my bias here, but Limnu is my colleagues’ personal favorite digital whiteboard. If you think jam board is easy to use,  Limnu is so intuitive that you’ll almost forget you’re using a digital online whiteboard.

Limnu Key Features.

What makes this online whiteboard tool stand out, and the reason why I find people like it so much, is that it just feels so incredibly natural and realistic to draw on the whiteboard. It is especially true if you’re using a stylus. I mean, look at this right now. I’m writing with my pen tablet exactly the way that I would on a regular whiteboard here.

It’s the small details in Limnu that make it stand out. Look at how the marker ink disperses unevenly- exactly how it would on an actual whiteboard. I love it.

Unlike jam board which uses separate panels, a little new board on Limnu is essentially an endless whiteboard that you can zoom in and out. This means that you could essentially use a single Limnu board for all of your notes.

You can even create pins on a Limnu board. Then share the direct link back to a pen. So that when you share the board, it takes people exactly to the place on the board where you want them to go.

Of course, this is a digital whiteboard. So, in addition to a marker and a pen tool, you can also add

  1. text
  2. sticky notes
  3. shapes
  4. lines
  5. arrows and stuff like that.

I’m not over exaggerating here when I say that using these tools is a genuinely pleasurable experience. I got a kick out of using Limnu ovals and squares. It’s almost like you’re drawing them out as opposed to just inputting them on the board.

It’s a hidden feature – you can also upload a PDF and an image directly to a Limnu board. Students, in this way, could annotate directly on top of it.

Like every other digital whiteboard, you can also make this one collaborative by sharing it with others. Although Limnu doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, I think it has the majority of the tools that people will use 99.9% of the time, all right?

writing with pen tablet on Limnu
writing with pen tablet on Limnu

Cons of Using Linmu.

Now for the downsides: like jam board, although you can make this board collaborative in theory. In practice, once you get lots of people on a single board, it’s probably not going to work all that well. Especially if you’re using it with students, that’s because collaborators all have the same level of editing access. So you can delete each other’s work.

There’s a slight improvement here on the ability to see who is writing on the board. You can see here that when someone else is writing that their name shows up.

That’s only going to be temporary. After students have drawn on the board, the name goes away. So that’s not going to help you figure out who drew that inappropriate thing in class.

Linmu Pricing.

In terms of cost, Limnu is free for some educators and students.

I say some because you do have to be a k-12 educator. Based on the Linmu website description, I also interpret this to mean that you have to teach at a title one school.

Now, if you don’t meet those criteria, you can still use Limnu for free! The difference is that you’ll only have access to a board for 14 days. So if you’re going to use the free version, you’d probably want to take a screenshot of your notes so that you don’t lose them.

The paid version is relatively affordable. It’s only five bucks ($5) a month. With that, you get unlimited collaborators and an unlimited amount of boards, all right?

What is the best online whiteboard? Let’s talk about Miro.

Miro is our next app.

What is the best online whiteboard Let's talk about Miro
What is the best online whiteboard Let’s talk about Miro

Key Features of Miro

Key features include an open workspace similar to Limnu. Here you can zoom in and out of a pretty big canvas.

It’s got

  1. a wide array of pre-made templates,
  2. a text tool,
  3. sticky notes,
  4. shapes,
  5. connecting lines which is pretty cool, and
  6. of course, some writing tools.

You can share with others to collaborate on the same board. Typically they would need their own Miro account to be able to edit it. But with their free education account, students can get onto the shared board and edit it without an account.

If things do end up getting deleted, there is a board history. So you can easily restore previous versions of the board.

Miro also has an app version.

restore deleted board feature in miro
restore deleted board feature in miro

Cons of Miro. Its Downsides.

The downsides are that collaborators can delete each other’s work, but that isn’t as big of an issue with revision history.

Cost of Miro – The Pricing.

The cost of Miro: Typically, the free account will limit you to three boards. There is an educator plan that you can get unlimited boards with. That plan is free, but you have to apply for it and use your school email in the application process.

Who should use an online whiteboard like Miro?

Miro is best for mind mapping and brainstorming. It seems to be optimized for that, particularly if you look through their pre-made templates.

While you can draw on it like a traditional whiteboard, it’s going to be more of a text-based tool.

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Best online whiteboard for teaching –

In the next whiteboard, let’s talk about It was recently acquired by Kahoot gamification.

Best online whiteboard for teaching –
Best online whiteboard for teaching –

Key Features of

It differs significantly from the other whiteboards that we’ve shown you so far. With this, every student gets an individual whiteboard. So if you’ve ever used those physical mini whiteboards in your class where you pass out whiteboards and students show you the answers to questions as you ask them. Think about that. is the digital version.

Like all the other whiteboards we’ve shown you, has all the different response tools for both you and your students to access. also has other elements that you can bring into a board like

  • math language,
  • musical sheet, etc. gives you significantly greater control over your board as well. You can do something like setting up a graphic organizer here. Then you can use the flatten image tool actually to turn what you just created into a background. Then once it’s on there as a background, you can write directly on top of it.

Something very useful about this tool is that you can also push your background out to student boards. Once the background is on a student’s board, students cannot edit it. So this would be great if you had a graphic organizer, and you wanted to fill it out to model “how to do it” and then push that model out to students.

You can also see all the student whiteboards on a single view screen on the teacher’s end. All of these whiteboards are live workspaces. So as students are working, you can see their work coming through in real-time. You may click on an individual board, and you can see a closer view.

You can even take that student’s response and add it back to the teacher’s whiteboard.

With the paid version, you could even jump onto a student’s board. And give that student feedback.

Cons of

Now let’s talk downsides. What I don’t like about is that it gives students the option to toggle the teacher whiteboard on and off. This means that you could effectively teach an entire lesson on your board, but then a student might have your whiteboard toggled off. So they didn’t see anything that you did. The fact that you’re relying on the student to open up your board rather than push that board directly out to students is less than ideal.

A lot of the features; I think most teachers are going to find useful like

  • setting up classes,
  • creating lessons,
  • being able to jump onto a student’s board and give them feedback.

Those are all paid features. There’s also no app. There’s a clear upside to having lots of different response tools. That can also be a downside because the learning curve will be steeper for both teachers and students. just really isn’t built for collaboration, but it does still fill a need. That might be okay. Costing has different tiers for pricing. To get that, you’d have to pay $12.99 per month. It is a lot if you consider that it’s not like it can be your end-all-be-all app! Even with the lower price version, you still cannot give students feedback on their boards.

It doesn’t have content integrations, at least not yet, nor does it have pre-created lessons.

Ideal userbase for the

I would say is probably best for direct instruction. Then having students practice what you just taught in that sense it can be a really powerful formative assessment tool, especially if you have access to the paid version.

You can give students feedback on their boards, particularly if you teach younger students, middle school students, or high school students, then you probably want higher-level admin access to the board. This online whiteboard tool is going to give that to you at a higher price.

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Best online whiteboard – Explain Everything.

Here, the next among the best online whiteboards is Explain Everything.

Explain Everything was like the OG of educational whiteboards. It was the first one years ago that I had ever heard of.

Best online whiteboard – Explain Everything
Best online whiteboard – Explain Everything

Key Features of Explain Everything.

You can zoom in and out of the canvas to explain Everything. If you have the paid version, you can make slides for presentations. You can annotate over.

You are limited to one slide on the free version. You can collaborate with others on the whiteboard. The nice thing is that your students would not need an account to invite them to collaborate on a board together. Collaborators can have their microphones on while they’re collaborating on the board. That way, they can hear each other if they’re not in the same room.

Explain Everything is optimized for recording lessons while you’re annotating on the whiteboard, nice. A link is immediately available as soon as you are done recording. In the recording, it doesn’t record any of the tools on the side of the screen. It is nice because it makes for a cleaner presentation of your content.

It has got all the classic tools, including your

  • drawing tools
  • highlighter
  • shapes
  • text
  • I like the eraser.

The eraser here – it’s got a versatile eraser. Here you can erase only your drawings and your annotations, but not the images. You can make it an eraser that erases Everything, including images.

There’s also a cutout tool. It is super helpful in math if you don’t want to keep rewriting a certain part of the problem or run out of space on the bottom, and you want to duplicate it and bring it up to the top.

Cons of Explain Everything.

Some of the downsides to Explain Everything – The video editor of the lesson that you recorded has a bit of a learning curve. I’m pretty comfortable with video, and I can usually figure these things out quickly. Even I had to look up a tutorial on how to edit the video after I recorded it.

Some of the key features of Explain Everything are only available on the paid version, which brings us to the cost of the free version.

Pricing of Explain Everything.

The three-dollar-a-month plan does give you unlimited projects. You are limited to three projects, one slide per project and a maximum of a one-minute video recording which I don’t even really think are usable. You get slides with that, and you get 1GB of recording cloud storage, which is a lot.

If you want your students to have their own accounts and make their own recordings, there is a class plan. It has unlimited features, and it comes out to about one dollar per student per month.

Userbase for Explain Everything.

Explain Everything is best if you want to annotate during a presentation if you want a one-stop-shop for screencasting your lessons.

You don’t want to have to use a different screencasting app with a whiteboarding app. It is optimized for the iPad. So if you are an iPad user, Explain Everything is awesome for that.

The best online whiteboard – Whiteboard.Chat

Let us know about In, if you can remember all the features that we just told you about all those other digital whiteboards and the downsides, you’re getting close to describing a fraction of the features that has. If there’s a feature you’re looking for, it’s pretty much guaranteed that has it.

The best online whiteboard – Whiteboard.Chat
The best online whiteboard – Whiteboard.Chat

Key Features of Whiteboard.Chat

Of course, you can do all the regular things you can do with the digital whiteboard. I’m not even going to mention that.

  1. You may also embed youtube videos.
  2. You can insert hyperlinks.
  3. You can insert math.
  4. It is possible to insert manipulatives, roll dice, input block, and coding.
  5. One can create shapes.
  6. One may record audio, input a spinner, create animations, and play the piano.


I’m not joking. Every time I open up Twitter, I get a notification that has added like seven new features.

They even have a list on their website of the top 100 features.

Having a top 100 list implies that there are more than 100 features. It even has features that cross over into other app territories like class kick informative. Here students can raise digital hands to get support.

You, as an educator, can jump onto a board, give feedback, add stickers, and do all kinds of stuff.

You may tell this app was created by teachers. They’ve even thought of things like the ability to freeze all boards by making it snow. So you can get students’ attention.

top 100 features
top 100 features

Is Whiteboard.Chat Good For Me?

If you’re the kind of person who gets excited about the 16 different ways that you can get chicken prepared on the 65-page menu at the cheesecake factory, then is definitely your app.

I appreciate that has a sort of thumb in their nose. At all the other digital whiteboards like, wait, you can’t do that, and you’re Google. We can do all of that plus 10.000 other things.

Demerits to Whiteboard.Chat.

There are some downsides. One is that having so many features means a very high learning curve for both you and your students. It’s not like you can just jump in like you could with Limnu or Google Jamboard, especially not like the easiest of them all,, and just use it right away. It’s kind of the opposite.

I’d also say that I don’t find the interface as user-friendly as my favorite other apps like Dojoit and all. When you have so many things you can do, it’s probably impossible to program that so everyone is like this natural, enjoyable experience. That being said, sometimes when I try to do something on the, and I can’t, I get frustrated, and then I’m less likely to go back and try that thing again.

The used to offer all of these features, like 100 of them for free. It’s not quite like that anymore.

Whiteboard.Chat Features.

To be honest, I’m actually not quite sure what their pricing structure means. You can still access all the features for free, but from what I’m interpreting from their price list, it seems like it’s mostly about storage space. So with the free version, you can have unlimited boards, but then boards have an expiration date. They require a manual refresh to extend that date.

I’m sure this complexity is well-intended and solves many problems. It’s kind of in line with the rest of the way works. Sometimes there’s so much going on that it can be a little bit hard to figure out.

Ideal Userbase for Whiteboard.Chat

So who’s this best for? One is if you are the maximalist teacher who does not take “no” for an answer. On a practical level, it’s really useful if you want to create individual whiteboard workspaces, where students can practice different things that you are teaching in class.

Because you can also jump on boards and give feedback, it’s effective for giving feedback too. I do think is particularly useful for math teachers. There is such a wide range of different math manipulatives that you can put on the board and like, if you want higher-level admin control over your boards, you’re probably going to like Students here cannot do things like erasing each other’s work. The does strike me as a program where if you are willing to invest the time and energy into figuring out all the ins and outs of using it, you can probably get a lot out of it.

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Best online whiteboard tool – Dojoit.Com – Fastest Online Whiteboard for Education is easy and fast for anyone to express ideas and collaborate with others in real-time.

It is the fastest online whiteboard collaboration tool out there.

Best online whiteboard tool – Dojoit.Com – Fastest Online Whiteboard for Education
Best online whiteboard tool – Dojoit.Com – Fastest Online Whiteboard for Education

Key Features of Dojoit.

You need to create a board from the dashboard. Next, you can add a collaborator to your board. They’ll instantly get a notification to join. A contributorship or role of a viewer can be assigned to any collaborator. You may see everyone’s pointers in real-time and even mute them if you want to.

You can also send the unique URL of the board to anyone, and they can request access to illustrations as well.

How easy is that!

It is super easy to use Dojoit. Let’s see a simple mind map and some fan-made illustrations around different subjects.

Adding text is super easy. All you need to do is place the mouse cursor at any location on the board and just start typing. You can draw some shapes from the tool palette. Select any shape and draw it even faster is using auto shape.

Start by selecting the pen tool, then draw, and the auto shape automatically creates perfect lines and shapes for you with a natural hand-drawn style. You’ll never have to switch tools using auto shape. Seamlessly type and draw together without friction.

You can quickly add images to the board. You may drag and drop or paste in an image or PDF/PPT file. Once the image is placed, move and resize it as you need.

What if you want to duplicate objects on the board? has made that super-fast, too easy. Select one or more objects and click the arrows next to the object to duplicate in the direction of the arrow.

Dojoit provides add-ons that help you converse even faster. Examples include

  1. Icons
  2. Stickers
  3. Wireframe
  4. Elements
  5. Templates.

Drag an icon to illustrate an idea quickly. You may add a sticker to the board to give kudos to your team. You can pan left, right/top/bottom to give yourself more room on this infinite canvas.

Sticky notes are very easy to use on You can add a sticky note. Open the tool palette and select the sticky note icon. Click to insert anywhere on the board.

You have the ability to lock any object on the board to make sure you don’t accidentally move it or delete it. To lock an object, click the lock icon on the left side of the object.

You also have the ability to add files and documents to the board, extract them so that you can collaborate around them. You may start by dragging a file to the board. Then click the gear icon on the right side, and click render all pages. The contents of the document will appear on the board. This works for most common file formats, including PowerPoint, Excel, and Word or PDF documents.

Should you wish to share a snapshot of your board with anyone without requiring them to log in to the fastest online whiteboard available right now, Dojoit, use the publish feature. Dojoit generates a unique public URL that you can send to anyone or share on social media with a single click.

It’s the easiest way to create a simple web page or App UI wireframe for well anything. The best part is that no coding is required to get started with, the easiest online whiteboard software out there.

Discover how simple it is to capture ideas, discuss them in real-time with others, and publish your work for all to see.

Dojoit is my new best friend. Since I get to use it, I have skipped using all other digital whiteboards found on the internet. is the

Among all others, Dojoit has the least amount of learning curve to get started. Even not technical people and students from all grades can use it well just with a single day of learning, maybe almost instantly you’ll fall in love with its simplicity. The #edtech world has been awaiting such a tool for quite some time now. It is no exaggeration. Try it yourself.

Dojoit – Love to Live it.

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Dojoit Use Cases

Let us see some of the arts designed by day-to-day Dojoit users.



Let me know in the comments which digital whiteboard is your favorite online whiteboard and why? Thank you so much for reading, and I’ll see you on the next topic.

93 / 100
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  1. Firstly thanks for writing this superbly.

    You’re right, Online Whiteboard Tools is a means of collaboration.

    Dojoit is one of the stylish and cool whiteboards I’ve used. Everyone can use this. You can fluently write, draw and add images. What you do is incontinently shown to all other actors. Also, a great thing is you can produce as numerous boards as you want.

    For that online whiteboard for education is the most important thing. Dojoit whiteboard is the stylish whiteboard for education I’ve never seen before.

  2. An online whiteboard is a good tool for creating educational content since it can give high- quality digital accoutrements (which may include photos or delineations), and structure assignments duly so that the literacy process goes easily without any confusion.
    Besides we should involve many types of tools. Through which we can get acquainted with more advanced quality tools. As a result, our students will be able to help them come up with new ideas as well as decisions, and I think Dodge will play the biggest role in that. Dojoit link :

  3. First of all thanks to the author for writing so beautifully.
    Whenever we speak about teamwork, meetings, and productivity, the primary factor that involves thoughts is a whiteboard. A whiteboard makes it smooth for groups to talk online easily and seamlessly.
    Dojoit is one of the best and cool whiteboards I have used. Everyone can use this you can visit now: online whiteboard for education Link. You can easily write, draw and add images. What you do is instantly shown to all other participants. Also, a great thing is you can create as many boards as you want.
    To overcome the challenges, you can use the dojoit tool. This app is so good for both teacher and student in remote learning. It is very easy for online collaboration.
    Visit the app from here:

  4. At first thank you for writing this very nice.
    where every participant can interact in real-time via the internet.

    Everyone has an emotional touch for writing out, which indeed helps in improving memory. When someone comes up with an idea, it can simply be written down.

    Online whiteboard which you may draw many things, exclusive forms of paintings you may do right here like you may place right here your excel file, sticky notes, chat, etc. Draw many types of things, there are numerous colors, icons, stickers, wireframes, templates, pen tool, brush tool, rectangle, circle, oval, triangle, arrow, line, text, placed a right here exclusive kind of image. Dojoit’s online whiteboard for tutoring makes distance and in-radiance dominating simple, connecting with, and fun.

  5. I absolutely selected your writing. Using virtual software programs as a method of collaboration can broaden gaining knowledge of outcomes. I’ve used a few gears to broaden gaining knowledge of outcomes. I assume the usage of the Dojoit is online whiteboard for education maximum beneficial for growing gaining knowledge of outcome.

  6. There ar numerous useful training technology like apps and gear which can be into life for years but with the arrival of COVID-19 pandemic, those ar getting used closely throughout the schools and specific educational establishments.
    Online whiteboard which you can draw many things, distinct sorts of art work you can do proper right here like you can vicinity proper right here your excel file, sticky notes, chat, etc.
    Dojoit is one of the best and coolest white boards I have used.


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