Greenland Movie Review – Best Hollywood Disaster Film in 2020!

Best Disaster Film (2020)

Greenland Movie Review – Wow! I believe this is how you say the name of this movie.

Greenland movie review: Greenland is the new 2020 disaster film directed by Ric Roman Waugh. WoW! I believe this is how you say the name of this movie. A man, his estranged wife, and his seven-year-old son struggle for survival in the face of a cataclysmic natural disaster. Now, guys, before I give you my Greenland Movie Review, I want you to share this article on all your social platforms, as a token of your appreciation, if you like the review.

I was lucky enough to actually get an early screener for this movie that I watched online from Gofobo. I want to thank them very very much for this opportunity and a few YouTubers and a bunch of public audience members.

Greenland Movie Review

I’ve got to say for a movie that I expected to be Gerard Butler‘s next Geostorm, granted this is me, only having seen a few screenshots or me having only, you know, seen the poster or not knowing that it’s like a world-ending disaster movie, I’m like, this is probably going to be Gerard Butler’s next Geostorm – and Geostorm, if you remember, was not a good movie; but on the other hand, I don’t know, if you guys will like it as much but I actually had a pretty good time with this movie.

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I’m someone who has always been incredibly picky with these disaster movies. I don’t like 2012, I don’t like Geostorm, I don’t like Independence day one or two, yet I’m someone who really likes the Day After Tomorrow and I really like this one, like, I don’t love this one by any means. This one has definitely got a fair few issues, but I gotta say that I was quite impressed. First of all, Morena Baccarin, Gerard Butler and also Scott Glenn are in this movie – I really liked everyone’s performances in this movie; even the young kid who plays, what was his name again, I can’t seem to figure out the kid’s name, but his name was mentioned a lot throughout the movie but at the same time I think that the young kid and everyone else in this movie did a really really good job with their performances, selling the point of that they’re in this treacherous event that is the world ending, that they’re having to leave so many people behind, having to make all these tough choices and everything and that this is all about – survival. I really appreciate that about this movie and not only that the performances were really well sold there are some really good moments where Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin in particular really have to sell their emotions and their performance really drove through and across by literally breaking down. At times and they do a really good job at doing that and it really felt believable especially – the family dynamic.

A big issue I normally have with movies like this is the fact that the VFX seemed to be really really cluttered no matter how impressive they might be. They, a lot of the time, feel very messy because there’s too much going on. On the screen that’s a big issue, I have with the movie 2012 with John Cusack in particular. I have that is a massive issue even though the VFX and the, uh, what is the simulations in regards to visual effects and CGI is very very impressive. It’s more than impressive, but it just felt too cluttered, but not only are the VFX in this movie really really good, it’s never too in your face, it’s never got too much going on, on-screen, at once.

Greenland Movie Review

A lot of this movie doesn’t even have the natural disaster stuff going on. It paces itself in such a way that it’s almost like a race against time until the next meteor hits or the next asteroid, sorry I should say and this is coming from the trailers by the way you do see that but it’s like a race against time to get from point A to B. It’s like a road trip movie almost before the next asteroid hits, to try and find ways to get to safety with their family and I really really appreciated that about this movie, because it wasn’t just happening for the sake of happening, doesn’t even really hit the fan in this movie, until the last, maybe 20 to 30 minutes and this movie’s around about two hours long, like that I really appreciate it; because it tries to pace itself out in such a way that it doesn’t feel like it’s getting too obnoxious with just being thrown in your face via effects-wise and just being like – look, how obnoxious and big we can be with our VFX and crap happening to end the world it tries to take this more grounded realistic approach with this family road trip sort of movie. This movie, that is about family, the family dynamic in this movie is incredible with the performances selling it in particular and just the fact that they’re having to get from point A to B constantly with this disaster happening and it’s not too over the top, it does feel like a real disaster was great.

Can I just talk about Scott Glenn for a second? Even though he’s only got about 10 minutes of screen time, he’s not in it much. He’s only there from like the bridge between the second and third act, he’s really cool in this movie and I really liked him. He was the grandfather in this movie and he just had this really enlightening attitude behind him and it’s just the way that he acted toward the kid the way that he acted towards Gerard Butler and everything makes it feel like he is a real granddad and it’s really really awesome. He’s what I wish my granddad was if I’m being honest and I just appreciate this movie for the fact of how grounded it was.

I was never particularly bored in this movie. It just I was really invested with the whole family dynamic thing especially with something that happens around about the end of the first act leading into something and I just I don't want to give spoilers away obviously, but it felt very realistic and this movie does feel very realistic for some that has happened this year.

Holy Crap! Some of the rioting stuff and like the trashing and all that stores felt very way too real for current world 2020. At times I’ve got to say that this movie doesn’t go without its issues – say, although I really enjoyed it for the most part, even though I say that it tries to place itself in such a way where it’s like a race against time and the disaster stuff only happens here and there and it’s like them trying to survive and have that gaps of time trying to find shelter and safety, in the meantime when this movie does have some uneven pace in here. Sometimes it jumps to particular characters or particular moments within the narrative that feels like it could be completely taken out or just feels like it drags them for way too long and certain scenes – just stay there, welcome a little too long for their own good. Therefore the pacing in certain scenes does feel like it hinders near the end of those scenes and it does feel maybe 10 to 15 minutes too long. This movie just does feel that a little bit too long because of those scenes dragging out a little bit too much. Therefore the movie’s run time is hindered.

I’ve also got to say that some of the side characters in this movie show up for a little while some soldiers or like this couple in a car and everything who do a certain thing to the family. Oh my god! I won’t spoil but I feel like they’re just there to add little scenes of just either exposition or like “I’m this character and I’m just not gonna appear for the rest of the movie, because of something” or “we’re just gonna cause some mayhem and some issues with the family” so it drags out the run time a little bit more.

Sometimes the subplots don’t feel like they belong and feel like they could be cut out or when they do it they don’t feel like they, you know, earn their relevance to the narrative and the story. Overall they’re just there for convenience to cause issues to drag out that run time a little bit more and also to create more issues in time controversies for the family within the movie. So it feels like they’re just there to cause more issues and to show that people in disasters can be dicks!

There were also some certain editing and cinematography choices that really bugged me. There’s a fight sequence in the back of a truck that was really shaky, way too dark, and edited in a really weird way. There was a sequence where it was on a runway where Gerard Butler is running and it looks really really cool besides the fact that the camera at times is a little too shaky, but that’s really about the issues I have.

In the end I really enjoyed Greenland. I enjoyed this a lot, more than I expected to; as I said, I expected this to be the next Geostorm – but I think, because I went in with such low expectations, I had a really damn good time with this movie.

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The first act, in particular, is really damn strong. The fairly dynamic and the contrary is awesome that this is a movie that’s set in a disaster and what you will do for your family. You’ll do anything to get the safety in hell. It just all plays out. It is really really nice and really good with some great performances. Easily I think Gerard Butler’s best performance in quite a few years if you don’t count how to “How to Train Your Dragon”, but I had a great time with this movie. It doesn’t go without its issues obviously, but honestly, when it eventually does drop in theaters or whatever, that’s going to be, or if you do get a chance to watch it, I can actually recommend that you give it a watch.

Go check it out. I am going to give this a B as Greenland Movie Review.

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89 / 100
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