Top 5 Must visit places in Dubai

Are you planning for vacations with family or friends? Dubai is the most loveable spot by people of all over the world. Having so many spectacular places to visit, this city has a special place in the heart of tourists. It is well known for its modern structure, high lifestyle, luxury shopping centres and many more. As it has so many places to visit you must need a rent a car dubai or for the affordable plan, you can go for cheap car rental dubai. In this article, we will discuss some of few wonderful places to visit for your complete tour guide.

Burj Khalifa

Want to see the world from the world tallest building? Burj Khalifa provides spectacular views all over Dubai. Its total height is 829.8M (tallest structure of the world). It is such a tall building that if you try to look at it while your feet are on the ground, then it will go beyond your sight. It is not the only tallest building but also one of the most luxurious hotels in the whole world. Every year thousands of people visit here to enjoy the experience. Even if you are not going inside you can enjoy the fountain dance in front of it. Burj Khalifa lightens up on many occasions and shows the solidary with everyone.

Burj Arab

Burj Arab is a beautiful sail shape building, the most luxurious 5-star Hotel and new heights of modern luxury. It provides swimming pools, hotels, child games and many more. Its total height is 321M. Many people describe Burj Arab as more than anything seen before. Although it is an expensive choice, if you have the budget then why not treat yourself with the best.

Desert Safari

Desser Safari is the most populous spot to enjoy in Dubai with friends and family. You will get som many things to enjoy there. For Example Camel Ride, Sand Boarding, BBQ Dinner, Jeep Ride, Arabic Dance and much more. Its views are more than just sandy desserts. It would prove to be one of the most fascinating experiences all over Dubai. There are different types of packages, like Morning Package, Evening Package and Overnight Package. You can choose any of these according to your requirement.

Global Village

The Global Village is the combination of different cultures in one place. Having so much for fun and excitement like swings, parks, concerts, Delicious foods, Different countries thems, Shopping and many many more. But make sure to check its availability because it’s an outdoor activity so this outing spot not remain open throughout the year. It’s like a world fair, because so many countries are represented. Adults and kids love to enjoy this park.

Dubai Frame

 A building with the frame shape I declared as the world largest frame. Having beautiful structure. It is a wonderful architectural landmark in Dubai. People around the world came to visit here to see this great frame. It is situated in the beautiful park known as Zabeel park. Its total height is 150M and is an award-winning masterpiece.

Dubai Miracle Garden Dubai miracle garden is created by natural flowers. Although due to hot weather in Dubai most attractions are indoors, there is some most beautiful attraction name as miracle garden that is must visit the place. A park with millions of flowers creates such an imaginative feeling of fairy tales that are indescribable. It is also known as the flower garden of Dubai. It is a magnificent place to visit with families and friends. As his name indicates it’s a miracle itself.

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