The Surprising Impact Of Blue Light On Human Eyes?

The Surprising Impact Of Blue Light On Human Eyes ?

Your phone screen is a source of light. It is not just any kind of light though. It’s actually a mixture of three different color lights; red, green, and blue. Combined they form white light! Blue light is more stimulating to the eyes than other colors. The intensity of the blue light is too strong to be stared at directly and can cause damage to our eyes. This is why manufacturers and app designers have introduced night modes to reduce the effects of blue light. But there’s more to blue light than what meets the eye. This blog will look at how it can affect your eyes and why you should consider regulating your blue light exposure.

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is nothing but the short wave light which falls in the 391 nm to 500nm range of the visible spectrum. The blue light falls in the middle of the chromaticity diagram and is closer to the yellow than the violet end. This color is not very popular for streetlights as it is comparatively dim and hard to control. However, for domestic lights, this color is very convenient as it does not lead to many problems. It is a good idea to use blue light (in very little quantity) for a domestic environment. This is because you do not need large amounts of light for domestic purposes.

How Blue Light Affects Your Eyes?

Did you know that blue light from your computer screen affects your vision? It’s true, and it has nothing to do with the blue light that helps us see during the day. Office workers and students who spend much of their day in front of a screen are at risk of experiencing a host of vision problems, including Dry and irritated eyes. This can result in greater sensitivity to light, too, which makes the problem even worse.

Dry Eyes and Irritated Eyes.

Dry eyes refer to a condition when your eyes don’t produce enough tears, even though they are necessary to lubricate the eye and to wash away any dirt and debris. While a certain degree of dryness is normal, such as during the winter months when your body’s temperature is running cooler than usual, long-term dryness can be problematic. It can make your eyes more sensitive to light and wind, creating more discomfort and potentially greater risk for infection.

An irritated eye is a condition in which the eyes become red and watery. The eyes become more sensitive to light, and the eyelids are usually more swollen. There are several causes of irritated eyes. In infants, it may be due to an allergy to milk or formula. In adults, it can be due to an allergy to pet dander, cosmetics, and other irritants. In older people, it may be due to eye dryness, aging, or infection. They may cause an uncomfortable sensations like itching, redness, burning, or stinging.

Importance of Blue Light

Blue light is one of the most important rays emitted by the sun, as it is the primary part of the spectrum that allows us to perform our daily activities, be it at work or at home. In fact, it is this small part of the sun’s rays that keeps us awake during the day. There are no separate scientific reports that have so far been conducted to prove the fact that a little exposure to blue light helps in maintaining the health of our eyes. It is for this reason that you have to be careful about the way you use your electronic devices. There are gadgets that are specially made to filter out the blue rays. And if you are looking for a pair of glasses, look for ones that have blue light filtration. While blue light provides us with essential vitamins, it can also cause harm to the human eye. 

Say Goodbye to Blue Light…

Blue light can lead to several eye disorders. The three problems most commonly associated with blue light are Blue Light-Induced Photokeratitis (eye pain caused by blue light exposure), Computer Vision Syndrome (eye strain and headaches), and Macular Degeneration (loss of vision). The only way to avoid blue light is to reduce or avoid blue light entering our eyes.  There are many things we can do in order to protect our eyes from blue light.

Protect Your Eyes and Sleep Better at Night!

Blue light blocking glasses are designed to protect your eyes from harmful blue light emitted by phones, laptops, and tablets. They help reduce eye strain and prevent macular degeneration and cataracts associated with short-wavelength blue light. By using blue light-blocking glasses you can relax and enjoy a good movie or game. It will reduce stress on your eyes, improve sleep quality and make you feel more relaxed.


Now that we are more connected with our technology, we must take care of our eyes.

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