10 Easy Tips And Tricks To Bring Hygge To Your Small Bedroom

10 Easy Tips And Tricks To Bring Hygge To Your Small Bedroom

Do you feel cramped and uncomfortable in your small bedroom? You’re not alone! Many people find themselves dealing with the same issue. Do you want to be able to relax in your bedroom and feel like you’re surrounded by comfort and warmth? If so, then you need to bring hygge into your small bedroom. Hygge is a Danish concept that can be translated to “cozy.” It’s all about creating a cozy atmosphere in your house, and it’s ideal for tiny areas. However, just because your bedroom is on the smaller side doesn’t mean that you can’t make it feel cozy and comfortable? In this blog article, we’ll go through ten simple methods to introduce hygge to your tiny room. We will go through what hygge is and what type of furniture, area rugs, wall colors, and décor items you can use to create a space that exudes comfort and relaxation.

What is hygge? Hygge (pronounced “hyoo-guh”) is a Danish word that refers to a feeling of coziness and contentment. It’s all about creating a comfortable and peaceful environment in which you may unwind and relax. So, let’s get this party started!

1. Bright And Airy Wall Color

You can create a hygge-inspired bedroom by painting your walls a light and airy color. This will help to create the room feel larger and brighter. Colors that are known to promote relaxation and calmness include pale blue, green, and lavender. Choose a color for your walls that makes you feel happy and calm. Some good options include white, pale blue, or light gray. If you choose white or light blue for your walls, you can add beige or soft brown curtains or bedding to add some warmth to the room.

If you wish for a splash of color in your bedroom, pale pink, light green, or light purple walls are also appealing options. You can then accessorize with throw pillows, blankets, and other decor items in colors that complement your wall color. For example, if you have light purple walls, you could use throw pillows and blankets in shades of lavender, violet, or pink.

2. Accessorize With Area Rugs

Area rugs are an excellent method to brighten up your area while providing color, pattern, and texture. They can also help to define different areas in your room. For example, you could use a rug to create a cozy reading nook or a relaxing place to watch TV. You can add hygge to your space with plush cotton rugs because they’re soft and inviting. We recommend natural materials like wool or jute because they’re also durable and easy to care for, and they are perfect for layering.

3. Furniture That’s Functional And Comfortable

Your bedroom furniture should be functional and comfortable. Choose pieces that you love and that will make your space more inviting. A cozy bed, a soft throw blanket, and a comfortable chair are all great choices. Remember, it’s important to have a space that you love spending time in. The furniture you choose should reflect that. A cozy armchair can also be a great addition to your space. The bed and mattress should also be made of breathable materials like cotton or wool to ensure a good night’s sleep.

4. It’s All About The Lighting

When it comes to generating a welcoming atmosphere, one of the most crucial elements is lighting. One of the hallmarks of hygge is creating a warm and inviting space. This can be accomplished by using soft lighting throughout your room. You can use lamps with low-wattage bulbs or candles to create a gentle glow. Candles are always a great choice, but you can also use string lights or lamps with soft bulbs. Fluorescent lighting is harsh and not particularly inviting. It’s also possible that your home is too bright, causing you to become fatigued quickly. Instead, you can opt for LED lights as they give off a softer light.

5. Accessorize With Cozy Textiles

Add some cozy blankets and pillows to your bed or sofa. This will make it more inviting and comfortable. Choose materials that are soft and warm, like wool or cashmere. You can also add a sheepskin rug to your floor for extra warmth and comfort.

6. Add Hygge-Inspired Decor

Fill your place with items that make you genuinely happy. There are a few key pieces of decor that can really help to bring hygge to your bedroom. Candles, cozy blankets, and cushions are all great choices. This can also include things like family photos, plants, and artwork. You can also add scented candles or diffusers to create a pleasant atmosphere. Choose decor items that reflect your personal style and make you feel at home.

7. Add Natural Elements

Adding natural elements to your space can help you to feel more connected to the outdoors. Putting a vase of fresh flowers or a few potted plants in the living room is all it takes. You can also bring in some stones or shells from your last beach vacation. If you have the space, add a small water feature like a fountain or an aquarium. These elements can help to create a sense of calm in your space. Indoor plants help to purify the air and can improve your mood. Some easy to maintain houseplants include:

  • Snake Plant
  • Aloe Vera
  • Bamboo Palm
  • Peace Lily

8. Declutter Your Bedroom

One of the quickest ways to make your bedroom feel more hygge is to declutter. Get rid of any items that you no longer use or need. If you have clothes that are taking up space, but you never wear, donate them to a local charity. Organize your dresser drawers and closet so that everything has its own place. This will help you to feel more relaxed and at ease in your bedroom.

9. Add Soft Textures

Another way to bring hygge into your small bedroom is to add soft textures. This can be done with area rugs, plush blankets, and pillows. Take care of your furnishings by choosing fabrics that are both gentle to the touch and neutral in color. You want your bedroom to be a place where you can relax and feel comfortable. The bedding that you choose should be inviting and cozy. You can even add soft textures with area rugs. For affordable rugs, explore RugKnots, or for more high-end rugs, The Citizenry has a great selection.

10. Furnish With Hygge In Mind

When furnishing your small bedroom, think about what pieces of furniture will make you feel the most comfortable. A hygge bedroom typically has a bed, nightstand, dresser, and chair. Choose pieces that are simple in design and made from natural materials. If possible, add a fireplace or wood stove to your bedroom. It will offer you a pleasant and warm place to relax on chilly winter evenings.


Bringing a sense of hygge to your small bedroom can be easy and affordable. With a few simple changes, you can transform your space into a cozy retreat that you’ll never want to leave. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping for area rugs and furniture today!

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