How To Dress in Vintage Like a Pro?

How To Dress in Vintage Like a Pro?

Vintage is a term used to describe anything that is older but some of us are still not sure to what time frame the term vintage really applies. Anything vintage is known to be between the last 10 to 20 years, which if we really think about now is not that long ago especially since that just means the beginning of the 2000s…feel old yet?

However, for the fashion world trends come and go faster than you can realize it so vintage items are sometimes lucky enough to make an entrance every few years. Sometimes the concept of vintage gives us a black and white illusion since we assume it’s so far away, however that is not the case. There are plenty of cool, trendy, and funky vintage styles that are still amazing. So, if you want to dress vintage like a pro here are some ideas you could use.

Round framed glasses or shades

Although this particular style may feel like something from the nineties it is still quite in fact very common. Round framed glasses have a way of combining the nerdy yet cute look which if we think about is what we are all going for.

The shades with this particular frame are ideal for any summertime look or beach day out. They not only look cool and trendy but add a slight edge of class and cheekiness. However, how well this look is pulled off does depend on the frame of your face and may sometimes not be able to be pulled off by everyone.

Lace and pastel colours

Both these options sound very girly and feminine so if that is your vibe then that’s great you are never short of options. However, how do one who likes to team up lace and light colors with something edgy make this work?

Well lucky for you a denim jacket women have some great styles and are also functional. Serving the purpose of keeping the chill away and of course adding a sporty look, a denim jacket can be teamed up with a lace skirt or even a pastel-colored top with jeans. There are unlimited options in this department, so all you need is to get a little creative.

Dark stripes

Stripes are either something that someone will like to wear or express distaste for it. However dark stripes are trendy and can be worked for any occasion night or day. A striped shirt, dress, or even pants are edgy and cool. They work great for both professional and casual attire. Maroon, green, and orange are some of the vintage colors that can be paired up with almost anything.


If dress up nicely you are not going to look like a farm girl unless you want to. The rompers are the improved version of overalls and are cute for everyday attire. Teamed up with a pair of white sneakers and round-framed shades you are a perfect vintage babe.

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