How To Give Your Bedroom A Makeover?

How To Give Your Bedroom A Makeover?

The bedroom is the place where one winds down and relaxes. Having a beautiful bedroom is something everyone likes and it is not a difficult thing to do.


Before you go ahead and do anything you need to come with a plan. What kind of changes do you want to bring to your bedroom? You can look online for some inspiration and you can add your twist to it.

Another thing that would determine how many modifications you can bring to your room is the budget. Sometimes you would want to change the entire look of your bedroom from the paint to the furniture.

Evaluate your bedroom

Most people use the bedroom as a storeroom, where they store all the unwanted stuff and place things haphazardly. First, clean your room to give you a better perspective of your room. Go through the things and separate the things that you don’t need from the things that you need and store them. Then clean your room and evacuate the things from your room.

This would make it easier to paint. If you are planning to replace all your furniture with new ones, you can sell off your old ones. Once you have the plan you can sketch the outlook and list down all the things you would need. This would be paint, furniture (the bed, vanity, and wardrobe), queen mattress in a box, decor pieces and etc.

Wall colour of the room

A person’s mood and perception are greatly affected by colors and changing the color of your room would instantly give it a new look and also add a brighter look. When contemplating the color of your room goes for something that reflects your personality. If you are someone who loves nature you can paint your room in a nice light green color or if you are an adventurous person you can go for yellow color.

If you are looking to give your room a modern and elegant look you can go for grey or matte blue. if the idea is to give the room a bright look you can stick to white or paint in a nude pink or very light colors.

It is best to avoid dark and very sharp colors like red and orange. In a bedroom, you are looking to paint it in colors that would help with relaxation, but sharp colors give the opposite effect.

The furniture

Once you are done painting your room, now it is time to accessorize the room. If you have new furniture, you can start setting them up. If you haven’t changed your furniture, you can place them in a different way in the room or even stick to the same style and use other decorative pieces to bring a change.

You can change the bedding to something that complements the color of the room.

Accessorize your room

You can change the lighting in your room, hang art on the wall, place plants by the window to beautify the room.

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