Top 7 strategies for finding creative print-on-demand t-shirt design ideas

Top 7 strategies for finding creative print-on-demand t-shirt design ideas

Thousands of people are now profiting from print on demand by offering unique custom t-shirts designs.

It’s a beautiful method to create your designer portfolio because there are no upfront expenses, and you can obtain feedback on your ideas fast, depending on demand. This lesson will teach you all you need to know about print-on-demand T-shirts.

What exactly is Print On Demand, and why is it important?

Print on Demand (POD) is a method in which a designer collaborates with a t-shirt maker to print their designs on white-label items such as blankets, mugs, and T-shirts as soon as a customer orders them online.

On-demand t-shirt printing is becoming more popular.

The main disadvantage is that you have no control over the packing, and printing modification is restricted to the methods employed by the third party.

It’s not as simple as it sounds to print on demand

It’s hard to predict whicht-shirt design will be successful. You may think a design is artistic, but your customers may not. And just when you believe you’ve found a winning design, it may be too late because it’s already been copied by a slew of other designers.

You may waste a lot of money and time developing a POD product that doesn’t sell if you don’t know your target market and conduct thorough research. To avoid this, this article will teach you how to do lucrative design research for various POD categories and where to acquire pictures and fonts to utilize in those designs.

T-shirt themes that sell well and print-on-demand product concepts

Print-on-demand offers a variety of applications. Understanding your niche makes it simpler for you to create goods they’ll want to purchase. Each niche has its own combination of language, purchasing motives, and current T-shirt design ideas, so recognizing your niche helps you develop products they’ll want to buy.

Several of the most prominent T-shirt designs and some print-on-demand items you can utilize are included below.

Designs for the seasons

You can sell more than just Christmas sweaters on POD over the holidays. Halloween, Valentine’s Day, graduation, Thanksgiving, and other holidays have seasonal designs for great shirt ideas. Religious holidays, such as Hanukkah, and lesser-known holidays, such as National Pasta Day, both have a place in the market, but only if advertisements are timed correctly.

Location and Transportation

Almost any tourist location will have custom hoodie and shirt designs and souvenirs based on their local attractions.

Travel-related print-on-demand items include T-shirt quotations, maps, local delicacies, and architecture.

Relationships and Family

Have you ever noticed T-shirt phrases like “World’s #1 Mom” and wondered, “Who would wear this?”

Graphic T-shirt designs like these are popular, particularly around Mother’s Day. Custom-printed products are also available for single fathers, newly engaged ladies (“bride-to-be”), sibling bonding, newlyweds, and grandparents. There’s even a T-shirt subculture with friends and coworkers on it.

Sports, hobbies, and a way of life

People also purchase custom-printed goods to flaunt their interests, sports, or way of life.

Consider the following best-selling T-shirt niches for your T-shirt business:

Niche lifestyles

  • Yoga
  • Travelers
  • WAHM/Work-at-home moms
  • Vegetarians
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Digital nomads

Niche interests

  • Cars
  • Manga/Anime
  • Gardening
  • Bookworms
  • Fishing
  • Gamers
  • Crocheting

Ideas for a Sports Niche

  • Cycling
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Baseball


You may despise your work right now, yet millions of individuals are proud of what they do every day.

Jobs can create unique t-shirt designs. However, not all jobs are famous; some have more enthusiastic personnel than others. Accountants and attorneys, for example, are not as well-liked as paramedics or nurses.


Take a look at this graphic design idea for a T-shirt. T-shirt phrases and statement tees are fantastic conversation starters. Funny graphics, punchy one-liners, geeky quips, and even memes may be found on humor-themed POD products.


According to the American Pet Products Association, people adore their pets, so the pet market is worth $95 billion each year.

You may opt for typical sub-niches like birds, cats, or dogs for creative shirt designs, but there’s also a market for unusual pets or giant creatures like hedgehogs, wolves, reptiles, and horses.

What are the finest t-shirt niches to pick from?

People refer to POD shoes, jewelry, shirts, and other custom-printed items as “impulse buys,” therefore, the most straightforward approach to sell them is to appeal to their emotions.

People buy these products to show their uniqueness, whether it’s their profession, pet, hobby, sport, or a location they just visited—the design reflects their personality. If you’re seeking T-shirt specialty ideas, keep this in mind.

Another thing to think about when picking a niche is the size of the market. You might be enthusiastic about a specialty, but if there aren’t enough people interested in it, you’ll rapidly run out of buyers. Using Facebook’s Audience Insight tool or checking the keyword search volume for your audience on Google are two ways to determine the size of a niche’s audience.

Choosing a broad niche allows you to spread out into sub-niches. If you wish to offer shirts with job titles like teachers, firefighters, or nurses, you may divide them into separate categories. You may further subdivide it into smaller niches, such as preschool teachers or emergency room nurses.

How to perform niche-specific t-shirt market research

Now that you’ve decided on a specialty, it’s time to investigate what to put on your designs. You may collect information using your favorite technique, such as an Excel file, Pinterest pins, or bookmarks. What matters is that you discover a means to store and organize the data you gather during your study.

A note on copyright difficulties and the use of mashups or parodies

To sidestep copyright issues, some designers and POD businesses utilize mashups and parodies. Because concepts are too imprecise to copyright, a different implementation of one idea from a popular series or trademarked character, as seen in mashups and parodies, leaves designers in limbo.

Of course, you want to stay out of court as much as possible. That’s where Designhill comes into play. You can quickly discover the ideal designer for your project and collaborate on their design-focused platform.

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