11 common diseases which surgery are also common

11 common diseases which surgery are also common

In the world, some of the common diseases which relieve pain are also so common for surgeons. Every surgeon has their own choice in the use of surgical equipment. Most of the surgeons use steel surgical equipment, and some use plastic surgical equipment.

People have their surgery for many reasons. Sometimes it’s to ease their pain. Other surgeries are done to treat a disease that helps the body work well. Surgeons may also need to operate when they want to know about the disease which holds your body. In some cases, surgery always saves lives.

The 11 most common surgeries

In this context, we are describing some common diseases in which reliefs are also common.


An appendectomy is the name of surgery that is used to remove the appendix. This is like a small tube connected with your large intestine. This is created due to infection in your body. Appendectomy is like an infection for the appendix. Doctors perform this surgery for the tumors of the appendix.

Breast surgery

If doctors identify that it is breast cancer, so in this case breast surgery is necessary. It removes the cell and tissue which cause this disease. Breast surgery also treats those people who have some problems and distorting causes in their breasts. 

There are three types of breast surgery

  1. In a breast biopsy in this surgery the surgeon removes a small part of the tissue from your breast to check if their cancer symptoms are present or not.
  2. Lumpectomy is a type of surgery used to remove the tumor from the breast.
  3. Mastectomy This surgery is used to remove one or two breasts. This is generally used in breast cancer causes. This is very risky in all breast operations.

Cataract surgery

This surgery is normally used to clear the lens of the eye. Every year about 3 million people in united-states have surgery to remove cataracts. This cataract causes your eye lens to become cloudy. This surgery also included the replacement of the cloudy lens and fixing the other artificial lens.

Joint Replacement

Only in America more than millions of people have their joint replacement every year. Which included 7.2 lac knee replacement, 3.3 lac hip replacement. Doctors also do this surgery in their ankles and shoulders mainly. In this surgery, the doctor replaces the broken joint and replaces it with another artificial one.


Doctors perform more than millions of circumcision surgeries for newborn boys every year in children’s hospitals. This surgery removed the skin that covered the top of the penis. Circumcision is not medically necessary but it reduces the child’s risk of infection and the possible cancer of the penis.

Broken bone surgery

This type of surgery is very painful, about 6.7 lac surgeries are performed in the united states every year to repair broken bones. What type of break is that when determining when you are going to fix it. In this surgery, the doctor used metal plates, rods, and screws that are very important for their healing and fixing.

The cost of this surgery completely depends on which bone is damaged or how badly it is damaged.

Heart bypass surgery (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft)

In open-heart surgery, the coronary artery bypass graft is the most common surgery. In the United States, about 395,000 people have this operation every year. The arteries are supplying blood and oxygen to the heart, when you have a coronary artery bypass graft this disease so the flowing of the blood flows in the heart muscle and which causes the heart attack.

In this operation, doctors are going to connect the blocked artery to the healthy one. This creates a new way of flowing blood and gives patients a new life. 

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Carotid endarterectomy  

This is the surgical procedure that removes the blockage from carotid arteries. This artery is placed in the neck that supplies the blood to the brain. Blocked carotid arteries can directly lead to a stroke.


It is the surgical removal of hemorrhoids that are distended veins in the lower rectum or anus.

Inguinal hernia repair

An inguinal hernia is caused when the small intestine bulges through in the weak area of the lower abdominal muscle, this hernia occurs in the groin. This surgery pulls the intestine back to its original location. 


Mastectomy is the removal of all parts of the breast. This is also used to treat breast cancer. There are 3 types of mastectomies are 

  1. Partial (segmental) mastectomy also includes the removal of breast cancer, it removes the large part of breast tissue around the breast cancer tissues.
  2. Total (or simple) mastectomy in this surgery the surgeon removes the entire breastincluding nipplesand the areola (the circled area around the nipple) and in this case, some of the lymph nodes are also removed which is placed under the arm and it also called axillary lymph glands 
  3. Modified radical mastectomy in which thesurgeon removes the entire breast, some of the lymph nodes under the arm, and overlies the chest muscle, in some cases chest wall muscle is also removed.


In this context, we are talking about the 10 most common surgeries. There are many other surgeries that are also common like gallbladder removal, Hysterectomy, stent procedure, Low back pain surgery, and many more.

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The diseases are increasing day by day because of ourselves. We use Tobacco, alcohol, and drugs that make many of the diseases in our body which cause many causes of transfer in our children. That makes the whole world.

Many people are disturbed by chronic illness, this disease causes sleep, body aches, anxiety, and irritability. There are many ways to deal with the everyday stress of life. Make sure that you talk to your doctor about that and they give you tips to manage it.

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