What to Do After a Gastric Sleeve Surgery

What to Do After a Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is a procedure wherein a big part of the stomach is removed and the remaining parts are connected together to form a tube-like structure or sleeve. Since the stomach has become smaller, it can’t hold much food making the person feel fuller faster. Aside from that, this procedure helps in weight loss since it produces less ghrelin, the hormone responsible for stimulating appetite.

After undergoing any bariatric surgery, you need to take special measures to become successful in weight loss as well as taking care of yourself to prevent infection and other problems from arising. Here are some tips to help you out in taking care of yourself after gastric sleeve surgery.

Activities to Do

After the surgery, it is best to take more rest to help your body recover faster. Walk little by little every day to keep you active and prevent constipation. However, avoid doing strenuous or heavy activities such as lifting and exercising until your doctor gives you a go signal.

Typically, you’ll be taking prescription medication to aid with the pain. You could also support your belly when you cough or sneeze to lessen the pain by holding a pillow on it. Generally, many patients feel a lot better 2 to 4 weeks after the surgery, but it still depends on how your body copes up.


You’ll need a special gastric sleeve diet to follow after the procedure. Your doctor will give you a guide on what to eat during certain periods after the surgery. Typically, you’ll be following a liquid diet for about 2 weeks after the surgery to let the stomach heal. Then, you could start gradually adding solids back to your diet. Eating moist foods and in small portions are best since your stomach has less capacity for food.

Some patients complain of discomfort after eating some foods. You could try one food at a time and take note of which ones cause you discomfort or pain. Avoid carbonated drinks and don’t drink in straws to lessen air intake while drinking. Keep in touch with your doctor to guide you through the right diet to follow for your safety.


Always follow the doctor’s instructions on which medicines to take such as pain relievers. If you have other medications before the surgery, consult your doctor if it is safe to continue taking those or not. Sometimes, your doctor will order you to stop the other medications first especially those which could interfere with the recovery process of your surgery.

If your medications cause you pain or discomfort in your stomach, you could try taking them after meals or ask your doctor for advice. Aside from that, be sure to keep the incision clean by washing it with soap and water. Thoroughly pat the area dry and cover it with gauze to keep it safe from contaminants.

Care after a gastric sleeve surgery might be tedious. However, you can be sure to have a speedy and safe recovery when you follow the right steps of post-surgery care.

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