Renovating Your Home? Here Is How to Personalise the Laundry Area

Renovating Your Home?

The laundry room is the least glamorous space in your house. Yet, not many homeowners consider remodelling the laundry area or leaving it as the last option to consider. Moving clothes to the laundry room for washing and drying is not exactly a fascinating task but laundry rooms can be dynamic as well.

Sometimes, renovating the laundry can be as simple as adding a cost of paint to the cabinet or simply decorating the area with a few indoor plants. But you can also undertake a major renovation task depending on your budget and the position of the room in your house. If you are considering a custom home renovation, you will get a perfect opportunity to make the laundry room interesting.

Here is how to customise the laundry area seamlessly:

  • Creating open shelves

There is no denying that managing laundry tasks is indeed stressful. So, you need to create open shelves for accessing the cleaning supplies and the clothes easily. If you have different kinds of supplies for various washing needs, you must consider the accessibility of the washing supplies and hence the need for open shelves. You can also have drawers connecting to those shelves for storing additional things.

  • Use water-resistant floors and counters

During home renovations in Vancouver, you can make the laundry room more functional. That way, water-resistant counters, and flooring are the perfect options to deal with moisture and wetness. Some of the quality countertop materials to include should be durable and non-porous like quartz, granite, and porcelain. When it comes to the flooring option, try to abstain from using carpet. Instead, you may consider stone, concrete, luxury vinyl, or ceramic tiles. If you want to go a bit more artsy, a good idea would be to add a decorative rug.

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  • Install a utility sink

What’s a laundry without a utility sink? Wondering what the reasons could be for installing a utility sink? You don’t just put all your clothes for machine wash but pre-wash the stains at first. Besides, there might be a couple of fragile and delicate pieces of clothing that also require prewash and less cleaning time. Apart from this, a utility sink can be used for cleaning other things in the laundry room. Discuss with construction companies in Vancouver to know how to install a utility sink for small laundry spaces.

  • Change the dryer and washer layout

You must have been plagued by the clumsy nature of the washer and dryer layout in the laundry area several times. With several stacking units on the wall and the washer and dryer located adjacent to each other, what you need is to make the area more spacious. The best option would be to free up floor space. So, consider installing the cabinets elsewhere and the dryer and washer side by side if the area is large.

However, for smaller spaces, you need to focus on making the room more functional. Use wall-mounted units and position the dryer and washer close by for better space management. If you need an expert to help you remodel the laundry area, consult with Roadhouse Homes. The company has been in extensive home renovation since 2010 and is one of the leading companies to offer satisfactory services.

  • Remodel the powder room

Well, if your house is too small to have a separate laundry area, you need to look for other opportunities to utilise the space properly. For instance, reconfiguring the powder room is an excellent option to create a well-appointed laundry area. If your house already had a powder room built during Vancouver custom home building, you may consult with an expert to prepare the layout and the design concept.

  • Install lighting fixtures

Don’t ignore lighting in laundry rooms as you need to spend a reasonable time in this area. Just as you start the remodelling plan for the laundry area, try to choose appropriate lighting fixtures to make it more functional and appealing as well. If the laundry area is merged with the bathroom and the main part of your house, the best option would be to use lighting fixtures that also complement the surrounding areas.

custom home renovation, Home renovations in Vancouver, Vancouver custom home building

Creating a stylish and streamlined laundry won’t be easy if you are not realistic. From installing stir age concepts to placing the essential elements in the correct order, you can transform the space and make it truly impressive in your custom home.

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