Brighten the birthdays with colorful blooms!

Brighten the birthdays with colorful blooms!

Gift-giving has always had a place in society, and the main point of giving gifts to loved ones is to make them feel appreciated. Gifts are given to the people we love in order to make them realize that we love them and are thoughtful and considerate about their needs. But the common misconception about the custom of giving gifts Is perhaps the expense and the extravagance associated with it. People might think more expensive gifts are better, as if the more money spent will add more value to the gesture, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Rituals are very important and perhaps the most important gift is the one people receive for their birthdays. So, this year make the birthdays of your loved ones special by gifting them the most beautiful gift available.

Flowers are the best surprise!

No amount of extravagance can replace the joy that comes while receiving fresh flowers. Many would agree that bouquets are a must for birthday celebrations, and nature lovers would definitely appreciate bouquets more than anything else. Good online shopping stores like Oyegifts have a beautiful range of wonderful bouquets. They also guarantee the speedy delivery of the flowers so that the freshness of the blooms is not compromised. With the help of the express delivery service, they can deliver the ordered gifts within two or three hours, and they deliver anywhere within India. It is truly a blessing for online shoppers, and on top of that, they provide great discounts too.

What bouquets to get for your birthday?

There are a lot of beautiful flowers to choose from, and Oyegifts has a lot of options that may make the decision harder. To make things simpler, here is a list of all the best bouquet choices for birthdays!


Not many know this, but the months of the year have a flower associated with it. For example, rose bouquets are already a popular gift choice, but it is a lesser-known fact that roses happen to be the birth flower for people born in June. No flower can express the sweet beginnings of summer better than the wonderful-smelling rose. Indeed, there are a lot of colors to choose from, and each color has its own emotions associated with it. It is known that red roses are symbols of passion and love while yellow roses represent friendship. No matter what color you choose, a stunning rose bouquet is an apt gift for your loved one if they happen to be born in June!


Just like roses are associated with the birth month of June, carnations are the official flower for the birth month of January. Some say that carnations got their name from the word “coronation”, while others have the opinion that the name has Latin roots. Whatever be the case, no one can deny the beauty of these flowers or the fact that they look great on bouquets. Carnations are related with different symbolic meanings, like devotion, love, and fascination. These captivating flowers also come in different hues, and their various colors also have different meanings associated with them. For example, pink carnations are used to express gratitude, while white carnations symbolize good luck and purity. Just like red roses, red carnations are also used to symbolize love and affection.


Lilies are the favorite flowers for many, but they hold special meaning for people born in May, as they are the official flowers for that very month. Lily of the valley is often associated with themes of rebirth and purity. They have their origins in Greek myth, and still to this day they carry associations with motherhood and fertility. These flowers are often used to express purity and chastity and are a popular gift for Mother’s Day. However, lily bouquets can be gifted to loved ones for any occasion.


Orchids, the magnificent flower, are the official flower for the month of October. Orchid bouquets look classy and brilliant, and they are great gifts for October-born. Orchids are easily distinguishable, and their beauty is surely undeniable. They come in a variety of colors, and their different hues carry separate meanings. The color white is usually associated with purity and elegance, and predictably white orchids are also symbols of purity and innocence. However, white orchids also carry the expression of luxury and reverence. On the other hand, pink orchids are representations of femininity and yellow orchid are graceful symbols of new friendships.

It is not necessary to stick with one type of flower, many prefer to mix and match between different kinds to make the bouquet look classier. Flowers are a great choice for improving the home décor, and their scent and freshness bring instant happiness. Oyegifts offers a great collection of premium flower bouquets that are worth checking out, and their gifts are also reasonably priced. There is no greater gift than the surprise of fresh blooms!

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