How are White Truffles Served in Distinctive Ways?

How are White Truffles Served in Distinctive Ways?

Italian cuisine uses some unique ingredients, one of which is white truffles. The main reason for this ignorance is that not all dishes use this special ingredient. But in this article, you will know all about white truffles and especially distinctive ways to serve them.

What Questions to Ask Before Using White Truffles in Distinctive Ways

It is important to know a few vital things about white truffles to use them correctly. When searching for white truffles in physical and online stores, you need to ask a few questions to understand all about white truffles.

How to Describe White Truffles

White truffles belong to the family of fungi that are circular. Along with white, truffles also come in black and burgundy colors. These fungi taste bitter, pungent, and have an earthy flavor.

Can they be Easily Found?

Many people don’t believe truffles exist because they grow under the ground. It takes a very sensitive nose to detect the smell of white truffles. They are found in particular regions, including France and Italy.

What is the Process of Finding them?

As mentioned in the above paragraph, a keen sense of smell is required to locate the truffles under the ground, so truffle hunters use specially trained pigs and dogs to find them. The animals are fond of the smell of ripe truffles, so finding them becomes easy.

In which Season they can Grow

Truffles grow in specific climate conditions and are present only in two seasons. Black truffles grow in the summer during the months between December and March. The white ones are a specialty of winter that grows from September through December.

Can you Consider Mushrooms and Truffles the Same

People think that mushrooms and truffles are similar because they both belong to the same fungi family. But they are different in appearance and the places they are found. Mushrooms are umbrella-shaped and found above the ground. But white truffles are under the ground and have a round shape.

What Makes White Truffles Expensive

There are several reasons why truffles are considered expensive. These are available in specific regions and only in two seasons. White truffles are found underground and under the barks of trees.

From Where you can Order Truffles Online

You will find white truffles in specific stores like Tartuflanghe, where other products, including chips, pasta, oil, sauce, salt, butter, and powder, are also available. You can order truffles online or visit the physical stores.

How to Serve White Truffles in Different Ways

When you search the internet for white truffles, you will come across different ways by which you can serve them. Another thing that you need to understand about truffles is that they are not the sweet chocolate truffles that originate in France. These white truffles are served with various dishes in the following distinct ways.

Preparing Dishes with Other Ingredients

Like all other Italian ingredients, white truffles can also be cooked. When you search for different recipes, you will find out that these truffles are added to the dish at the very end. Culinary chefs have never encouraged truffles to be cooked for long as they will lose their taste.

Sprinkling Truffle Powder for Extra Flavor

There are several dishes on which truffle powder can be sprinkled. These include pasta, pizza, soups, salads, sauces, and raw vegetables to give an extra flavor. The truffles powder can be used as a seasoning for various dishes.

Spreading Truffle Butter on Bread Slices

White truffles can also be combined with butter to give a unique taste to the slices of bread. Truffle butter can be served as a part of an antipasto or with soups.

Spray Truffle Oil on Prepared Dishes

Olive oil can be used as the primary ingredient for truffle oil. Pasta, pizza, salads, and rice dishes can be drizzled with white truffle oil.

Shaved White Truffles for Decoration

The best way to white truffles is to shave them into thin slices and garnish different Italian dishes.

Now, you should have known how white truffles can be served; so that you can impress your guests.

Below are three questions that will explain a lot more about white truffles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is so special about white truffles?

White truffles are very rare to find as they grow under the ground and in specific regions of Italy and France. Another thing about them is that they grow in winter between September and December.

Are truffles healthy to eat?

Yes, truffles and especially white ones, are healthy to eat. They contain vital nutrients like iron, protein, fiber, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin C, antioxidants, antibacterial properties, and healthy fats. Truffles help reduce the risks of cancer, inflammation, and other chronic diseases.

How do you cook truffles?

It would help if you served raw, finely shaved white truffles. If you desire to cook the truffles, then make sure that they are slightly cooked or added at the very end. Overcooking will ruin the earthy and spicy taste of the truffles.

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