How To Choose Hardwood Flooring for Your Home?

How To Choose Hardwood Flooring for Your Home?

The type of flooring which is all made up of wood is known as hardwood flooring. These floors give your house a smart look and if they have been taken with care, they can prove to be very strong and long-lasting. The most beneficial thing about them is that they are easy to clean.

Nowadays it is very hard for a normal person to find the best hardwood flooring. So, some of the things which you should consider while selecting the best hardwood floor for your home are given below:

Solid Flooring

Solid flooring is flooring that is made up of different types of wood. Solid flooring gives your home an attractive or eye-catching look. Solid floors are considered to be very tough and long-lasting due to the presence of different types of woods in them.

The best method for installing a solid floor in your home is gluing the solid floor to the subfloor. This gluing process makes the solid floors stable. And the most beneficial thing about solid floors is that they do not cost much.

Type Of Wood

While choosing the best hardwood floor for your home you must choose the best wood. For hardwood flooring, oak wood is considered the king. The reason behind this is that it provides a stylish and beautiful look to your home. This wood is very strong and does not even allow stains to come in it.

If some stain is on this wood you can just wipe it out with tissue or a piece of cloth. This wood is used for hardwood flooring almost everywhere in the world. The price of this wood is also not so high.  

Finish Type

There are two types of finishes i.e.

Oil Finish

The oil finish is used to harden the softwood without disturbing its beauty for the house. The oil finish protects the wood and makes it strong. Oiling the hardwood floor will prevent the hardwood floor from refinishing. 


The polyurethane finish is made with plasticizers and resins.  Polyurethane provides durability to your floor and helps the floor to repel humidity. But if you have got a stain you will have to clean it instantly otherwise to clean the dust you just need a broom or a mop.

Choose The Right Grain Pattern

Logs are cut into three different patterns which are called grain patterns. These patterns are:

Rift Sawn

Rift sawn is very rare because it is very hard and time-consuming. Rift is done by sawing the wood out from the center each quarter of quarter-sawn.

Quarter Sawn

The quarter-sawn involves the cutting of log in four quarters and then each of the quarters is plain-sawed and at an angle with growth rings.

Plain Sawn

The easiest and common way of cutting wood is plain sawing. In plain sawing, we cut the wood from the middle into two parts.

Consider Width of Plank

The wood used in planks flooring is taken from the thickest part of the tree such as limbs or trunk. The starting width of plank floors is about 5 inches and it increases to 12 inches. The width of plank floors depends upon the type of wood. The most commonly used width of the plank is between 5-8 inches.

Appearance Of Grain

The hardwood flooring comes in various styles, designs, colors, and grains. So due to all the variety of flooring available it is very easy to select a floor according to your room or house theme. If the interior of your house is country-style then the wood grains with a wide plank floor will be recommended.

The most used color of hardwood floors is white oak or red oak because they give a royal look to your home and are so strong. Plus they are also not so expensive to buy. Other types are not used so much because they do not give a fresh and beautiful look to your home because they have less grain.

Cost and Installation

The cost and the installation process depend upon the type of wood you are choosing for flooring because usually the installation cost of solid flooring starts from $2.49 and ends at $12.69 per square foot. The engineered wood costs about $1.69 to $8.79 per square foot.

After the type of the wood and the size of the hardwood floor, the costs for installation of the hardwood floor can also be increased with the increase in difficulty in installation such as removing the previous floor, special cuts, etc. 


Every house needs a floor and the best floor which is most widely used is the hardwood floor because it is very durable. Well, if you want a hardwood floor in your house you must know some of the main things about hardwood floors because if you don’t know how to select the best floor for your house it will destroy the beauty of your house. 

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