Memorizing Binary Numbers – How To Remember Binary Numbers?

Memorizing Binary Numbers – How To Remember Binary Numbers?

Memorize Binary Numbers

Binary, our favorite base to number system, is made up of zeros and ones. Any real number can be expressed as binary which makes it really useful for computers. Lots of things are binary. For example, male-female, yes-no, even-odd, and so on. Even a deck of playing cards can be expressed as binary. Memorizing binary numbers can be easy and fun. Let us speculate how to do it?

How to remember binary numbers with ease?

A binary consists of ones and zeros. The secret of this is that it can be split into groups of three or triplets. A binary triplet has a very special property that we can take advantage of. In a binary triplet you have (000), (001), (011), (111), (110), (100), (010), and (101). It is where the magic happens because we can label each triplet with a letter from the alphabet, for example (000) is what I’d label as O because capital o looks like a zero, makes sense, right? (001) is A, (011) becomes B and so on all the way to (101) which would become G. Now you have a way of memorizing a set of three binary numbers, for example, let’s say you have the binary sequence (001)(111). If you split that into sections of 3 then refer back to the previous list you will end up with A followed by C. Therefore to remember a 6 digit binary number you just have to remember AC. Let’s do another example. Let’s say you have the number (111)(100). If you refer to the list you’ll see that you end up with C and E. Now you’re probably wondering how to memorize a longer sequence, fair enough. Let’s do one more example. As an example, this is 24 digits long. I mean it’s bigger than Facebook’s old privacy statement. So if we write it out as 111001111011010011110101 and then split it into threes like (111)(001)(111)(011)(010)(011)(110), and (101). You can see we get CACBFBDG. So now we’re going to use something called letter pair memorization which is basically memorizing the pairs of letters. Unbelievably, CA makes me think of Captain America, because of his initials. CB makes me think of cheeseburgers for obvious reasons. FB makes me think of a football, and finally, DG makes me think of a dog, because D and G are the first and last letters of the word dog. Now I just create a mental image using those four things. I would think of Captain America eating the cheeseburger and there will be a football in that scene and the cute little dog is staring at the football because it wants to play with it, as dogs do. That’s pretty much it. I, Believe me, you would love to learn such tips, tricks, memorization hacks, and so on. So why late? Contact right away.

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