Memorizing Dates and Events – How To Remember Dates and Events in History

Memorizing Dates and Events – How To Remember Dates and Events in History

Memorizing Dates and Events

Welcome everyone who is going through issues with memorizing dates and events in the traditional ways. These dates could be historical dates like Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, or they could be birthdays of friends and family.

Always remember that to remember anything, you need a picture for it. Visualization is the key here. Dates have a month, and they have a day of the month, and they have a year. So we need to have pictures of all these if we want to remember them. In essence, you are going to need a picture for every month of the year. There are 12 months, and you’re going to need 12 pictures. To memorize January, I use a new baby because a baby’s brand-new and it’s a new year. Number two for February – I use Cupid Valentine’s Day. For March, I use soldiers marching. In the case of April, my picture for that would be a pill, like a pill you take, I mean medicine. You can use flowers for May as I visualize flowers blooming at that time. I use a bug for June because of the Juba season and July, and I use firecrackers for July. You see fireworks in the United States that’s the holiday, the 4th of July. I visualize August with a gust of wind. For September, I use a schoolhouse because that’s the school start in Fall. I use a pumpkin for Halloween in October, and I use a turkey for Thanksgiving in November. In December, I use a Christmas tree for December 25th. So now I have a picture for every month. The next thing you need is a picture for every number, 1 through 31, for the days of the month.

How to memorize dates

When you have a picture for every number, it might be like this example you will get. Number 10 could be a bowling ball because you have ten frames and bowling and pens in bowling. Number 20 could be fingers and toes because you have ten fingers and ten toes, a total of 20 fingers and toes. 21 could be a deck of cards, and 30 could be a glass of water because I think of thirsty for 30 – pretty neat, right? 28 could be a snowman because an eight is shaped like a snowman, and it has two eyes. Here’s the point – to remember a date, you will need a picture for the month, and you’re going to need a picture for every number, 1 to 31.

So how to memorize the date of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, February the 12th? Well, what is February? According to my visualization, it’s Cupid valentines day. What’s 12? For me, it’s eggs, a dozen eggs. I think of a penny when I think of Abraham Lincoln because Abraham Lincoln is on the penny (US currency). If you always want to remember Abraham Lincoln’s birthday is February the 12th, well, you imagine Cupid shooting his arrow through that number with eggs, as if the egg breaks. If you learned something from the page, you should be a hell of a lot awaiting when you let me show you, teach you, drill inside your brain, the techniques I mean.

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