How To Memorize A Deck of Cards – Memorizing Deck of Cards Mnemonics

How To Memorize A Deck of Cards – Memorizing Deck of Cards Mnemonics

Memorize Deck of Cards

For learning memorizing a deck of cards we are gonna create a mind Palace and also use the major system which is turning numbers into letters and turning those letters and images. For starters, we will mention how to memorize an entire deck of cards front to back back to front in like 6 minutes or something. It’s awesome and absolute. Do not think it is possible if only you are gifted or something. It’s a trainable skill. It’s just something you practice and it’s not that hard and it’s not daunting.

How to memorize an entire deck of cards

We’re gonna teach you how to memorize an entire deck starting with the face cards. Baby steps – grab a deck of cards and grab every face card. So it’s 12 cards and you separate them into suits. For example, suppose that we got hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs. We’re gonna run through sort of how to memorize these using a system called a PAO system that stands for a person, action, object, and in a quick nutshell what does that mean basically we’re grouping these cards into smaller sections. So the whole deck seems more palatable and we’re turning them into really super memorable images or scenes, awesome! Alright, so let’s get started here. Let’s first start with what each of these suits. The best way to kind of approach it is to think in categories; the best is to go as intuitive as possible. You don’t want to have to memorize extra. Regarding hearts, we always suggest that you make that your family or close friends, because hearts – you’ll love them, right? Concerning diamonds, this could be celebrities, whoever comes to mind when you think of money or fame or something like that. And for spades could be friends or kind of wildcard category; maybe you love Star Wars, maybe you love magicians, maybe those could be that category. I use them as fictitious characters! You know anything from the cartoon characters to villains to superheroes. Then for clubs, our suggestion could be sports or athletes because they use clubs for some of those sports. Again it doesn’t matter what you choose, just as long as you decide on it and you have enough memorable people or faces that you can attribute to 13 different images.

Memorizing Deck of Cards Mnemonics

What we’re gonna do is once you have all these people you’re gonna come up with action and an object for each one of those persons and this should be also very intuitive. So whenever you think of who’s your King of Hearts you may think of your dad. As an action, you may think about what might your dad do. You might picture that his action is riding a motorcycle, right? And then you think of an object. So in that case it almost wrote itself super easy it’s gonna be the motorcycle. So the king of hearts, your dad, is riding a motorcycle. That’s the person and the action on the object. Okay? Are you intrigued now getting to know how simple and fun it is gonna be? Join today to learn the whole thing and much more. Learn the sound system, the major system, and much more memory techniques I have in store for all of you.

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