Memorizing Random Numbers – Having A Problem Remembering Random Numbers?

Memorizing Random Numbers – Having A Problem Remembering Random Numbers?

Memorizing Random Numbers

Hey guys. It’s Monica Thomas. Let me ask you the question – Is it magic or a unique ability for someone to memorize random numbers? Or is it something that anybody can learn? The good news is anybody can learn how to do it, and We will be going to show you how to do this.

So, how to remember numbers? An overlook

You have to create pictures for numbers to remember anything, and you need a picture for it. My picture for number one (1) is a pencil because one looks like a pencil. My picture for the number two (2) is a duck because a duck’s neck kind of looks like a number two. Three (3) is a pyramid because there are three sides to a pyramid. Remember four (4) you can think about a box because there are four sides on a box. Number five (5) for a star because there are five points on a star. Number six (6), you can make it an elephant because if you turn the number six on its side, a number six kind of looks like an elephant, the body of the elephant, and then the trunk. Number seven (7) is dice because I don’t know if you know this, but opposite sides always add up to seven on a dice. If there’s a one on top, it’s a six on the bottom; there’s a three on top, then there’s a four on the bottom. So seven is dice. Number eight (8) can be a snowman because an eight kind of looks like a snowman. Number nine (9) for a balloon because the balloon looks like the circle on a nine, and then the string coming down looks like the line on the number nine. Ten (10) for a plate and a fork because a fork is the one and a plate looks like a circle that makes up the number ten. This way, you can picture the number eleven (11) as a goal post because a goalpost has two sides on it. Twelve (12) is eggs because of a dozen eggs. Thirteen (13) is a mountain because the curves of a three if you lay it on its side look like the curves of mountain tops. Fourteen (14) is a necklace, like 14 karat gold; maybe on February 14th, you give a necklace for Valentine’s Day. Number fifteen (15), you may turn it into the picture of drums because the five kinds look like a drum with a symbol above it, and the one looks like the drumsticks of 15 with drums. Sixteen (16) for me is a car because you got to be 16 to get a driver’s license in the US. Seventeen (17) can be used as a woodpecker because the one looked like a tree, and the seven looked like a woodpecker pecking away at the tree. And the series goes on.

Remembering random numbers

It was a long boring discussion, wasn’t it? It’s really easy to remember random numbers in a visual way. There are memorizing tricks based on sounds as well. Join today to understand all and easily memorize all the tricks I have to teach you as a memory coach.

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