Victorian Morality and Conflicts

Victorian Morality and Conflicts

The age that traced the rise of England as well as the advent of its colonization is what we call the Victorian age. Research paper writings have dealt with this topic from all dimensions still left many areas unexplored. 

Political, economic, social, and religious- all fields saw drastic changes. Therefore, let’s explore the age in detail so that you may be provided thesis writing help, in case you need any. England witnessed a lot of changes for many centuries. With the throne passing on to a different hand, the literature of the country too saw changes. 

The Middle Ages had witnessed the dominance of the church thus the literature written just like The Pilgrim’s Progress by Geoffrey Chaucer. Elizabethan era saw the era of Enlightenment (Renaissance) where people did not blindly follow the church rather questioned its teachings. In this Golden Age, dramas were at their best and in the most appreciated form, with the rise of William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe. 

The Restoration period saw the restoration of King Charles II to the throne of England and the period gave more liberty to the writers as well as to all forms of art. Thus, dramatists like Ben Jonson and Sheridan exposed the society to the fullest. Wordsworth and Coleridge’s poetry written for the common man had dominated the Romantic era. And then came the industrial revolution which brought with itself the advent of Victorian age. 

Victorian era began with Queen Victoria’s rule over England. Unlike its preceding age, this age did not focus on the beauty of things rather the extreme and devastating consequences of the Industrial Revolution. Commercial activities were at their peak with the mechanization of the industries, but the social life deteriorated at an equal pace. 

This development was evident in what we call the new era of prosperity, that is, in the Great Exhibition of 1851. Exploitation of cheap labor, rise in the number of slums and the rapid spread of diseases, was what England witnessed during this age. Thus, there were various writers who made a successful attempt to bring out these social conditions to the people. 

  1. The intellectual thoughts saw a huge development especially with the On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. The work became a food for thought for people. Till now people knew John Milton’s view as in Paradise Lost, on the birth of the humans, but now Darwin’s work gave people a different perspective- it gave a scientific look to the birth of human beings.
  2. With Darwin’s work and with the new perspective it provided, while some sections opposed, some were eager to know more. This gave people some intellectual food for thought, and thus Press saw a great development.
  3. The Victorian morality was still very much about conservative thinking. It was immoral for a lady to ride a bicycle or a man to smoke in public. Although science had seen development but the old conservative conventions sustained. Lord Alfred Tennyson highlighted these things in his King Arthur and Sir Galahad.
  4. Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre was considered immoral just because it dealt with the love story of a young girl and a married man, circumstances and destiny forcing them to land in this situation.
  5. The Bronte Sisters wrote under pen names. This hinted at the condition of women in the era, especially the women who wanted to make their own identity. The work that was considered appropriate for women was like being a governess. That is, it. Therefore, had the Bronte sisters written in their original name, their work would have never seen such an audience.
  6. The era of several conflicts, saw one more conflict in the name of science and religion. While Darwin’s work had brought Science at the front, there were some who still fretted the declining impact of religion on people. Though people were taking to science, at a fast pace, still there were some who held on to religion and found solace in it. Mathew Arnold was one of them. Arnold’s Dover Beach is a clear work of his religious views and pessimistic nature towards the progressing times.
  7. Among everyone, Charles Dickens took the task of exposing the social conditions and conflicts in the age, to the fullest. His works are abundant in exposition of the social life of the Victorian era. Also, his works expose the various conflicts in the most lucid and vivid forms. 

Dickens himself worked in a factory thus no one other than him could have highlighted the age in a better manner. His Oliver Twist gives a detailed picture of the conditions of the workhouses in the Victorian era, post the Industrial Revolution and in fact, during it. It tells the readers how the poor were used as ‘hands’ or the slaves of the elites. 

David Copperfield is abundant in Dickens’ first-hand experiences and is considered to be his magnum opus. A look at the class gap in the Victorian society is highlighted in Great Expectations. And then comes the vivid description of manufacturing system of the then industries in his Hard Times.

  1. Another woman who excelled in novel writing in the Victorian era was Mary Ann Evans, better known as George Eliot. Her works concerned themselves with the tragedies of normal lives exposing them to the fullest. Her The Mill on the Floss is Eliot’s most popular work and traces the dimensions of the character in a vivid manner. 

Victorian Age is one of the most prominent eras in the development of English Literature. 

It has been a well and most researched topic in research paper writing. It was an age that saw huge developments. Social life saw a drastic change with the industrial revolution and so happened with the industrial life. Queen Victoria’s era did not see many political changes. 

Therefore, these points may provide you thesis writing help since all major aspects as well as the conflicts of Victorian age have been dealt lucidly. 

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