7 Best PC Software For Windows 10 In 2022

Best PC Software For Windows 10 In 2022

With every passing day, we are getting more and more dependent on technology the get things done easily in our day-to-day life. Computers are now not only a part of daily human life but they have become an organ for human beings. As we all know a computer is a machine which is a combination of hardware and the best pc software.

Whenever we purchase a new computer we consider the best hardware suitable for our requirements with this we need software to make the most of the machine. In this article, we will discuss some useful pc software keeping in mind some basic requirements of almost every user.

7 Best PC Software for Windows 10


1.  Antivirus software


First and foremost in this list is Antivirus software because you are going to enter the cyber world with your computer where your critical information can be exposed to everyone.

There are many promising virus protection software available in the market but it is always a wise decision to choose from well-known brands such as Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, etc. you should always pick genuine software from a genuine source. This Antivirus software not only provides you security over the internet but also helps you to boost up the speed of your computer by clearing unnecessary junk.

2.  Media player

Although Windows or any operating system installed on your computer comes with the default Media player installed in it if you want to play some other formats which are not supported then you will require to have a third-party media player.

VLC, MX Player, Kodi, Plex are some of the globally known media players for this purpose. Most of these media players come with amazing user-friendly features. They allow you to adjust brightness, playback speed, subtitle languages easily. You can also stream videos from the internet directly on these players and this feature makes them the best PC software.

3.  Photo and Video editor software

In the era of social media everyone is a star on his profile and to shine brighter in the sky of social media you need to keep posting some funky stuff. Here we can say your creativity and technology both have an important role to engage the audience.

some of the best PC software to tweak your photos and videos with your computer are the products from Adobe, Cyberlink, pinnacle studios this software enable you to add cool effects on your photos and videos some of them are having an additional feature to work as best software to find & delete duplicate videos.

4.  Web conferencing software

Pandemic has changed our lives in many ways and working from home is now no longer a new term for employees as well as for the management to manage your work efficiently and to keep connected with your staff at the same time you will require to have a web conferencing application. Such applications provide you a platform to have a group discussion with multiple people at different places.

With the use of this software, you can share your computer screen with others which enables you to give a presentation online and files can also be shared on some internet conferencing applications. Some of the popular web meet applications are Google meet, Microsoft Teams, Join me.

5.  Remote Mouse Application

Think of an application that can help you to operate your computer from your bed or your couch. If you love to watch videos or to play music on your computer then you have to go to it every time but there are such applications which help you to control your computer from your Smartphone.

All you need to have is a Bluetooth connection in the case of some applications both the devices should be on the same WIFI network. Remote mouse app available on play store and app store is the most commonly used example of such applications. It is loaded with so many features which makes this application the best PC software for home computer users.

6.  Cloud storage application

Although your new computer comes with a giant size memory we do not need cloud storage for extending the external memory of our machine it is also required to keep our important stuff safe and easily accessible from anywhere.

 Most people keep backup of their important documents, photos, or videos on the cloud drive the advantage of doing this is they can access them from any of their devices and from anywhere in the world. Dedicated cloud storage applications help you to easily and quickly sync your important data on the cloud storage. Dropbox and Google Drive are cloud storage applications that are known to almost every computer or smartphone user.

7.  PC Optimization Software

PC optimization software helps your PC to perform at its best. Such software clean unwanted file from your PC and speed up your PC performance. There are many PC cleaning and optimization software but the most popular of them are Ccleaner, Advanced system care, AVG PC tune-up, etc. The most common features of these tools are, RAM cleaning, Junk cleaning, Duplicate remover, clearing cache, remove temp files.

Hopefully, this list of computer software will help you to make the most of your computer. We have tried to include all the best pc software which are of a great requirement for a normal computer user. If you are into a specific profession and looking for a particular kind of software please let us know in the comment section below.

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