Why do podiatrists love Sammy EHR software?

Why podiatrists love Sammy EHR software?

Sammy EMR offers an intuitive, powerful medical software solution to help Podiatry practices streamline daily tasks and deliver the best patient care possible. Get a demo now!

Physicians have been relying on Sammy EMR software for more than 30 years. It is a podiatry-specific electronic medical records application designed to handle everything from patient record keeping to streamlining day-to-day practice tasks. This EMR system can help you stay on top of patient needs and get ongoing visibility into efficiency. If you are considering Sammy EHR for your healthcare facility, we might be able to help you make an informed decision. 

Although it is designed exclusively for Podiatry practices, you can still customize it to suit your special needs. Sammy EMR reviews suggest that the software also includes robust decision-making capabilities. This technology-driven application evaluates healthcare data and provides recommendations to help you stick to the evidence-based clinical guidelines at the point of care. 

The EMR software offers the best-in-class features designed specifically for Podiatry practices. You can increase your practice productivity without compromising the quality of care. It also includes Practice Management capabilities to address the operational and billing needs of your practices. Claims can be processed faster and without any errors.

In this piece, we will go over the top Sammy EHR features, user reviews, and pricing details. You can use this information to decide whether or not Sammy software is the right fit for your practice needs. Continue reading to find out more.

Top features mentioned in Sammy EMR reviews

The Sammy EMR Software comes with a variety of features to help you optimize your workflow. The features are very easy to use, and you can evaluate them during the Sammy EMR demo as well. Listed below are the ones that have received perfect-star ratings from users.

  1. Patient portal

The patient portal in Sammy EHR is a crucial feature for any healthcare facility as it offers convenience to both patients and providers. Patients can use this feature to schedule their visits, view medication information, request prescription refills, access medical history, and get follow-up notifications. In addition to this, they can exchange secure messages with their healthcare providers. This feature alone makes the Sammy EMR cost worth it. It enables patients to schedule their consultations by choosing a date and time that works best for them. The software also sends automated appointment reminders, which significantly reduces the number of no-shows. Overall, this feature enables providers to participate more actively in their care process. 

  • Claims management

Denied claims can affect a practice’s financial health. To prevent this, the Sammy EHR software solution helps you detect errors in claims while you upload data. You can easily rectify any issues that arise during the claim entry process. This allows you to see a notable reduction in the number of denied claims. Moreover, the automated eligibility checker verifies the activation of a patient’s insurance plan. It also confirms if the plan’s coverage is enough to cover a specific treatment. To make sure that you get reimbursed quickly, the software maintains a consistent follow-up with both patients and providers. 

  • Clinical documentation

Another highly appreciated aspect of this software solution is its clinical documentation process. Sammy EMR reviews confirm that it makes it easier for clinicians to create clinical notes. You can automate the entire data entry process and repeat previous notes with just a single click without having to retype past information into each note. Alongside this, there’s a speech recognition tool that enables you to convert your voiced remarks into written notes. The software also offers custom templates that are designed for common foot disorders and treatments. All in all, this efficient tool allows you to spend more time on patient care rather than typing. You can eliminate errors and elevate your operational efficiency. We suggest that you also evaluate this feature during the Sammy EMR demo.

  • Dashboard

The dashboard in Sammy EHR software provides a comprehensive overview of all your practice tasks. You can simply log in and view the data displayed on the dashboard to find the complete, relevant medical information of your patients. In addition to this, it keeps sensitive information safe and secure. Thanks to its HIPAA-compliant technology that protects patients’ privacy at all costs. You can use this feature to stay on top of patient needs and deliver the best possible quality of patient care.. The dashboard feature also allows you to attach images and reports to individual patient charts, so you can access and fax them to anyone. You can evaluate this feature in real-time during the software’s demo. 

  • Secure medical records 

This electronic health recording platform offers a centralized database that is created to store all your patient records. Since this software solution is HIPAA-compliant, you don’t have to worry about protecting sensitive patient information. You can easily tag MRIs, X-rays, ultrasounds, and other images directly to a relevant patient’s chart. The fax tool also gives you the option of saving faces directly to the medical records of patients. The intuitive electronic medical records software even highlights the changes made by staff members, enabling users to have more control over the information edited and uploaded. 

Sammy EMR demo & pricing

If we talk about Sammy EMR cost, the software offers an affordable pricing option. The pricing plan for this Podiatry-specific system starts at $359 per month, per user. This comes at the lower end of the EMR pricing spectrum. You can also request a Sammy EMR demo to test-drive this product before actually purchasing it.

To end

Sammy EMR software offers excellent electronic health records software for healthcare clinics, especially Podiatry practices. It offers a robust suite of EHR features that help users keep a digital record of patient healthcare information, allowing you to achieve a modern healthcare facility. In the end, we recommend reading as many Sammy EHR reviews as possible to understand if this software is the right choice for your practice needs. For more information, visit FIndEMR and get in touch with our team of experts.

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