5 ways to generate electricity at your home

5 ways to generate electricity at your home

The easiest way for all of the homeowners to reduce the number of their electricity bills is only to lower their use of energy through discipline. But those who have some money and time to invest, so they install one or more energy making systems, this system makes their saving’s for longer.

Purchasing a residential energy plant is going to be a big project. Some of the systems are not cost-effective for your home, but not all are the same. One time you choose your energy plant and fix it in your area, in my opinion, you are going to be shocked to see the effect on your utility bills.

Some rules/regulations and another incentive

Before you fit an energy plant in your area there are some rules and incentives which are very important to fix in your mind. Some of the states and municipalities are particularly using solar panels and wind turbines.

So call your city consultant or wind and solar locally installer that tells you about the rules and regulations about that.

And the second thing is to make sure that there are tax credits or any incentive that makes it easy to purchase any energy system. There are some states which offer some tax credits or incentives which makes it very easier to purchase any power plant.

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In-Home electricity generating

Fixing of solar panels

Every ray of sunshine that touches your roof and your land is free electricity for the taking. The only thing you need is a solar panel to capture it and fix it. And in this process many of the states provide the tax credits, many of the homeowners are getting these credits in this action.

You can also sell it back to the local utility. When you fix solar panels, you will need these things like a battery to store electricity, voltage stabilizer that stops the battery from being overcharged. If you finally plan to feed the solar electricity to the public, you also need an export meter.

In Pakistan, we are only producing 1.17% of its electricity with solar energy, which is a very bad thing.

 Wind turbines

You don’t need the type of enormous or big turbine plant that is seen in turbine farms that are placed to provide energy for your home. Small wind turbines are providing electricity for the site where this plant is placed, it is not commonly used for the national grid.

This is only installed in a windy area, wind turbines that are privately used in homes are smaller which have capacities between two and ten Kilowatts, which can take a big bite from your utility bills expense.

In Pakistan, more than 1.7 tons of energy is produced by wind energy that is a very great generation.

Small hydropower systems

 If you have a running river outside your property, you easily produce 24 hours of free energy, if you do not have any river near your property so it’s not a big problem because hydro plants do not decrease the quantity of water, you make it easy to use this system near your home in a small place easily.

In my opinion, it is better than many other types of power plants like the solar, wind because the water is continuously flowing and it is also reliable.

Solar water heaters

If a full solar panel system is out of your range, but you still want some small and cheap solar energy plant on your roof, it is the best choice. The sun is working in the running of one of the biggest energy hogs in your home.

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Geo-Thermal plants

Temperatures buried in our ground are going to be more stable than the temperatures where our homes are built because during the winter geothermal heat pumps can steal some of the warmth that is buried. 

These systems use a small loop of pipes that pump fluid through an underground channel, to provide the energy into your home and back underground again, and this process makes energy.

It is the best way to lighten your bills. It reduces the burden on the environment and also on you. And in this world, there are so many different ways to generate your own energy in your home it might be possible even more than you expected.


According to the national electric power authority, In Pakistan total generation of electricity is 39000 Million watts (MW), in which 66% of electricity comes from thermal means from fuels and oils, 24% from hydro plants, and 6% from renewable plants like wind, solar and bagasse and the 4% from nuclear.

This is going to be a very bad thing for the environment and for Pakistan’s development. Also, because the use of thermal plants is very expensive, this is also playing a great role in the shortage of fuels and other oils. 

We suggest that the use of solar panels in Pakistan is going to be the best thinking in the production of electricity because in Pakistan the sunny season is lengthy in the comparison of cloudy and winter, So it is going to be very beneficial for Pakistan development.

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