8 Windows Tips Help to Save Your Time | Read Now

8 Windows Tips Help to Save Your Time | Read Now

Most of the PC users only know the basic ways for using a PC and performing actions. Apart from the basic steps, there are many options available on your Windows PC that you aren’t aware of. You just have to modify some of the settings or activate features in order to have the best user experience. Here in this article, we have shared the best tips that you can adapt for saving time and effort. So without any further delay let’s take a look at the tips and how you can use them.

Top 8 Tips to Adapt for Saving Time in Windows PC

Here are the tips to adapt to Windows PC to save time while working.

1. Snap Windows

Windows 10 is ideal for working on multiple projects together. You can easily switch between various tabs/ windows for work effectively. You can do it by locking or snapping the windows either with the mouse or with the keyboard. Here is how you can do it:

  • Click on the title bar which you wish to snap or lock. Hold the bar at the position for locking
  • You can simply move it left or right wherever you wish to keep it
  • Now click on the other window and it will automatically cover the remaining space on the screen

For locking through the keyboard you need to use a key combination. Press Windows logo key with Left or Right Arrow key together. Depending on the arrow key you choose the window will be placed in that direction. This is the best time-saving feature that you can use for performing multiple tasks at the same time.

In the upcoming Windows 11, you get an advanced snapping feature where you can choose the alignment of windows. It offers a predefined layout that you can choose and then align the windows accordingly.

2. Update Drivers

Next Windows tip that we would recommend is to keep the drivers updated. We have seen many users struggle to work as their driver set is not updated. For example, if you are looking to connect a USB device then you have to update USB drivers for Windows 10. So that you can connect effortlessly and work. Whereas if the drivers are outdated or incompatible then the USB device won’t connect to the PC.

There are two methods using which you can update the drivers. You can either update manually or use the automatic software. The manual method is very time-consuming and frustrating as you need to look for the faulty drivers and then manually update them. While finding the driver look for only the compatible ones. While on the other hand, you can choose to use driver updater software to save time and effort both. Using the software you can easily just scan for all the faulty or outdated drivers and install them in one go. The process of updating is very easy with the software and we would recommend you to use it.

3. Windows Photos and Videos Editor

Windows 10 has an in-built photo editor using which you can easily crop, rotate, or flip the image. With this built tool you don’t have to rely on any third-party software for making small changes to the image. Once you have made all the required changes, you can simply click on the ‘Save Changes’ option. Apart from the basic editing features, you can add filters, color, clarity, and light like many other elements on the image.

Just like an image editor, Windows 10 has a video editor too using which you can combine video clips, rearrange them, trim clips, add background music, and include new effects. Overall this in-built editor offers all the basics along with some advanced features. If you work with these features then you don’t have to install any other third-party software.

4. Use Microsoft’s Personal Assistant

Instead of performing every action by yourself, you can use Microsoft’s personal assistant “Cortana”. In Windows 10 it is possible to command an assistant for performing a set of actions. Follow the below instructions to activate the assistant:

  • Click on the Windows icon on the screen or press the Windows key from your keyboard.
  • On the search box, type Cortana and then click on the option
  • Accept the features which you wish to use and click ‘No thanks’ on the ones which you don’t want to use
  • After successfully setting up Cortana, say “Hey, Cortana” after clicking the icon from the taskbar.

After waking Cortana you can use it for various functions like scheduling meetings, join meetings, set alarms, manage contact lists, and set reminders.

5. Dictating instead of Typing

There are times when you wish to stop typing as your fingers need rest, so in that case, you can use the dictation feature. Using the features you can simply dictate what you wish to type and the PC will do it for yourself. To activate this feature you have to perform some steps. We have mentioned them below, do it check it out.

  • Open the Windows menu and type ‘Speech’ in the search box
  • Now from the list select ‘Windows Speech Recognition’
  • Now choose the hardware for setting up the tool. After choosing click on ‘Next’
  • Once you are done with it you can check how it is working and then use it on your documents

Once the setup is complete you can easily use the tool on any document. All you need to do is place the cursor on the text and then press ‘Windows key + H’. That’s it you are good to go now.

6. Save Files on OneDrive

Among the best Windows tips, data saving is very important. With Windows, you get free cloud storage just like iCloud. You can easily save all your important documents and folders on the drive and save space on your hard drive. Using the platform you can access files whenever you want and from whichever device you want.

The platform offers free space of 5GB, if you wish to upgrade the storage you would have to take the premium plan. Microsoft 365 plan costs $69 for 1000GB. The subscription is valid for a year, you would have to renew it every year and can even stop it.

If you are setting it up for the first time, worry not as the process is really easy. You can simply follow the steps on the screen and then proceed further. Once set-up is complete, open Files Explorer and click on the OneDrive after that. Now move the files which you wish to move on the drive.

7. Power Settings Adjustment

Next Windows tip that you can use is changing the power settings. Usually, the power saver plan in Windows 10 can slow down the processing speed. It reduces the performance in order to save energy. So we would recommend you to change your power plan settings to either ‘High performance’ or ‘balanced’. Changing it to any of the options will give you an instant boost in performance.

Here is how you can change the settings:

  • Open ‘Control Panel’ and select the ‘Hardware and Sound’ option
  • Next, select the ‘Power Options’
  • Now you will observe a list of two options: Balanced and Power Saver (You can select Balanced for performance boost)
  • For ‘High Performance’, click on the show addition plans option

Once you are done with selecting the power option you can simply close the ‘Control Panel’ Window.

8. Disable Startup Programs

This is another Windows tip that you can adapt for speeding up the performance and speed of the system. The Startup program automatically launches with the PC whenever you turn the PC on. These programs take very less time when you click on them for launching as they stay on launch mode.

The reason why you should disable it is that the programs stay active in the background even if you are not using them. You can easily manage the list and disable the programs which you don’t use much often. Here is how you can do it:

  • Launch Task Manager or press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC
  • Now on the Task Manager windows, open the Startup tab
  • A list of programs will be displayed under that
  • Right-click on the program which you wish to disable and then click on the ‘Disable’ option

This is how you can easily disable the programs. If in the future you wish to enable them again you can simply follow the same process, but this time instead of disabling you will enable the program. Now after disabling you can witness improvement in the speed of the PC.

Final Words

Now that you have read all the Windows tips, you can easily improve your performance and save time when working. You can adapt the tip which suits your work otherwise you can ignore it. There are many other tips which you can use. If you want users to provide them, drop your work type in the comments section below. We will work on your needs and get you a new brief article. Apart from this, if you need any clarifications you can drop them in the comments section and our team will contact you.

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