A Detailed Configuration Guide on the Setek Signal Booster

A Detailed Configuration Guide on the Setek Signal Booster

The Setek Signal Booster is a super boost wifi extender. It helps to extend the network connection up to 2800 square feet. Also, it can connect up to more than approximately fifteen devices. So that everyone can enjoy online gaming, streaming, or 4K HD video that is compatible with other devices as well. Moreover, The setek range extender offers you five different modes. In which you can use this extender as a wireless router mode, repeater mode, client mode, access point mode, or WSP Client mode. Moreover, it has a reset button that helps you easily reset the wifi connection.

The Antsig wifi range extender setup is a breeze. Besides, you get a strong, fast or stable wifi connection so that you get a network connection to all the corners of the house. Well, the setek extender can connect to tablets, IP cameras, cellphones, or IoT devices. Also, you feel secure with overvoltage protection. Along with that, it provides WEP/WPA/WPA2 security protection that is enough for home security. In addition, you get minimum interference between the connected devices when you start knowing the power LED indication.

A Setek Signal Booster easy and simple configuration instructions

Are you struggling with failed internet connections? And searching for a wireless range extender that can help to resolve every issue with the range connection. Then try the Setek Signal Booster. It is the ideal wifi network device that targets the choke points of the house. It is the right extender for the home network. It also offers you a couple of features such as 2.4 GHz that transmits slower signals. The 5 GHz band offers faster speed but covers shorter distances. Moreover, it has multi-user, multi-input, multi-output technology that establishes a quicker communication between the router and the wifi booster. If you already have the Setek range extender and are looking for its configuration instructions, Then read this complete article. And make sure not to drop a single step as you cannot understand further steps.

Setek wifi range extender setup with different methods

Well, the Setek wifi range extender provides a strong or powerful wifi connection whether it is your home or a workplace. It is a wifi booster that boosts up its speed to eliminate the black spots and then you can increase the wireless network range to the weak spots. Along with that, the setek range extender offers you different setup options that you can use and choose from. You can select which of them fits best for you at your convenience.

Easy WPS setup Steps to configure the Setek range extender

In order to use this WPS setup method, you need to make sure that your existing router should also support the WPS feature. If the router supports then you can continue reading. So first of all, plug the range extender into the same room where you place the wireless router. As it will help to boost up the wifi speed and then there will be less chance of dropping the wifi connection. Then, wait until the power LED turns solid green. Next, push the WPS button of the extender for a few minutes. And follow this same process with your wifi router. To establish a complete connection, it will take 20 seconds to connect the Setek extender with the wifi router. After establishing the connection, check the power LED on the extender to see whether it blinks green or not. Therefore, unplug the range extender and then place it within the normal router. It will help to avoid interference between the devices. 

Setup Instructions by using the default IP address of the Setek signal booster

For the setek wifi extender setup by using the IP address. Firstly, plug the setek extender into the working power outlet. Then make a web-based setup by using the default IP address Then check for the LED light that will start blinking on the device. Henceforth, find the wireless network name with the wireless N network. When you open the wifi network then it will show you an open or secured network.

Thereafter, launch an internet browser and enter the IP address into the search bar. After that, follow the on-screen prompts when the extender starts scanning for the available network. Then you will get a list of the connected devices. Thus select the name with whom you want to extend the network connection. After that unplug the wireless device and place it near the router. So this is how you can set up the Setek range extender.

A Setek Signal Booster Troubleshooting Guide

Well, the troubleshooting guide will help to sort out some of the problems. Those problems might be related to the Setek setup or configuration. Read this section and solve your Setek extender query.

How to factory reset the Setek range extender?

Well, you can try to reset the extender when you forget the credentials, and then you need to perform the reset operation. Well, perform the Setek signal booster factory reset in order to recover your forgotten password. After resettings the range extender you can easily recover the password and other details of the extender. First of all, search for the reset button on the Setesk range extender. Once you find out then steadily press the button for more than 12 seconds. When the power LED turns red then use the IP address. Go to the management settings and then click on the factory reset button. Now the screen will warn you with a message. Confirm it by clicking on yes and clicking on the continue button.

The Setek wireless repeater is not working effectively. Troubleshoot it.

First of all, make sure that the extender is properly placed near the router. Also, cross-check all the cable connections and the wall outlet. Make sure that there should be no damaged wire or cable that you use with the extender. Thus, try to restart the extender, computer, or laptop to the device. So that they all can manage the connection and then connect to each other. Even after doing all that, still the error persists, then reset the setek extender to the factory default settings.

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