How WhatsApp Spy Helps You Connect With Your Teen?

How WhatsApp Spy Helps You Connect With Your Teen?

I have twins who are a teenager and those who have teen twins know the stress. It is like being in two different war zone and on both sides, you don’t know if you are winning or losing.  Let me share an interesting story about my twin. Lisa came to me and told me Josh has been seen real stressed in the school. She said she is sharing this as a good gesture even though they both are in fight mode and are not talking with each other. Yeah on noticing he seemed pretty stressed to me as well so I sat him and tried to talk to him. As I expected it was not that much result-oriented as he is a very shy and secret guy. Though during the conversation he gave me major hints and I decided to follow the lead.

During the conversation, he suddenly received a WhatsApp call and his facial expression changed after reading the caller ID.  I asked him again and again but he said it was nobody and did not tell me anything. So I asked my colleague about the WhatsApp spy app she was using for her teenagers. For the record, there has been spy app or monitoring software in the market that are used as parental control and they offer great assistance in parenting as well. At first, I thought this is not the path I would take but his fearful eyes did not allow me to take one second of peaceful sleep that night. So the first thing I did was get the details and now the mission was to install the app.

Installtion of WhatsApp Spy App:

The installation of the app requires physical access to the target device. Moreover, the target device must not be password encrypted at the time of installation. It was a tough call but thankfully my husband helped me with it and we successfully installed the app in our twin gadgets. That’s how we knew that some of his class fellows were bullying him in school and online as well.

Is It Worth the Risk?

Of course, it may be difficult for some parents to install the app in the teenager’s gadget without letting them know but believe me this is worth the risk. The app does wonders and you will thank me later.

Check out the Call Details:

Use the Whatsapp spy app feature and monitor all the incoming and outgoing audio and video call records. You can know if your kid is getting late-night calls from a strange number or if he ignores calls from a specific caller id.

Track Caller Ids:

Whatsapp spy app keeps the record of the newly added contact as well as the deleted ones. Keep a check on the phone book and track any strange ID right away.

Monitor the Media Shared Through the Instant Messenger Chat App:

Whatsapp is mostly used to share images and video but this feature can also be used for the wrong purpose. With the spy app, parents have remote access to the sent and received media files. Thus report any sexual content, porn, or any other such content.

Track Bullies Right Away:

Take care of the emotional and mental health of the kid and show support in every way possible if you find any strange activity in the messenger chat app. The app keeps the record of the caller id and content thus it can be used to report any wrongful deed as well.

Instant messenger chat apps were first used as the replacement for a simple text message service. Thus it was to contact friends and family. But as soon as it become a global icon the platforms were used to make new friends and discover new interests all over the world. The group chat option makes it easy for unknown, rude, and strange people to steal the number and bully and send spam message. The use of monitoring software like the Whats App spy app can help the parents know more about the teenagers, especially the shy ones who like to keep things to themselves. Keep their online activities under the radar and take action right away so that you don’t have to regret it later.

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