Managing Environmental Health and Safety using SAP Mobile Platform

Managing Environmental Health and Safety using SAP Mobile Platform

A successful company consists of thousands of components in human resources and tools working together in harmony. There is a delicate balance maintained between these components, and there are high chances that this balance can go off at any moment. Two approaches can be made to face these problems, the cases of a failure can be identified beforehand, or the company should be ready to act as soon as a failure occurs.

SAP EHSis one such platform that helps a company to take care of such problems with ease. SAP implementation companies helps you to easily integrate SAP EHSwith existing infrastructure and it can further be use to monitor and analyze the working. SAP EHS, in combination with the SAP mobile platform, helps in putting all the features in a mobile platform. This makes the system much more flexible and secure.

SAP EHS mobile application helps monitor adverse conditions, maintain compliances, and create reports for regular audits. It automates a large part of the tasks that the health and safety department used to do. In this article, we will be discussing the various ways in which mobile platforms for EHS are beneficial for an enterprise.

How can Mobile Platforms improve EHS measures?

Environment and health management is an important task that involves monitoring and preventing any accidents in an enterprise. It is a combined duty of both the employer and the employee to ensure that all the health and safety rules are followed properly. Many unforeseen accidents can also be avoided by using innovative analytical features available on the SAP EHS platform.

Using mobile platforms helps provide an interface for the SAP EHS platform that anyone from anywhere can access. This amount of flexibility helps in improving the efficiency of the system and reduces the chances of any environmental or health hazards. These mobile application platforms also help to provide a platform to generate reports that are crucial for judging a company’s performance.

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Some of the key benefits of having a mobile platform for health and safety are:

  • Simplifying enterprise safety – The mobile interface helps in providing a real-time system that allows employees to report any safety hazard. The incident management team of an enterprise will always be looking for any such complaints through the app. Immediate actions will be taken to get rid of the problems and provide instant feedback.
  • Capture compliance scenarios – The mobile application can capture scenarios and events that cause violation of EHS norms or other minor incidents. Such proofs of near-miss incidents come in handy while generating compliance reports. This also records the number of mishaps and the degree of those adversities happening at a workplace.
  • GPS facility – This feature helps in locating the exact location of an incident. This helps in assigning the problems to a particular department of an enterprise. This also helps in studying the facilities provided by each department and identifying which department lacks in which scenarios.
  • Voice recording ability – This facility comes in very handy as it can become problematic for the employee to send out a detailed typed message in times of distress. Voice recording helps them to send quick messages with a lot of details to the concerned authorities.
  • Efficient reporting and tracking feature – The application’s mobile notifications feature helps notify every employee about the problems being faced. This helps the concerned department to take steps to solve the issues. Thai spread of awareness helps in preventing unwanted commotion and smooth working of the company.
  • Incident management – There are a lot of things that are going on simultaneously in an industry. It is hard to look at all these at once. Having an application helps in monitoring all the different scenarios to get the best transparency across the industry. This also simplifies the task of EHS officers who are involved with auditing the industry operations.
  • QR code scanner – While working in a manufacturing industry or companies where large machinery is involved, parts usually involves unique codes to identify them. If an employee finds a particular part to be damaged, then the code is reported to the people in charge, and they are either repaired or replaced. The code is present in the form of a QR sticker, so the scanner in the app comes in handy for this purpose.
  • Resource Library – There are many codes that one has to follow while working in the industry. To follow compliance, these codes must be obeyed. It becomes hard to remember all these limits, so having these resources handy simplifies day-to-day jobs. The resources also consist of contact details of clients or people who are in charge.

SAP EHS application is an excellent way of simplifying the health and safety monitoring job. It improves the efficiency of the entire system with features like real-time tracking and notification features. Also, the ability to have all required resources in one place simplifies manual tasks greatly. Predicting any upcoming adverse condition saves a lot of time and money as preventive measures are taken beforehand.

With SAP EHS, it’s time to work in a more secure and safer environment. Time to adapt, time to change!

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