Online Video Editor: Why You May or May Not Want One

Online Video Editor: Why You May or May Not Want One

The increasing proliferation of the internet has brought with it a rise in the number of cloud-based services. Online video editors are slowly gaining a lot of popularity as a convenient way to create professional-quality videos from the browser without downloading anything on the device.

These are powerful web-based tools that let you upload footage, make desired edits, add audio, filters, and effects, and download the final product.

Online video editors, with all the features and tools they offer, seem to be an attractive option for content creators, professional editors, and marketers looking to streamline their post-production process.

They are often cheap or free and easy to use but come with their downsides that you must be aware of as well. Let us take a look at the reasons you may or may not want to use an online video editor.

Pros of Online Video Editors

Here are some of the most appealing advantages of using online video editing tools.

Free & Easy To Use

The most impressive thing about online video editors is that they can be used without having to pay anything. You need not make any purchase or download anything on your system to edit your videos.

Getting started with these tools is quite simple; most of the options available on the internet are designed to suit beginners having no prior experience in video editing. The programs boast an intuitive, user-friendly interface that helps anybody utilize the tools and options to fine-tune the videos.

Easy File Management

Another benefit of using online video editors comes from their file management capabilities. While a desktop-based video editor may require downloading and uploading files to share with clients and teams, an online video editor facilitates sharing the videos directly on video-sharing and social media platforms.

Moreover, as all your files are uploaded to the cloud, there is no need to ask your clients to download media on their computers. All the project files can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Online video editors allow users to access the latest version of files and make real-time changes.

Automatic Updates

Any program requires updating frequently to stay on top of the latest technological advances. While you may need to update desktop software manually to get the newest features, an online video editor updates itself automatically and demands no manual configuration. This means you always get to use the latest version of the tool whenever you open it.

With an online editing tool, all the templates added to the library and the latest introduced features are readily available to you. This should make it easy for you to stay updated on the latest trends in the market and gain a competitive edge.

Professional-Quality Video Creation

Any business owner, marketer, or content creator would want to come up with professional-quality videos to stand out from the competition and achieve the desired marketing results. Regardless of your audience and platform, you look for high-quality content that projects you as a professional entity.

Online video editors come loaded with all the tools and functionality to make this possible. They offer powerful features that allow you to quickly add transitions, sound effects, and other visual elements to take your footage to the next level. These tools have the capability to turn the most basic clips into impactful video content.


Online video editors are designed to help you fine-tune your videos much faster than you would do manually. Most tools offer easy drag-drop, cut-paste functionality that quickly arranges your clips to create the final product.

Adding effects and removing unwanted parts from the clips is also easy and quick. The workflow becomes much more efficient with an online editor, saving you hours of effort.

Cons of Online Video Editors

Let us discuss a few limitations of online video editors you should be aware of.

They Can Be Expensive

The internet is full of free and paid video editing tools to choose from. While there are many options that give access to all the editing functions for free, many others limit the features to paid versions. These can prove to be expensive over time as you unlock features and add functionality to meet your needs.

Premium versions generally offer a trial period to let you try the platform for a specific period. Once the trial period ends, you cannot use the editing functions and may lose your work if you don’t purchase it. This is particularly undesirable for new creators whose budget might not permit spending on licensed software for editing.

Too Many Advertisements

A problem with many online video editing tools is that they display too much of ads, particularly if they are free to use or cheap.

These ads are a way for the software company to earn revenue. However, they can disturb your workflow and waste a lot of your productive time.

Watermarks On Videos

While most users turn to free online video editors to fine-tune their content, most of these tools leave a watermark on your final product. You may have to pay for the program to remove the watermarks.

This can, at times, be disturbing as you don’t want your viewers to see a watermark on your video. It is important to keep this in mind when using online video editors.

Safety & Privacy Risks

People generally choose online video editors for their easy availability. However, this perk can easily turn against them. You stand a risk of downloading malware if you are not careful.

See that you research the options and choose to work with reputed companies; avoid trusting third-party sites. Downloading a malicious file can threaten your safety and privacy and cause damage to your system.

Completely Reliant On The Internet

One of the biggest problems in using an online video editor is that you become completely dependent on the internet. This is not desirable because you may not be able to work on your project in case of connectivity issues.

You can also find problems making your edits if the software provider’s website is down, sometimes delaying your content creation and publishing.

Moreover, the efficiency of your editing process depends on the speed of your internet connection. If you work from an area with poor internet service, you might find it difficult to upload/download your files and even experience degradation in the quality and latency.

Limited Functionality

While there are plenty of free options available for fully-featured online video editors, many programs restrict access to premium features and keep them locked until you pay for the complete software package.

Most high-quality editors allow using the basic editing functions for free and ask you to pay for advanced features. Moreover, apart from essential editing processes like transitions, trimming and green screen, these tools cannot compare to the power and flexibility of full-fledged desktop applications.

Quality Issues

Another drawback of online video editors is that associated with the quality of footage you are working with. The playback of the footage you see on the software may not be fully reflective of the final output.

As you move through the timeline, you may notice that the editor adjusts the quality of playback to match the bandwidth of your internet connection. This means it is difficult to get an idea of the exact product with these tools, particularly if you don’t have good internet availability.

Unreliable Customer Support

Finally, lack of customer support is a big concern associated with online video editors. Most programs offer no assistance in using the platform and features. Users generally turn to forums and discussions to find solutions to their problems.

While this can happen with some paid software, free tools often leave users waiting for a response, which can be frustrating when you have deadlines.

Final Thoughts

Online video editors are popular options for those who want a quick and easy way to prepare their videos for publishing.

However, they have some disadvantages and limitations that you should be aware of before choosing them for your everyday video production.

Whether or not you want to use these tools completely depends on the type of project you are working with, your goals, needs, and preferences.

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