Predictive dialer: A software to enhance sales conversion rate

Predictive dialer: A software to enhance sales conversion rate

A predictive dialer allows you to improve business efficiency and make a high volume of calls. Predictive dialling is a software solution that uses machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to predict agent availability. So, connect the next call automatically and make more calls in a shorter time. When this dialer detects a connection, it screens out the busy signals, voicemails, and unanswered and unproductive numbers. However, it is an ideal software to contact your customers.

What is a predictive dialer and how does it save time?

A predictive dialer is nothing without awareness of its basics. Understanding the working flow of this dialer is necessary for business executives rather than agents. Simply you can say that predictive dialling is s type of automatic dialling that dials multiple numbers in less time and directs the calls to the appropriate person. It dials the numbers from the pre-established list that’s why saves more time than dialling the number manually. Moreover, save the time of waiting to connect the call with a customer. Ignore the busy lines and move forward to the next one immediately. It predicts the agent’s availability and only connects the call when the agent is available to answer this. Besides these, it predicts which agent’s call is near the end and assigns the next call. So, agents save a lot of time dialling numbers manually and finding the contacts.

Some advantages of predictive dialer software

Agents become exhausted and fatigued when they dial numbers manually and don’t reach any number successfully. Predictive dialers increase agent efficiency by reducing this manual effort. So, agents have more time to resolve customer complex problems as well as talk with more customers. Make more calls per hour which ultimately boosts the sales volume.

Increase agent proficiency

Many businesses make target calls in a day, especially in the call centre industry that’s why dialling software is designed in such a way to make calls efficiently. In the call centre industry, productivity is depending upon the number of calls. However, a predictive dialer makes it possible to increase call volume and does not route the outbound calls to busy agents. This improves the agent productivity and they have more time to talk to more customers and generate more sales.

Manage calls effectively

By utilizing predictive dialer software manage a large volume of calls for every campaign effectively. Other than that, collect data and monitor this data that is related to your campaign. It is included the history of customer calls, sales data, and popularity of offered products.

Enhance sales

Automatic dialling increases the call volume and saves the agent time. Not every call is successful but agents answering more calls increase the number of leads and produce high sales at the end of the shift. Manual dialling is an inefficient and less productive way to improve sales and make more calls in a day. Because it takes too much time for listening to busy tones, scheduling follow-ups, and leaving a voicemail. Make a pre-defined list of contacts and don’t need to search contact because the dialer moves to the next number quickly after finishing the current one.

Improve customer service

The possibility of two agents making the call to the same agent usually occurs or that a call goes unreturned. With the help of a predictive dialer, you can save from such types of issues as well as make your whole system automatic. However, it minimizes human errors and handles a large volume of calls efficiently. As compared to other telemarketing calls that are made at odd hours, a predictive dialer enables the callers to schedule their calls at the best time of the day. These features of predictive dialling boost customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Market growth of predictive dialer software

Predictive dialer has extended the scope of what they do since call centres were first initiated for outbound calls and generating more sales. The most important feature of predictive dialer software is call blending. This feature enables the call centre agents to answer instantly incoming calls while they make outbound calls. So, investing in an automatic dialer is more productive for you. Make thousands of calls per day and get your goal at the end of the day. This dialer improves the productivity of outbound operations in many ways. It filters out the busy numbers and ensures agents speak to the live agent.


A predictive dialer is an imminent tool that brings higher productivity to the business and enhances agent efficiency. This is the best software to improve the calling procedure and handle the large volume of calls in a better way. This software uses a mathematical algorithm to predict average call duration and automatically adjust the pace of outreach. Optimize your sales funnel and improve the efficiency of overall business operations by applying predictive dialling.

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