How To Save Streams On Twitch

Want to save your streams on Twitch? Just follow these instructions!!

Sharing gameplay on social media platforms is a growing trend that no one can deny. Hence, more and more people are asking platforms to share their material easily.

Luckily, one of these platforms, namely Twitch, offers gamers an environment in which to show off their skills and offer opinions.

Now let’s explore the depths of Twitch a little further in the following section before explaining how to save streams on Twitch.

Historically, leading streaming platforms did not allow users to save live aqueducts on their waiters, but the effects have changed. Twitch, one of numerous similar platforms, has had this point for a while, but not everyone knows how to use it.

The Twitch point is called videotape on Demand, or VOD for short. This allows users to save their aqueducts for observers to watch shortly after the sluice ends. This point may not be enabled by oversight, which is why this composition exists. 

We have to say that this task doesn’t require much effort from start to finish, and that has a lot to do with Twitch’s easy-to-understand design.

How to save live streams on Twitch?

If the Twitch platform doesn’t automatically save your recently ended live streams for others to see, don’t worry because we have the information you need.

Open the Twitch website.

Sign in to your Twitch account

Go to the Creator Dashboard

Go to the stream section.

Enable video on Demand

All of them will be examined in further depth below:- 

1] Open the Twitch website

To get started, you must first navigate to the official Twitch website. Type the URL in your web browser’s address bar, then press Enter.

2] Login to your Twitch account

The next step you need to do here is to log into your Twitch account. To do this, click on the “Login” button in the upper right of ​​the start page and then on the “Login” button. Enter your username and password and complete the task by clicking the Sign In button below.

3] Go to the Creator Dashboard

After logging into your account, the next step is to click on your profile picture to bring up a drop-down menu. You need to select the Creator Dashboard to go to the next section.

4] Take a look at the stream section

Once the Creator Dashboard is open, look at the left pane and click Settings. After that, select Stream to see a new section on the right.

5] Enable Video on Demand

Finally, you have to scroll down until you come across VOD settings. Below that, click the toggle next to “Save Past Shows.” From now on, Twitch will automatically save all streams without your intervention.

How to save Twitch live aqueducts to your hard drive?

Aside from saving your recent live aqueducts on Twitch, you can also save similar lines to your hard drive.

Open Twitch. tv

Open the Channels panel.

Go to Edit Videos

Download the video you want

Let’s examine each one of these in further precision:-

1] Open Twitch. tv

If you haven’t already done so, please visit www. twitch. Tv using a web browser of your choice and then log in immediately.

2] Open the Channels panel

Next, you must click on your user avatar to create a drop-down menu. Please click Channel in this menu.

3] Go to Edit Videos

After launching the channel window, you need to click on the Video tab and select Edit Videos on the top right panel.

4] Download the video you want

You should now see a list of your Twitch videos saved. Please click the video to download and select the vertical dots on the right. Eventually, a drop-down menu should appear. Click the Download button in the menu, and that’s it; you’re done.

All the above ways to save live streams on Twitch and hard drives. It’s very beneficial for protecting your Stream. On a live Stream, you require many viewers and followers, so your Stream will be more popular. There are many ways to increase your stream traffic like consistent streaming, playing popular games, promoting the twitch channel on social platforms, talking during streaming, engage the audience. If all these ways don’t work for you, you can buy followers and viewers on the Twitch channel at

I hope it will be beneficial for your Twitch channel.

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Istiqur IT Consultant
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